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This Is How Beyond: Two Souls' Ellen Page Would Look on PS4

Posted by Sammy Barker

Don't get Cagey

The Last of Us creator Naughty Dog has already caught the PlayStation 4 port bug, and we suspect that it’s only a matter of time before others follow in its footsteps. One such title that we’d love to see enhanced for Sony’s next-gen machine is Beyond: Two Souls – a release that undoubtedly had flaws, but still attempted some interesting things from both a narrative and presentation perspective.

And the chances of that actually happening are increasing by the day. A demo reel uploaded by ex-Quantic Dream employee Hoya Lee reveals that the French studio did create a version of protagonist Jodie Holmes’ character model for the super machine. The heroine was, of course, based upon the likeness of Hollywood actress Ellen Page, and you can see various different shots of the virtual incarnation’s eyes and hair embedded within this article.

According to his resume, Lee also worked on the Parisian outfit’s currently unannounced next-gen title, before joining Ready at Dawn at the start of this year. Presumably, he’s been recruited to help add the finishing touches to upcoming exclusive The Order: 1886. You can check out his demo reel through here, which also includes information on The Dark Sorcerer cinematic showcased at E3 last year.

Would you be willing to take a second trip through Beyond: Two Souls’ murky otherworld? Post your best Willem Dafoe impressions in the comments section below.


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kensredemption said:

Isn't this going to be on PlayStation Now? If it is, odds are I won't bother. I'd much rather Sony come up with a firmware update that does software emulation of PS3 games. My X/X-2 Collection's just collecting dust right now.



Bad-MuthaAdebisi said:

Not sure what flaws beyond two souls had, I thought it was very good and very complete. It doesn't need an uplift.



get2sammyb said:

@SimonAdebisi I think its story was a bit all over the place. Obviously, a PS4 port wouldn't fix that, but as I said in the original review, I think it's a game that people should play. If it's an easy port, I hope they do it.



iSillyBoiJudas said:

Another last minute PS3 game I never got to play thanks to selling my PS3. I've played the demo & enjoyed the outer body experiences. Would love to do the story mode on PS4. These tech demo images are amazing!



Carl-G said:

Some bits on the PS3 looked REAL. Like the running thru the forest bit

  • There was a bit in the game that moved me like no other game(it was about Willem Dafoe's character) The way he played it was AMAZING (i won't say which bit because it's a bit of a spoiler) Not sure i would buy it again tho. TLoU i will tho;)


Mrskinner said:

Another game I wanted to play but didn't because of selling my ps3 early. So I would definitely like to play this along with TLOU on ps4



Fire-and-Water said:

Someone was asking about the flaws of the game.

1. More story and less gameplay is not gonna please everyone.
2. Contrived story that tries too hard, and a messy storyline. Normally wouldn't be a problem, but this being more of an interactive movie than a game brings it down a notch.
3. The illusion of options. Take Mass Effect's infamous ending and stretch it out.
4. Restrictions, and lack of interactivity. It's a game that plays itself basically.
5. That scene when a teenage emo version of Ellen Page was told to not go into a redneck bar and then she starts doing a guitar solo to express her frustration. That was so lame and unintentionally funny, and poorly shot it was like watching The Room meets Wayne's World. Look it up it's comedy gold.

Anyway it's a decent game, but I don't think it can get away with being an interactive bad movie. The reason why people are so critical is because of its quality, the money involved, Heavy Rain, and of course being an exclusive. If this was an actual movie, I wouldn't pay for it. If I had to pick one, Heavy Rain or Beyond Two Souls, I would go for Heavy Rain.



Fire-and-Water said:

(Spoilers, kinda)

6. NO I DON'T WANT TO BE WITH THAT CIA DOUCHEBAG. The game just forces you to be with this guy even though he forces her to join the CIA as a teenager, deceives her for the entire game and is the ultimate reason why she almost died and then became homeless, treats her horribly then decides he wants to show up to her apartment. The whole game I'm fighting to not be with this guy. The entire time he's around I'm getting douche chills and hearing War Pigs on loop in my head! I'd rather play a David Cage version of Juno than revisit that part of the story. I'd rather have William Dafoe as a romance option. I'd rather have that guy in the alley who's got 10 bucks as a romance option.



sinalefa said:

I played Heavy Rain, but I never got Beyond. So I can wait even longer to see if they do this port. For a game like this I would love to have the best graphical experience.



artemisthemp said:

I still haven't platinum Beyond Two Souls on PS3 and I feel Heavy Rain would be a better game to release on PS4 than Beyond: Two Souls



N711 said:

Seriously I wonder what Quantic Dream new game is. Hopefully some news at E3



RawShark said:

@Fire-and-Water heh. Nailed it on the head. When all was said and done and after we all "pressed X to Beck" it just wasn't as good a game as Heavy Rain. It was a game that sold itself on replayability, but I was very happy to leave after one play. Worth a punt. But only the once. No double dip.



TheLZdragon said:

I never cared for realism for the sake of realism. And graphics displays like this never really impress me that often.



Sutorcen said:

If there is one game that deserves a PS4 remake it is Beyond: Two Souls.



Gamer83 said:

I'm sure a PS4 'remaster' is on the way. This crap is all the rage these days.



KAPADO said:

God yes, please release it on PS4 along with God of War Ascension. Those are all games I didn't get or finish on ps3.

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