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The Dark Sorcerer News

  • E3 2013 The Dark Sorcerer Rises in Extended Technology Demo

    "What mask?"

    Much like last year’s Kara technology demonstration, The Dark Sorcerer is Quantic Dream’s latest experiment for the PlayStation 4. The video is running in realtime on the next generation console, and represents the first version of the French studio’s latest engine. However, the developer stresses that the footage is not...

  • E3 2013 Quantic Dream's The Dark Sorcerer Trailer Has an Almighty Twist

    Green screen

    Sony didn’t show an enormous number of new PlayStation 4 titles during its E3 press conference last night, but this tech demonstration from Heavy Rain developer Quantic Dream was a definite highlight among the few that it did reveal. Dubbed The Dark Sorcerer, the video opens like any David Cage epic, as a tormented magician agonises...


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About The Game

A next generation comedy from Quantic Dream.

The Dark Sorcerer is a technology demo running in real-time on the PlayStation 4.