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Rumour: PS4 Firmware Update 1.70 Right Around the Corner

Posted by Sammy Barker

Plenty of next-gen news incoming

Recent complaints on public forums and social networks confirm that gamers don’t really know what they want. Sony was lambasted throughout the entire PlayStation 3 generation for releasing too many firmware updates, and so it’s clearly made a conscious effort to release fewer big patches as opposed to lots of little ones on the PlayStation 4. Ask the average NeoGAF poster, however, and they’ll tell you that the firm’s silence in this department is a clear example of the company’s returning complacency. Hmm.

Nevertheless, the platform holder has confirmed that a big firmware update is on the way, we just don’t know when. The meaty v1.70 system software download was announced last month, and promised massive changes to the next-gen console’s share functionality, as well as the removal of HDCP and various other improvements. Speculation suggests that those extras will include friends list fixes and game sorting options, though the source seems a bit shaky, so take that with caution.

One thing’s for sure, though: the update may not be far away. Community manager Chris Owen – who tends to tweet about patches before they officially hit – noted yesterday that there’s “so much news coming out this week”. While that message has this editor twitching like a boxer before going ten rounds with Muhammad Ali, we’d put money on the PS4’s latest firmware update factoring into that onslaught. We’re actually really looking forward to seeing all of the changes. The question is: are you?


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MANTAGTJ001 said:

Hope they fix the share videos when it shows something completely different to when you press share button! Had some classic moves on BF and never had them recorded....



N711 said:

News of the day:
'Recent complaints on public forums and social networks confirm that gamers don’t really know what they want'
I like that one XD



Carl-G said:

I had a look Around the Corner just now and i couldn't see it?!?!




MJR said:

We the gamers know exactly what we want, your just not listening, we want the ability to play movies and music from a USB stick or streaming from a PC, a youtube app, 3D ability and a remote, everything the PS3 already has and can do, the PS4 should already have all of this and more, implementing this would secure my loyalty to PS but as it stands I'm seriously having second thoughts!



Shaolin said:

Updates are definitely a good thing in my book, big or small. Okay they were a tad bit of an inconvenience on PS3 because of how long they took to download and install which meant you might as well postpone those plans you had to party up with your friends or forget about quickly jumping into a game before heading out somewhere. By contrast there is a marked difference in updates delivery on PS4 and that's the key.



get2sammyb said:

@ReigningSemtex @GavinDevlin Ah, yeah, my apologies. Yeah, no word on that either as far as I know.

@MJR I think it's awesome that you're clear about what you want, and you should be making that feedback heard. The one thing I'd counter is that — whether or not they should have been there at launch — stuff like that doesn't grow on trees, so you just need to be patient and keep ensuring that you provide constructive feedback. In my experience, Sony really does listen to consumer suggestions.



MJR said:

@get2sammyb i appreciate your reply, however most if not all that stuff has been on the PS3 for the best part of a decade, theres no reason why it shouldn't be included in the new PS4 at launch or shortly after, as far as i can gather and amongst other things the PS4's rival has the ability to watch films from a USB stick or streaming at launch, which is really frustrating and makes me seriously wonder if i made mistake with my purchase?, i bought the PS4 to mainly play games but the ability to play movies and music from a pc or usb would be really convenient, just like it was in the last gen, i really hope that PS includes this ability soon, i dont want to change over, ive become very fond of the PS4, its got loads of potential but if it cant do what an old gen console can do and more then its not really a next gen console, its more of a downgrade, i spoke to Sony back in December about this stuff only to be told that there is no plan to include any of those things mentioned, im still hopeful but not sure how many more disappointing updates i can bare before i give up and jump ship, i currently have my old gen next to my PS4 and its annoying having to switch when ever i want to watch a film or listen to music, one system is all i want!



MadchesterManc said:

@ReigningSemtex @get2sammyb @GavinDevlin The Ps4's web browser allows you to stream videos on Youtube, you can even switch them up to the HD streams too, Unless Sony have sneakily took that feature out these past few weeks since I last used it.

@MJR Does your TV not have a HDMI CEC option in its menu? I got a new telly at the weekend & when I activated it, it allows me to control my Ps4/Ps3 with my TV remote for everything except what you'd need a controller for. Works great with BluRays

Im just waiting for 3D BluRay playback & ill be content. Im hoping its a surprise inclusion with this 1.70 update



thedevilsjester said:

@MJR I disagree since I don't want the majority of your list (and in fact think its a waste of time that I would rather they spent on other things). Although the point was that gamers complain about lots of little updates and they complain about few large updates. There is no pleasing everyone. Your wish list is not everyone's wish list (and neither is mine) and often one persons wish list directly conflicts with another.

@MadchesterManc I am not sure many TVs support this. I know that none of the HDTVs I own or have ever owned support this. This is really my number one desire for the PS4 and its the thing that has my family turning on the PS3 to watch shows and movies instead.



coolcrushkilla said:

I have a feeling this will mean nothing to most gamers. I could care less about being able to record my gameplay. How about we get some of the simple features like Bluetooth headsets working. I switched from the 360 to PS4 and it seems Sony has there head up there bum!



GHO5T-08-12-80 said:

The ps4 shood have all the features of the ps3 and then some apart from the graphics ps4 does nothin



jayclayx said:

@divinelite everybody re talking about video streaming wtf! I could not care more about this, Im not a streamer, I need themes, a youtube app, maybe a music player, :S



artemisthemp said:

That would mean, I doesn't have to upload my Video to Facebook and then put them only viewable for me



charlesnarles said:

I still use my PS3 for Netflix because it still pauses the video when you turn off your DS4. Fix it?
Edit--duh you just hold down the PS button, just like DS3s. No complaints, now



Beaston61 said:

My most anticipated changes;

  • Be able to export screenshots / Videos (coming in 1.70?)
  • When reviewing saved videos, faster 'fast forward' or a 'got to xx time' function
  • Youtube app
  • The ability to customise the home screen dashboard
  • Easier management of friends and parties (I am sure the process of inviting friends to parties can be streamlined...)
  • Some form of reporting facility. Hacking and spamming/harrassing should not be tolerated AT ALL. These behaviours should be punished. (Massive piece of work)

And I expect all this in 1.70 Joke, I would be a fool to expect all of that, but I know it will come in time. I am paitent.



Ali247 said:

Hopefully they add more customization options to the user interface cuz they have none right know!



JaxonH said:

I've been fairly pleased with my PS4 to date. However, I do want a fix to the dreadful menu- a single file line of games installed on the system mixed with media apps I have zero interest in. The store layout is just as cumbersome in single file line.

Anything else is icing on the cake. I just want a better design layout for the main menu and game selection.



Gamer83 said:

I've never minded system updates, the problem with them on PS3 was simply that you would sometimes have to wait longer than should be necessary. With PS4 the updates almost go unnoticed and the more, the more better. It's still a new system. Any little fixes included that may make the console perform better is fine with me.



Chouzetsu said:

I'm still waiting for video clip uploads without Facebook... Disappointing how they'd take one of the PS4's main features, tease the heck out of it, and not include it at launch.



DoublezZ01 said:

Take your time sony, put in some of the big requested stuff, not just little bits at a time. U can all use that time to configure a certain app a lot of ppl have been requesting!!! which should also come with features like saving to playlist and commenting on vids aswell!!!



gavandjake said:


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