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Pachter: November PS4 Sales Are 66 Per Cent Greater Than Xbox One

Posted by Sammy Barker

Sony takes an early lead in North America

North America has proven a bit of a stronghold for Microsoft over the years. Back in September, Sony put an end to the Xbox 360’s incredible 32 month winning streak in the region – only to fall back behind in October. However, despite reports to the contrary coming out of Black Friday, it appears that the Japanese giant could be about to stop its adversary's reign in the all-important territory once and for all, as industry analyst Michael Pachter predicts that the PlayStation 4 outsold its closest competitor by 66 per cent in November.

In his most recent investor note, the outspoken executive hinted that the platform holder’s next generation console sold 1.25 million units during its first month on store shelves, while the Xbox One managed just 750,000 units. It’s worth noting that the PlayStation maker’s machine did launch first, but the firm also had to supply a much greater number of European nations two weeks later.

MCV points out that the divide mimics the situation in the UK, where the PS4 sold 250,000 units at launch compared to the Xbox One’s still solid 150,000 units – a 66 per cent difference. Assuming that the figures are accurate, these numbers will be giving Microsoft suits nightmares, as the Redmond-based firm has typically struggled outside of the two abovementioned nations. Of course, if these trends continue, expect the company to respond soon.


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RisefromAshes said:

Game, set and match to PS4.

Sony have re-taken the States and UK in just 2 weeks.

Poor Microsoft. All that hard work over 7 years undone in 14 days.

I still remember when Official Xbox UK Magazine tweeted "Greatness Awaits?" when PS4 launch titles got mediocre reviews.

Not so cheeky now are they? LOL.



longshot28 said:

I just heard Xbox one sold more than PS4 in Australia, I wish they'd release total numbers sold to date.



Epic said:

I don't need to be an analyst to know that, PS4 is kinda set on the king throne just like the 3DS with handhelds, its almost unstopable.
I really want to see how Microsoft and Nintendo plan try to pull this around after all anything can happen in few years.



Spidernoir said:

NL hates patcher, I'm neutral about him.

Most of his predictions are either somewhat true or somewhat false (Wii U was somewhat spot on, although it's doing a little better).



Dodoo said:

Nothing more than MS deserve in my opinion.

They have done nothing but shoot themselves in the foot since their big reveal. Sony have literally done the complete opposite and should be applauded.



rastamadeus said:

@Spidernoir Not NL, anyone with common sense. Have a look at other video game sites and you'll see just how despised this twerp is. Patcher is a cretin who just speaks bullshit and gets paid for it. For every one prediction in twenty he gets right he uses that as proof of his importance yet neglects to mention the other nineteen. He is a pathetic attention seeker and if he says Sony sold more than Microsoft I'd be inclined to think Microsoft sold twice as much - his bullshit is that strong (obviously they haven't as EVERYONE already knew Sony had sold more, but you get my point).

@RisefromAshes This arrogance of Sony supporters is starting to get as ludicrous as the Microsoft fanboys where when the PS3 was struggling - a lot worse than Xbox One is, might I add. My point is look at how things turned out, Sony turned it all around and has the better machine in the long run. Saying Sony has "won" after a couple of weeks is ludicrous as for all we know in four years time it might be 4:1 in Microsoft's favour. (apologies if I seem all "RRAAGH!" at you, woken up by my sick baby so heads a bit all over the place still)

@Epic Microsoft will throw money at the big multi format franchises to get exclusive content. Whether you agree with that is irregardless as it will work in their favour. When the next COD, Madden and FIFA come out the Xbox One sales will go through the roof. It's up to Sony to have such a big lead by then that it won't matter.
As for Nintendo, they won't do anything as they genuinely don't seem to care what happens with the Wii U (as we saw with the new DKCR game being their big reveal at VGX). While 3DS sells like hot cakes they'll keep going on with the Wii U, great or continuingly awful sales. But what will stop the 3DS? We keep getting told by morons (like Patcher) that tablets will take over but it isn't happening and Sony seem content to just let Vita plod along, pinning their hopes on people wanting to Remote Play.

@Sanquine Lets be honest, who wouldn't want Reggie watching them? Especially if his signal to begin was, "Your body is ready."



AaronYeager said:

@longshot28 And that was only because Sony ran out of stock in that region. If they had sufficient supply they would have crushed Xbox One in Australia as well. I guess you can say Microsoft got lucky with that one.



Shaolin said:

To be quite honest, ever since I cracked open my PS4 I've had the biggest smile on my face, even while waiting at the supermarket checkouts. The one thing I have not been doing is obsessing over how many Xboxes have sold like as if my enjoyment of the PS4 depended on it. You guys commenting on here seem to have been doing plenty of that for me and then some.

I remember hearing Apple's Tim Cook saying of the iPhone's competition with Android that winning for them isn't about bigger numbers.



RisefromAshes said:

No problem.

It isn't arrogant to say Sony has already won. PS4 has had the biggest launch ever for the gaming industry. Yes, we can't tell the future. But Sony have had a flawless record when they are the market leader. Almost impossible for Microsoft to peg Sony back.

PS1 and PS2 proved that when Sony are ahead. They stay ahead for the entire generation.

PS3 is another issue altogether because it was Sony's first real foray into online gaming etc.

PS4 has started out big and will continue to break records left and right.

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