PS4 2

A recent report from Chart-Track has revealed that the PlayStation 4 is the fastest selling console in UK history. The brand new machine beat out the previous record-holder, Sony's own PlayStation Portable, which sold 185,000 units during its 2005 launch. It seems that a policy of listening to gamer feedback is paying dividends for the beleaguered platform holder. It also gives further credence to the argument that console gaming is absolutely alive and well.

The PS4's tagline "Greatness Awaits" has been thrown about with reckless abandon recently. But with these figures, and the news that the system sold through one million units in North America in just 24 hours, we're gunning for Sony to officially change the tagline to "Greatness Sells". It's probably a little more appropriate at this point.

Are you one of the fans who helped the Japanese giant reach this impressive milestone? Will you be holding a massive party to celebrate? Sound off in the comments section below.

Update: Reports suggest that the PS4 sold over 250,000 units during its first 48 hours on sale in the UK.