PlayStation 4

We’re not sure we can come up with any different ways to say that the PlayStation 4 has launched. Regular readers will know that we’ve already typed a dozen articles pertaining to the release of Sony’s next generation console in November alone, so hopefully you’ll forgive us a basic block of text as we’re creatively bankrupt at this point in time.

Still, if you hadn’t already figured out the purpose of this post, then know that the latest addition to the PlayStation family has finally arrived in Europe. The territory has had to wait a couple of weeks longer than North America, but we suppose that that beats the three month delay that plagued the PlayStation 3. We’ve never been happier to see Japan last in line.

The big question is: have you got your console yet? We’re eager for you to share your launch experiences through here. And don’t forget to check back over the coming days, as we look at the success of Sony’s latest system, recap some of its biggest games, and poll you on your first impressions of the platform.

Are you fresh home from a midnight launch? Are you being forced to wait for a delivery man to drop off your device? Have you got some time off work in order to enjoy the new system? Hop into the comments section below, and let us know if greatness has arrived for you.