PS4 Tank

There’s been nothing but good news surrounding the PlayStation 4 of late, but Microsoft may have finally uncovered a chink in the Japanese giant’s armour. According to research firm Infoscout, the Xbox One beat Sony’s new super machine to the top of the Black Friday sales charts last week. The research group collated the data from 102,000 tracked North American receipts, and discovered that the Redmond-based manufacturer’s device made up 31 per cent of the sales, while the PlayStation maker’s next generation console managed just 15 per cent.

Of course, context is important in this scenario. The PS4 has been particularly supply constrained in North America of late due to the system’s release in Europe requiring a hearty shipment of stock. With its primary competitor sending the majority of its supply to the USA, it’ll be interesting to see which platform holder comes out on top in the November NPD report. Sony commanded an early lead by selling one million units in the territory within 24 hours, but it’s struggled to keep the device on store shelves. Who’s your money on? Flash your cash in the comments section below.

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