The PlayStation 4 comes with a suitably large 500GB hard drive. But between those staggeringly huge mandatory installs, the system's memory-guzzling operating system, and the inevitable slew of free PlayStation Plus games, it's likely that you'll find yourself running out of space sooner rather than later. The simple solution to this conundrum is to bust open your next-gen machine and swap in a bigger HDD.

However, this creates a completely separate quandary: do you opt for a pricey SSD, or a more reasonable hybrid drive? Well, the crafty lads over at Tested have been madly tinkering with their PS4 and have created a handy comparison video to get rid of any guess work. By replacing the console's built-in hard drive they saw a six second gain in boot-up speed, as well as a massive 20 second gain in loading a pre-installed game. Unsurprisingly, the SSD was the faster option, but the hybrid drive didn't perform too badly either.

Will you be picking up some extra storage for your PS4, or do you plan on prudently managing your memory? Install your opinions in the comments section below.