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Wed 27th June, 2012

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Kohaku commented on Shenmue III Smashes $5 Million Milestone:


Why am I talking BS? I am not saying that the money of the kickstarter is going to Sony. But you really believe that when Sony supports this title, that there won't be any profit for Sony when the game sells well?



Kohaku commented on Shenmue III Smashes $5 Million Milestone:

I still don't understand why I should invest my money in a game what is supported by Sony. I invest money in the game and Sony will get the profits of the game when it's a succes?



Kohaku commented on PS4 Players Are Demanding a Better PSN:


I pay for 200 Mbps and when I test that speed I allways have at least 150 Mbps. Yesterday, I was able to download a game of 25Gb on my wired PC in 20 minutes. My PS4 is also wired and is allready busy for 13 hours to download a file of 10,5 Gb en needs another 21!! hours for 6Gb on anther file.

PSN is very, very, very slow. Has nothing to do with my own downloadspeed. Sony has maxed the speed on 65 Mbps bu even that is impossible to get while my XBox easily gets 100 Mbps.



Kohaku commented on Gran Turismo 7 to Park Up on PS4 Prior to 2017:

Wondering if they will be able to give the cars proper sounds like they promised for GT5 allready. I would not be surprised if the cars in GT7 still sounds like a vacuumcleaner with the promise that the sound will be improved by a patch.



Kohaku commented on Sony Hopes to Enhance the Value of PlayStation...:


Since you need PS+ for online gaming there is no more reason for Sony to bother about AAA games in PS+. Look how they are going very very slow with the PS+ edition of Driveclub. No hurry at all, even GT7 would be earlier out then the game they promised for november 2013.



Kohaku commented on Tales of Zestiria Gets First English Trailer a...:

Not gonna buy this. Since I have my PS4 I can't play with the PS3 controllers anymore. However, the PS3 controllers make it possible to game all day long without recharging the controller.

Would be nice if a Tales game is coming to the PS4. We have loads of remakes, but still no JRPG?



Kohaku commented on Reaction: Project Morpheus Seems Impressive, B...:

I am interested in it but will wait first to see what it does. Bought the Move some years ago and the Vita also. We all know that Sony has lost interest in both soon after introducing it. Not gonna happen for the 3rd time for me, first wait and see that Sony will keep supporting this.
Besides that, MS will bring their system on the market also within a year, can be interesting also.



Kohaku commented on Feature: Four Ways Ready at Dawn Could Make a ...:

The developers were focused on th making stunning graphics, all that is left is an interactive techdemo.
Sony should tell their studios that gamers want quality. Look at Knack and Driveclub, now the PS4 has allready 3 exclusives wich are (at release) disapointing.



Kohaku commented on Soapbox: Poor Communication Continues to Be PS...:

Instead of spending loads of dollars for some timed exclusive stuff in games like Destiny, Sony should put more money in theit PSN. People are forced to pay for online gaming with the PS4 so they have the right to play in their holidays.



Kohaku commented on Soapbox: Destiny's Progression System Is Destr...:

I am not into shooters on a console but Destiny surprised me. I played the game for about 40-50 hours but got bored of the lack of loot. I am used to see lots of load (played over 1200 hours Diablo 3) and it is repeating itself in the story missions. Every time defending objects against a wave of enemies gets me bored. Let me work for my gear in an open world with a lootsystem like Diablo and I am fine.



Kohaku commented on Sony's Not Too Happy About All the 20th Annive...:

A silly reaction from Sony. Why not making loads of these special PS4's? When Sony is 4 the Gamers, they have to show that. Now is Sony only for the people who want to make cash. What's the problem to make 500.000 of these special units? Why can only 12.300 people celebrate this anniversary?



Kohaku commented on Feature: Did PlayStation Plus Represent Value ...:

Easy to say that you get over $100 free games each month but when you only have 1 console the other games are useless and you don't have the $100+ value.
For me it was a bit disappointing this year with PS+, only a few games I have liked. I am not a big fan of all those indiestuff but maybe Sony will start giving toptitles away in the second half of 2015. I still hope for that but I am not sure because you are now in some way forced to have PS+ for the online games.

Downside of PS+ is that I got some games for free that I bought just some months before and since than I only buy games I really want to play at release or I wait till I get them "for free" in PS+.



Kohaku commented on Talking Point: What Did You Think of Sony's Pl...:

I am happy that Sony found out that they have a handheld also. No AAA titles but I am happy with the attention the Vita got.
I was expecting a surprise but that didn't came (except the Vita). For me it is totally unclear why Sony organised this when they have no news to share.



Kohaku commented on Feature: What Will Sony Announce at PlayStatio...:

I expect a lot of indies and again a total ignorance of the Vita. And I expect tomorrow from Sony some tweets in which they try us to believe that they still give the Vita some love. Yeah right, keep trying Sony.