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Wed 27th June, 2012

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Kohaku commented on Could Minecraft Be the PlayStation Vita's Secr...:


When you rely on mostly indie stuff on your handheld it will never sell well. Look at the 3DS which has loads of good games and watch the sales.
And its not only the games, as long as Sony wants that gamers to buy far far to expensive memory cards (instead of the normal micro SD cards like the 3DS has) the Vita will be to expensive.



Kohaku commented on The PS4 Dev Team Were 'Dancing in The Aisles' ...:

The Xbox One is still not available here so I bought a PS4. But some weeks ago I got also an import Xbox One and I have them both now. The price was going down and that made that I bought it also now.
I have them because of the price and the software. Both console has and will get very nice games. No reason for me not to buy them both.



Kohaku commented on E3 2014: A Staggering Number of Xbox Fans Have...:

I didn't turn to the PS4. I allready bought them all so I can play Forza and Mario Kart 8 also. I have to miss games I like when I only should buy a PS4.
And since the Xbox One with Kinect is only 50 euro's more expensive than a PS4 there was no reason not to buy a Xbox One so I can play a race game what is not possible at the PS4 now.



Kohaku commented on DriveClub Takes to the Track from 7th October ...:

A delay of 11 months, how is that possible when you in the biggining of october 2013 still thinks that you can release it in november? Then it will be beginning of 2014 and now its another 7-8 months later.



Kohaku commented on Rumour: PS4 Exclusive DriveClub Slamming on th...:

Would be a big fail when a launch game is delayed till 7 months after release of the PS4.
Besides that, when they need that much time I am afraid that the game will be a disappointment. Did we see gameplay recently?



Kohaku commented on DriveClub Puts the Brakes on Its Japanese Rele...:

I am afraid that this game will be not that good as people hope it is. We didn't see that much gameplay last months and Sony still can't say what they mean with "early 2014".
I ordered my PS4 for Watchdogs and Driveclub but all I play now is Pinball.



Kohaku commented on Review: Zen Pinball 2 (PlayStation 4):

I like the Pinballgames on the PS4 because it looks fantastic but I still prefer to play the pinballgames on the Vita. For some reasons I like the reactions of the flippers on the Vita more than on the console. Looks like there is a little lag in it on the console.



Kohaku commented on UK Sales Charts: Gran Turismo 6 Falls Short of...:

Maybe some new cars would have helped in the sales and the game is not finished. The game need patches like GT5 to add the content whoich should have been in the game at release.
I hope PD will make a completly new game for the PS4 with more unique cars like a Ford Sierra Cosworth and less Skylines (do we really need so many identical cars?).
And let PD release the game when it is finished, not like with GT5 and GT6 that the content has to be add by patches.