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Wed 27th Jun 2012

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Kohaku commented on Wow, the Overwatch Beta Was Stupidly Popular:

Almost 10 million gamers played the beta because it was free. I am curious however how many of these gamers will buy the game on the console, I won't as long as they don't lower the price. Why is there a difference of €20 between console and PC?



Kohaku commented on Rumour: PS4K Will Cost $399, Will Feature 4K B...:

Not believing this. It it is true it will mean that gamers know with the PS5 that the console will be upgraded after about 2,5 years. Why even buying the console when there will be a new one soon?
And why should someone even buy a console when he knows that he had to upgrade even faster than he has to do with a PC?

If it is true, you will have difference in graphics on the PS4, not good for the name of PS.



Kohaku commented on PlayStation VR Launches in October for $399:

I guess you need the Move Controllers and the camera as well so it's a €500.

Maybe later, I first wait for the reviews and the experiences of other gamers. Not sure what about headaches and that kind of stuff.



Kohaku commented on Your PlayStation Plus Games for March Have Bee...:

When will Sony be honest to us and tell us that we won't see triple A games any more in PS+? I have 3 more months to go and then will my PS+ end, not gonna pay for another year. I will play on the XBO for the multiplayers, MS knows that there is more than just indies.



Kohaku commented on Reaction: Why Sony Won't Deploy PS4 Exclusives...:


Why should I play the games on a game PC? I want to play games, hanging on a couch instead of sitting on a chair behind an expensive game PC? Don't think that everyone with a console prefers a game PC, I changed after 10 years of PC gaming to the PS4 and XBO and I will not going back.



Kohaku commented on Talking Point: Did PlayStation Experience 2015...:

Only Ni No Kuni 2 was interesting for me.
And I am still waiting for a reason to buy the VR. Didn't see a game which tells me that I really need the VR. As long as there are no games like Fallout, the Witcher or some shooters like CoD and Plants vs Zombies GW, there is no reason for me to buy an expensive VR thing.

I forgot the Fat Princess, instant buy for during my X-Mas holiday.



Kohaku commented on Talking Point: Should Sony Build an Elite Dual...:


I have an accupack in my Elite controller. Shame that an accupack wasn't included for that price.
However, there is a reason that the XBO doesn't have a build in battery. When your battery is broken, you don't have to replace the whole controller, just the batteries or accupack.



Kohaku commented on Talking Point: Does EA Access Really Represent...:


Still no signs on XBox that other publicers are doing the same as EA. The only reason that Sony doesn't wan't this is PS Now. Sony wants money and isn't allways for the games (watch the overoveroverpriced memorycards for the Vita).
A gamer should have the choice, on the XBox you have the choice also and the new games of EA are still coming to the consoles. I don't see any problems and there isn't any difference between PS Now and EA Access. Only the name is different, both contain older games which you can play after you payed for.



Kohaku commented on It's Weird to See Fallout 4 on a Vita Screen:

I tried several times remote play but was not happy with the controls. Over a year ago now that I used it. I prefer the streaming service of the XBO to a laptop or tablet with a normal controller.



Kohaku commented on Gran Turismo 6 Sales Linger at the Back of the...:

Maybe the "poor" sales are also because people weren't waiting for GT6 two years after GT5 which wasn't the great game everyone expected. In GT6 the sound still wasn't fixed (and the sound still isn't finished).

Curious if GT7 would be a succes in sales with AC and pCars also on the PS4. The game must be much better with tons of HD cars instead of all those standard cars from PS2.



Kohaku commented on Sony Wants PS4 Firmware Update Beta Testers:


MS has from the beginning beta testers on their XBO and almost no problems at all. And if there are any problems, it is fixed in one or two days normally. I guess Sony will be that fast as well.
And being a beta tester is very popular on the XBO because you have the new functionality earlier than the rest.



Kohaku commented on It Doesn't Matter That EA Access Isn't on PS4,...:


No one tells you that you have to buy a subscription on EA Access. However, Sony tells you that you have to buy PS Plus when you want to go online with your console. At least EA gives you an option to take a subscription or not. Sony is not for the gamers.



Kohaku commented on Shenmue III Smashes $5 Million Milestone:


Why am I talking BS? I am not saying that the money of the kickstarter is going to Sony. But you really believe that when Sony supports this title, that there won't be any profit for Sony when the game sells well?



Kohaku commented on Shenmue III Smashes $5 Million Milestone:

I still don't understand why I should invest my money in a game what is supported by Sony. I invest money in the game and Sony will get the profits of the game when it's a succes?



Kohaku commented on PS4 Players Are Demanding a Better PSN:


I pay for 200 Mbps and when I test that speed I allways have at least 150 Mbps. Yesterday, I was able to download a game of 25Gb on my wired PC in 20 minutes. My PS4 is also wired and is allready busy for 13 hours to download a file of 10,5 Gb en needs another 21!! hours for 6Gb on anther file.

PSN is very, very, very slow. Has nothing to do with my own downloadspeed. Sony has maxed the speed on 65 Mbps bu even that is impossible to get while my XBox easily gets 100 Mbps.



Kohaku commented on Gran Turismo 7 to Park Up on PS4 Prior to 2017:

Wondering if they will be able to give the cars proper sounds like they promised for GT5 allready. I would not be surprised if the cars in GT7 still sounds like a vacuumcleaner with the promise that the sound will be improved by a patch.



Kohaku commented on Sony Hopes to Enhance the Value of PlayStation...:


Since you need PS+ for online gaming there is no more reason for Sony to bother about AAA games in PS+. Look how they are going very very slow with the PS+ edition of Driveclub. No hurry at all, even GT7 would be earlier out then the game they promised for november 2013.