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Wed 27th June, 2012

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Kohaku commented on PS4 Is the Best Place to Play This Holiday, St...:


When are those blocbusters coming? MS has more to offer at the moment. The only reason I use my PS4 now is because I got Terraria for my Vita for free. This weekend however I will play Sunset Overdrive on my XBox One. And I still miss some good racing games for the PS4. I am afraid I have to wait till 2017 for that when GT7 will be released (half finished of course).



Kohaku commented on Feature: How Has the PS4 Fared in Its First Year?:

I gave it a C, still waiting for JRPG's. I had expected more from the PS4 now it is so easy to devellop for. I didn't buy a console for loads of indies.
Glad that I have a X1 and a Wii U but I hope that I can use my PS4 as well next year for some nice RPG's.



Kohaku commented on You May Be Able to Get a Refund for Written Of...:

Maybe I have missed it all but there wasn't that much publicity for BF4 compared to Destiny has gotten. Sony was giving a lot of publicity about Destiny as well on their own youtube channel, including interviews with the developpers and exclusive content.



Kohaku commented on You May Be Able to Get a Refund for Written Of...:


The difference between Drivclub and Battlefield 4 is that Driveclub is a overhyped and delayed PS4 exclusive with a free part for PS+ members.
BF4 wasn't hyped. Publicers should learn from Destiny, Watch Dogs en DC, don't hype a game because every little mistake will be a big mistake for the media.



Kohaku commented on Sigh! Even Sony Can't Resist Ruffling Fanboy F...:


The Crew is open world and DriveClub is not, a big difference for me.
Besides that, I played the Crew beta on my XBox but the lack of FFB in the controller makes the Crew feel like dead for me when I play the game.
I will play DriveClub but I prefer a racegame without social stuff. I hope that I can play DC without all the social bla bla.



Kohaku commented on Reaction: Sony's Gamescom 2014 Press Conferenc...:

What they could improve for next year is the end of the show. It was for me like waking up in the morning because they throw a bucket with cold water in my face. Why not ending with a trailer or teaser from a AAA?



Kohaku commented on Reaction: PS4's Variety Shines at Gamescom 201...:


I am not living in the AAA camp and that's impossible anyway on a Vita.
It seems that there are lot of indiegames coming for the Vita but as you can read in the article and on the EU Sonyblog, loads of negative reactions and that's not strange. Why ignoring the Vita in your show, people don't know about games which are coming. On a lot of furums you see people complaining about the lack of interest from Sony in their own Vita. Maybe Sony should mention the Vita and the upcoming games more in their communication with the gamers. After all the rants they show up with a lot of titles, why not doing that before the rant?

When the Vita came out, Sony was proud to say that you will have a handheld which is powerful as a PS3, why all those indies on such a strong handheld? And I know that Gamescon is more then just one or two hours, but do we get another presentation from Sony dedicated to the Vita?
I don't want 15 AAA games every year, but some more interest from Sony first party developers should be very welcome. Where is GT for example?



Kohaku commented on You'll Need Friends to Tackle PS4 Shooter Dest...:

I will wait till there is a price drop, not sure if this game is perfect for a loner. Two months later the Masterchiefcollection will come out. I think that will be the XMas holiday game for me. Destiny will come next spring.



Kohaku commented on PlayStation Hardware Sales Leave Xbox in the Dust:


That the PS4 controller feels like heaven is not that strange. Ever tried to game with your PS3 after playing some hours with a PS4? I like the controller of the Xbox One as much as the controller from the PS4. And at the moment I love the Xbox One itself also more then the PS4 beacuase the Xbox has Forza 5 and the PS4 has uhmmmm, no racing game at all.



Kohaku commented on Talking Point: Would You Pay for an EA Access ...:

Well, I will not pay for it because I will do it on my Xbox One. I allready pay on my PS4 for all those indie games I get for free and which I do not want. But I don't complain about that because Sony knows what is good for me it seems. You know, for the player and what EA wants is not good for me as a player, said Sony.
I don't care to pay $30 a year for playing some older games. People are allready paying money for years to play older games on their PS3, so what's the difference Sony?



Kohaku commented on Could Minecraft Be the PlayStation Vita's Secr...:


When you rely on mostly indie stuff on your handheld it will never sell well. Look at the 3DS which has loads of good games and watch the sales.
And its not only the games, as long as Sony wants that gamers to buy far far to expensive memory cards (instead of the normal micro SD cards like the 3DS has) the Vita will be to expensive.



Kohaku commented on The PS4 Dev Team Were 'Dancing in The Aisles' ...:

The Xbox One is still not available here so I bought a PS4. But some weeks ago I got also an import Xbox One and I have them both now. The price was going down and that made that I bought it also now.
I have them because of the price and the software. Both console has and will get very nice games. No reason for me not to buy them both.



Kohaku commented on E3 2014: A Staggering Number of Xbox Fans Have...:

I didn't turn to the PS4. I allready bought them all so I can play Forza and Mario Kart 8 also. I have to miss games I like when I only should buy a PS4.
And since the Xbox One with Kinect is only 50 euro's more expensive than a PS4 there was no reason not to buy a Xbox One so I can play a race game what is not possible at the PS4 now.



Kohaku commented on DriveClub Takes to the Track from 7th October ...:

A delay of 11 months, how is that possible when you in the biggining of october 2013 still thinks that you can release it in november? Then it will be beginning of 2014 and now its another 7-8 months later.



Kohaku commented on Rumour: PS4 Exclusive DriveClub Slamming on th...:

Would be a big fail when a launch game is delayed till 7 months after release of the PS4.
Besides that, when they need that much time I am afraid that the game will be a disappointment. Did we see gameplay recently?



Kohaku commented on DriveClub Puts the Brakes on Its Japanese Rele...:

I am afraid that this game will be not that good as people hope it is. We didn't see that much gameplay last months and Sony still can't say what they mean with "early 2014".
I ordered my PS4 for Watchdogs and Driveclub but all I play now is Pinball.



Kohaku commented on Review: Zen Pinball 2 (PlayStation 4):

I like the Pinballgames on the PS4 because it looks fantastic but I still prefer to play the pinballgames on the Vita. For some reasons I like the reactions of the flippers on the Vita more than on the console. Looks like there is a little lag in it on the console.