That's a lot of space

We all know that the Call of Duty franchise likes to break all sorts of mindboggling first day sales records, but this time around it seems to have its sights set on something a little bit different: it's gunning for the 'Largest Hard Drive Install for a PlayStation 4 Launch Title' gong.

Yesterday, we brought you the news that Guerrilla Games' gorgeous PS4 debut Killzone: Shadow Fall will eat up a whopping 39.7GB of your console's shiny new hard drive. Up until now, such gargantuan installs had typically been reserved for PC gamers, but it now looks set to become a recurring theme as we head into the next generation of home consoles, as the PS4 version of Call of Duty: Ghosts will supposedly require 49GB of hard drive space.

A picture of the game's Spanish box art was posted to Twitter earlier this week, confirming rather vague support for 'HD' – which Sony has now clarified will be native 1080p – along with that mammoth half-hundred gigabyte install. When it was announced, the 500GB HDD included with every PS4 seemed perfectly ample. Now, we're not so sure.

In truth, there's some confusion over whether you'll be required to install all physical discs, or if it'll be an option. Let's hope that the platform holder clarifies soon, because we're not even sure that a 1TB drive is going to suffice if this becomes standard practice moving forwards.

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