Do it yourself

If you’re planning to embrace the vaunted all-digital future, you may want to upgrade your PlayStation 4’s hard drive as soon as possible. While the system will ship with a meaty 500GB of pre-installed memory, rumours suggest that Blu-ray releases such as Killzone: Shadow Fall will occupy as much as 50GB, meaning that you may swiftly run out of room. Fortunately, you’ll be able to swap out the device’s HDD in minutes.

Technology website Computer Bild – who also discovered the console’s amazing screw – has compiled a set of photographs showing the upgrade process. According to the site’s picture blog, the hard drive is housed under the device’s glossy top panel, and can be accessed using a Torx screwdriver. Just like its predecessor, the platform uses a 2.5” laptop disk, meaning that you should be able to snap up a 1TB replacement for cheap – or even plump up for a pricier solid state drive.

The big question is: are you willing to go through the palaver in order to unlock a little more space? We suspect that the onboard storage should suffice for many of you, but we thought the same about the 500GB drive in our PlayStation 3 – only for PlayStation Plus to swiftly sap away any spare space. Defragment your memory musings in the comments section below.

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