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Justin Bieber Lands the Role of Nathan Drake in the Uncharted Movie

Posted by Sammy Barker

Don't worry, it's just a joke

Naughty Dog’s known for packing its games full of Easter Eggs, and The Last of Us is no different. One keen Reddit user spotted this newspaper in the post-apocalyptic game, which reveals that Justin Bieber will assume the role of Nathan Drake in the Uncharted Movie. Thank goodness for fungal infections, huh?

The real Uncharted Movie has been on-and-off for years, with Mark Wahlberg and Nathan Fillion all being temporarily attached to the lead role. It’s unlikely that it will ever get made at this point in time, which is probably for the best.


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ZeD said:

There is lots of hidden items in the game. For example the boat when you escape the city, I am 99% sure that is the boat from Uncharted 1!



ZeD said:

@get2sammyb did you feel like the game is a collection of everything great they have done! Heck even the museum from Uncharted 3 was in there!!



XCWarrior said:

Had this been real, pretty sure everyone who preordered a PS4 would have gotten off the list immediately. But that is pretty funny.



RudysaurusRex said:

Maybe at that point in his life, he is a super bad-ass action star,... but probably not .



Jaz007 said:

I realized this was fake when I saw it (not sure if I had that panic moment for a second before a rational mind came about me though). I thought "what, no." If it had been true, there have been some headlines about Beiber that revolve around a tragic "accident" that had taken place. I disagree that (the movie never being made) would be for the best though. I think it could be movie, espcially if they casted Nolan North as Nathan Drake.



BlueProxy said:

If they ever so much as play one of his songs at the ending credits of a Naughty Dog game, I swear I'm gong to strangle somebody...

On a serious note though, he may actually be a playable character in some future 2K basketball game. Just google "justin bieber in video game" and you'll see articles. That still has me baffled.



LampShade said:

Yeah,and Morgan Freeman will be the next Terminator sent back in time to save the world supply on Insure



artemisthemp said:

Justin Bieber playing Nathan Drake in the Movie = Bieber dies in first 5 minutes of the movie and the movie would only be 15 minutes (10 minutes would be used on Credits)

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