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Aids cures cancer (probably)

Tue 19th Apr 2011

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RudysaurusRex commented on Holy Graphics, Batman! Here's Your First Look ...:

Wouldn't it be cool if Batman was killed by the Arkham Knight, and then you play as him? And then at the end, Robin becomes Red Hood or Batman and becomes the main character until you beat the Arkham Knight. A darker version of Knightfall like that would be cool. And it would be a definitive end for the Arkham games.



RudysaurusRex commented on Japanese Sales Charts: PS Vita TV Suffers a Sh...:

You would think after going from 1.5 million sales to only nearly 600,000, you should stop making a game. But no. "Lets milk Final Fantasy XIII until everyone hates us." I'm hoping they're doing this, so it looks really awesome when Final Fantasy VII gets remade.



RudysaurusRex commented on Sony: Physical Games Will Be Around Longer Tha...:

I totally agree with Sony. It's a good feeling to see a stack of games that you love. I just love browsing game stores not knowing exactly what I want. And the joy (and sometimes frustration) of hunting for games. I just don't get that same feeling from browsing Steam, or PSN.