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Sony: We've Learned Pricing Lessons for PlayStation 4

Posted by Sammy Barker

Platform holder hints that the system probably won't break the bank

Sony has admitted that it was forced to learn hard lessons regarding the pricing of the PlayStation 3, and it will put those into practice with its impending next generation console. Chatting with EDGE magazine, Worldwide Studios vice president Michael Denny revealed that the platform holder is aiming to appeal to “gamers in the broadest sense” with the PlayStation 4, suggesting that it won’t price the console out of reach.

“We listen and learn and take the judgement from every console launch we ever have, and we have to be informed by what the strengths of our PlayStation 3 system have been, but also the challenges of that,” he explained. “We want a system that can reach as broad a gaming audience as possible, but whilst being a system that’s deep, connected, rich, and immersive, and is going to give a very focused and differentiated experience than anything else that’s out there.”

Denny added that there’s still plenty of time to communicate cost before the system’s launch, but he hinted that a favourable price point may be on the cards. “We have created a console absolutely focused on gamers – and we want that to be gamers in the broadest sense as well,” he added. “I think to some extent I can ask you to draw your own conclusions.”

Rumours prior to the system’s announcement suggested that Sony is targeting a £300 RRP in the UK, with the company hoping that the manageable price point will “lure millions of customers” into buying its new machine. Given the console’s use of off-the-shelf components, the platform holder should be able to drive costs down. However, it’s a pretty powerful device – we wouldn’t get your hopes up too high just yet.

Based on what you’ve seen so far, what do you think would be a reasonable price for the PS4? Let us know in the comments section below.


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Well, my plan is to have around £600.00 to spend for the PS4 launch, that's soley based on what I paid for my launch PS3 (only £450.00, but that was packed with a couple of games and spare sixaxis).
So, I'm prepared to lay down £450.00 on the console itself, so that allows me enough (I think) for a couple of games and possibly a subscription for something akin to PS Plus at launch.
If it launches at £300.00, more's the better, I'll still have £300.00 to throw at games and possibly another controller. Win.



jaydb1982 said:

Id be extremely happy with a £300 tag. Ive been preparing for £400 and anything less than that will be spent on games and hardware. Sony definitely seem to be entering the next gen console war with all guns blazing. Could this be the rebirth off the glory days of Sony.



get2sammyb said:

I don't think it's going to be £300, but I do think that it'll be cheaper than people expect. If you think back, people were really surprised with the Vita's price tag at the time, too. Of course, the memory cards and 3DS price drop eventually soured that.

Microsoft's expected to sell its console on a subscription, though, so it may not matter how "cheap" the PS4 is.




There will apparently be two flavours of nextbox. One full price, and one based on some sort of subscription model as you mention, which sounds more like some kind of shady long term hire-purchase 'deal' if you ask me.

As I say, anything up to or below PS3 launch price is fine by me, there's a whole bunch of great components in the PS4, enough to worth a £450.00 gaming PC, albeit with a better GPU thrown in too.



ztpayne7 said:

With such a powerful device, I wonder what the compromise will be. Less expensive system, pay for online?




@ztpayne7 I think there will be a heavy emphasis on a subscription service. I'd expect given the proposed wealth of features we'll be looking at something much closer to xbox live.



get2sammyb said:

@ztpayne7 Yeah, I agree with @KALofKRYPTON. I've said it a few times around this site, but I suppose there's no harm in reiterating. I personally feel that a lot of the 'Share' functionality that Sony showed off at the PlayStation Meeting will be locked behind a pay-wall (be it PlayStation Plus or something new).

I really foresee that as being one of the first big 'backlash' moments, actually.



InsertNameHere said:

400-450 sounds reasonable to me, anything higher will just scare most people off. If they really have been listening to the fans, then I doubt they would make you pay for online, since that was what made a lot of people decide to buy a PS3 rather than a 360.

I also doubt that uploading videos/screenshots will be something you have to pay for, if we do then I wouldn't have a problem with it. Hopefully we get some more answers at E3.



get2sammyb said:

@TheRealBatman I can see it being screenshots/30 second clips are free, then longer videos you have to pay for. There's no way that live streaming will be free.




@get2sammyb They could go with a timed freebie subscription with every console perhaps? A month of fully featured stuff for free then you have to stump up?



rjejr said:


That "learned from" phrase kinda touches a nerve at the moment as thats what Nintendo kept saying about their 3DS launch for the WiiU. The 3DS was too expensive and not enough games. So what did they do? They released a console that was too expensive and didn't - and still doesn't - have enough games. So basically the only thing they learned was how to replicate their mistake.

I do think Sony will go lower, and I've been saying all along they could go lower b/c the PS3 is already a beast w/ 500GB HDD and blu-ray, so all they needed to do was up the stats, but then they added an EyeKinect in every box, and that can't be too cheap. And I've also been on the "subscription" bandwagon. I don't see how they can avoid it w/ all that social media real-time streaming going on. Though they won't announce $ it until MS does. Still, PS+ is already a good deal, might as well run with it.



hYdeks said:

my guess would be it will cost around $450-$500, with the specs that they showed, I'ld be shocked if it's cheaper.




@TheRealBatman @rjejr
That's not really fair Bats, it's a far, far superior piece of kit. I said way back when it came out that an amalgamation of the Eye/Move and Kinect would be the best way to go, and that's pretty much what we'll have, a better camera.
If only Sony would invest some time in to a vocabulary database so I can talk to it!



Ginkgo said:

Personally I would be happy with $500 AUD or less which is roughly equivalent to USD. But as Sony launched the PS3 for $1000 in Aus (now selling from $269-$369) and Vita is still 50% more expensive than the US, nothing would surprise me from Sony. My price expectations are low (well high actually).



ShogunRok said:

Yeah, I agree with a lot of what's been said. A few of the PS4's features are going to probably come with PS+. Since the service has been a pretty huge hit over the last couple of years, I can definitely see Sony expanding on it.



IAmNotWill said:

400USD is the magic number for me. If they can go lower than that's even better.



Jaz007 said:

I hope it's not higher than $450. $400 would be the really sweet price though. You need to cough up more than the console sum too. The game you get adds another $60 to the price.



Lionhart said:

I hope the PS4 cost no more than $399.99 or otherwise I'm not buying it at launch.



Avenger said:

If the PS4 is around $400-450, then that's no problem. If it's $500-550, hopefully it's a bundle that comes with a game, and the camera. Pretty much as long as it's not $600, like when the PS3 launched, I'm good for it.



hamispink said:

I'm guessing that there will be a version for $399 with the bare minimum and a relatively small HDD. $400 would be great for selling to a wide audience, but I'm afraid that I'll want to spring for a (assumed) more expensive model. I assume there will be a $500 model which would include a larger HDD and either a game or a year subscription to plus.



BlueProxy said:

$360 to poke fun...

Seriously though, I can see $399. It's just a dollar, but seeing it start with 3 anything, would be amazing.



Fortified said:

Just wait for it, "SEVEN HUNDRED AND NINETY NINE US DOLLARS." Kidding. Hoping it's in the $300-$400 range.

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