No, the PlayStation 4 was not announced during Sony’s widely publicised CES press conference in Las Vegas last night. But while the manufacturer failed to mention its range of PlayStation platforms in any meaningful capacity, it still offered a hint at what we can expect from its next console – and that’s 4K resolution output.

Just like 3D before it, the Japanese giant is betting big on the new technology to drive television sales. During its show in the early hours of this morning, CEO Kaz Hirai announced a range of 4K-enabled televisions, including an 84-inch Bravia unit, as well as a couple of more accessible 55-inch and 65-inch models. In addition, the upcoming Will Smith flick After Earth will be shot in the format, as the company pushes for the standardisation of the technology.

To reinforce the resolution's importance, the firm touched upon a new line of Blu-rays that will be re-mastered in 4K resolution. Flicks such as The Amazing Spider-Man and Total Recall will soon be available with the added visual gloss, assuming you’ve got pockets deep enough to afford a new television set, of course. Naturally, new video cameras are also on their way.

Moving away from 4K resolution, Sony took a moment to announce its new Xperia Z smartphone. The unit will boast a 5-inch touch screen, 13 megapixel camera, and near field communication for sharing content wirelessly with other compatible devices.

Despite the wealth of content, though, the company has come under fire from some technology bloggers for lacking the Hollywood excitement and innovation of previous years – but clearly it wanted to focus its messaging on the importance of 4K technology. When the PS4 is eventually announced later this year, expect to see it showcased alongside the new fangled resolution.