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Sat 13th November, 2010

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fchinaski commented on Lots of Cool PS4 Stuff Coming from Sony Santa ...:

I think it must be proving challenging for the team behind the new GoW to improve on the formula of the series. With open world games being all the rage right now, I reckon developers who choose to stick with linear, area restricted gameplay must be scratching their heads to keep their games as epic and large as their open world counterparts.

I for one don't like open world games: I enjoy linear, plot oriented, tight experiences with a controled level of freedom, but that's not where the heart of most gamers nowdays seems to be, judging by all the excitement towards open world games and bad reception for games such as The Order 1886.

And yes, please, no more Kratos — judging from Ascension the character has run its course, by far.



fchinaski commented on Dragon Quest XI Is Officially Confirmed for PS4:

@NomNom I think it's fascinating, I will love to play both if/when they come out on the West. And don't worry, DQ games never needed to rely on horsepower to be very deep, engaging and have a broad scope — I sincerely doubt the 3DS version will impact the scope of the PS4 version!



fchinaski commented on Dragon Quest XI Is Officially Confirmed for PS4:

@NomNom No reason to be angry. They will be completely different beasts:

"The game's also coming to 3DS, which makes the whole situation rather strange, but it seems as though the two different versions are being created separately - there are obviously no ports here."

Take a closer read at the news and watch the videos, how one version shapes out will have no effect on the other.



fchinaski commented on Will Dragon Quest XI Come West? Square Enix Do...:

"...even if we do have to wait about half a year for it to arrive after it launches in Japan."

That's... optimistic. We generally wait much, much longer if DQ games get localized at all these days. But I'm confident for this one. In fact, I reckon that DQXI is the one with more chances of getting localized of the bunch.

It's disheartening that they are probably counting on the sales of a spin-off to probe interest in the series, though. I doubt DQ Heroes will be a hit. Most likely it will amount to decent sales, but nothing stellar. I hope SE's expectations for it are not too high/determinant for future releases.



fchinaski commented on Dragon Quest XI Could Well Be Announced Next Week:

I would be very disappointed if they announce XI for 3DS. Don't get me wrong, I love the portable DQs and, in a sense, they basically saved the series from irrelevance in the last years — but it's high time we get a proper full-fledged offline, traditional DQ for consoles. Just imagine something in the lines of VIII on the PS4. It could turn out to be one of the greatest traditional JRPGs of all time.



fchinaski commented on Store Update: 21st July 2015 (Europe):

Wait, what? Is this €89.99 for DLC for a game from 2012 (DOA5)? Frankly, this should be boycotted by everyone. No company should be allowed to get away with this kind of pricing.



fchinaski commented on Dragon Quest Creator Teases Incoming PlayStati...:

I'm still angry that SE never bothered to release the remakes of DQ Monsters and DQ VII for the 3DS on the West, and now the announcement of VIII for the 3DS just adds salt to the wound. I sure hope we get a numbered release for the PS4. Besides that, I would even settle for a PS1/PS2 Classics release of the original DQ VII and DQ VIII on the PSN.



fchinaski commented on It Looks Like Digital Is the Future for Capcom :

My main issue with the digital model becoming the ONLY model is that you're paying for a license to use the product, which you never truly own. So, if CAPCOM or whoever owns the product decides that you shouldn't have access to it any longer, it will just vanish. Physical copies are "forever", a one time deal without expiration date other than natural decay. We already have digital console games that do not exist any more, only on the hard drives of those who purchased them on the short time they were available. The digital future is one where companies alone decide what you can play, and for how long you can play it, which is to say that the market itself will dictate what should remain and what should be erased forever, not consumers/collectors and such. I don't like it.



fchinaski commented on Demand a Final Fantasy VII Remake Thanks to Sq...:

I don't have the slightest interest on a FFVII remake either. It's like asking for a remake of Citzen Kane or A Clockwork Orange. Masterpieces are relevant because of the environment on which they were made; it's their time in history that makes them so special. Leave the classics be, revisit them in their former glory and be glad that they could only be made at that special moment in time.

About the survey, and contradicting everything I said so far: ASK FOR THE LOCALIZATION OF DRAGON QUEST VII'S REMAKE EVERYONE!



fchinaski commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:

On my end, it's all about JRPGs:

On the PS3: Final Fantasy XIII-2, working on getting the last fragments and on my way to plat it.

On the 3DS: Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light (DS). Working on the optional towers to get the last crowns before the final battle.



fchinaski commented on Review: Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition (PlaySt...:

@AlexStinton For my part, I'm still able to chuckle when I hear Duke saying "shake it baby". I may not find it as funny as when I was a teenager, and I'm also aware of how it can be seen by some as objectifing towards women, misogynistic or whatever, but, really, I can't see any HATRED on it. It's a silly fantasy for silly immature testosterone filled teens, and that's okay. Everyone was a silly immature testosterone filled teen one day, grown out of it and not necessarily became a misogynist; and certainly not because of Duke Nukem. And the world is not worst or better because a parody of action heroes from yore is being the ultimate macho on a tiny screen.We've moved on, but boy it's funny to see how idiotic we were. :)



fchinaski commented on PSN Offline Yet Again as Connections Drop Arou...:

Almost had a heart attack: I had just installed VITA's newest firmware and kept getting error messages when I tried to connect to PSN. Spent a whole hour thinking it had bricked my VITA before news about the downtime started popping in.



fchinaski commented on SRPG Mythical Legend Tears to Tiara II: Hier t...:

Thank you for stating clearly that it will be avaliable "at retail and on the PlayStation Network". You never know these days and I find myself more often than I would like searching elsewhere for this info because it often goes unmentioned.

Also, loving the attention Push Square is giving to JRPGs/SRPGs lately.



fchinaski commented on PS4 Strategy Title Natural Doctrine's Release ...:

@FullbringIchigo Oh, don't even get me started on SE. When I see niche titles coming West even though companies know that they won't be big sellers, it boggles me how SE can't consistently release one of their most sucessful RPG franchises overseas. Hell, I'd be onboard even for a digital-only release of DQVII's remake.



fchinaski commented on Mega Man X4 and X5 Coming to PS3 and PS Vita N...:

I've always liked the character, but somehow only managed to finish Mega Man 2 for the NES (On an actual NES clone. Yes, I'm THAT old). Played X4 and X5 on the PS1, but never got too far. As much as I like difficult games, there's something about the Mega Man series that doesn't click with me enough for me to endure the punishment.



fchinaski commented on September PlayStation Plus Update Information ...:

@SparkyMcFly I remember clearly that Sony announced prior to the PS4 release that their aim was to bring back the variety of genres from the PS1 era. It's unquestionable that that's what they've been doing lately. Right now and in the following months, it really seems that this generation will truly have something for everyone, especially for Vita + PS4 owners. If you look at the gaming landscape right now with an open mind, this is a very exciting time.



fchinaski commented on Review: Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment (Pla...:

Don't know about Edwin_Garcia's opinion, but since SEGA is basically neglecting the West when it comes to their RPG franchises in the last few years (Shining series and Valkyria Chronicles III spring to mind), I'd say it's very unlikely that we'll see PS Nova.



fchinaski commented on Sony's Done a Great Job with Indies, Says Form...:

There's a lot of confusion regarding what's indie and what's not as well, which only goes to show how arbitrary the term is. I've seen people calling Child of Light indie when it's made by a small(ish) team at Ubisoft — not "indie" by any stretch of imagination.

@SimonAdebisi. THIS. Quality control is key. People forget that the DSiWare store, for instance, was basically indie only — but it's almost all a big pile of junk/shovelware. In fact, Nintendo is pretty lame at quality control for small third party efforts, especially when you think of how polished their 1st party products are.



fchinaski commented on Sony's Done a Great Job with Indies, Says Form...:

@N711 Yeah, I see what you mean, the whole distinction is blown out of proportion. I find the differentiation between AAA and Indie artificial and basically a bait thrown by the industry that everyone is more eager than they should to bite. We should be more worried if a game is worth our time and money or not, instead of labeling them this or that.

Not to mention that AAA is basically an excuse to charge 60 bucks for a game based only on production values in spite of its quality.

Another issue is that we're all constantly screaming for MORE 30+ HOURS CONTENT even thought most of us are already drowning in our backlogs. It doesn't seem to me that there is a drought of games in the market by any extent, but people are constantly anxious about new releases. They will come when they come, I personally don't get the urge.



fchinaski commented on Sony's Done a Great Job with Indies, Says Form...:

This gen will start to truly impress players eager for big titles from 2015 onwards. I'm glad that the indies are here to close the gap for the time being. Sony and MS had to launch the systems seeing that the last gen was already going for way too long — but, at the same time, developing time for big budget titles increased by leaps and bounds. If it weren't for the strong indie scene and for consumer interest on remastered titles there would be very few games to justify a new gen at this point. Big games will come in time.



fchinaski commented on Push Rewind: Everything You Need to Know About...:

Is there a list of the VITA announcements? I kinda remember a small clip showing a few titles. Sony makes a point of not announcing VITA games clearly, so it's hard to keep track.

Even on the European PS Blog I couldn't find a detailed VITA list with the games announced only for the VITA and the ones that will be available for the VITA and the PS4.

The best I could find is:

"Thomas Was Alone developer Mike Bithell showed off more of his eagerly anticipated stealth game Volume.

And the list goes on: The Vanishing of Ethan Carter. Papers Please. Nom Nom Galaxy. Snow. In Space We Brawl. Dreamfall Chapters. Pix the Cat. Ether One. Runemaster. Q.U.B.E 2. It was an avalanche of new games, further demonstrating why PlayStation remains the very best place to play."

But that doesn't break up what's VITA exclusive, what's VITA+PS4 etc.

It's hard to be a VITA enthuasiast sometimes.



fchinaski commented on Survive the Summer with Scorching European PS4...:

I've just checked the PSN EU Store and it says that the offers for PS3 and VITA run until August 14th, and not August 8th. Maybe you want to correct that?

Anyway, I'll get the DLC Bundle for Dante's Inferno. I was avoiding it because 17,99€ is ridiculous, but 6,99€ looks more reasonable. Will also get Mind Zero and a couple of previously discounted games that I missed on other sales, such as Castle of Illusion and Duck Tales Remastered.