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Sat 13th Nov 2010

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fchinaski commented on PlayStation Plus Price Increase Confirmed for ...:

To be honest, apart from the games on PS+, which I really don't care about/expect great titles any longer (I see the games as a bonus, really), the service kind of improved lately, with more cloud storage space and more stability. I for one can't remember any outages on the recent past. Of course I would like to have it staying the same price forever, but I can't be that much bothered by this somewhat small increase if it affects Europe.



fchinaski commented on Review: Lost Sea (PS4):

The developer seems to have addressed this save issue on their foruns:

"We have recently introduced a patch for PC, which allows you to save & quit the game and continue playing at a later time. The permadeath system however remains in place as the entire game is balanced around it.

We are looking into making the patch available on consoles, however it may take some time as the certification process on consoles is a lot more complicated than on PC and there are some other complications that needs to be solved, too. Please keep an eye on our social channel for updates."



fchinaski commented on Sony: PS4K Will Not Shorten the PS4's Lifecycle:

With Sony insistently saying that both platforms will coexist until the end of this generation's cycle, I'm more and more convinced that PS4 Neo will in fact lengthen the eight generation lifecycle, which was bound to be shorter if these 4K updates hadn't come around.



fchinaski commented on Store Update: 21st June 2016 (Europe):

What a joke, after years of waiting for Dragon Fantasy II in Europe, Dragon Fantasy: The Black Tome of Ice isn't even available for all European countries (Portugal, where I live, is left out).



fchinaski commented on Soapbox: Let's Be Honest, E3 2016 Was Disappoi...:

I think it was a very safe mid-cycle E3. The thing is, all consoles of this generation are still to deliver a great deal of their promises — and the show reflected that. I imagine next year, with behemoth projects like Final Fantasy XV and Last Guardian out of the way and Neo/Scorpio more close to reality, things will get fresher and more surprising again. Not to mention NX, which will certainly be a thing then.



fchinaski commented on Japanese Sales Charts: Dragon Quest Heroes II ...:

I'm curious to see how many copies the next true numbered release (XI) will shift on its first week. It's tough to gauge the true state of the series with spin-offs. However, even though DQ always secures a first spot in any shape or form, it does seem that these numbers pale in front of previous releases. DQ XI can either dispel these worries, or confirm them.



fchinaski commented on GameStop's Anticipating New Console Reveals at...:

A BIT early is the understatement of the year
I won't make the leap to PS4K. I only got the PS4 one year ago, so that's a no-no for me. I just wish Sony would reveal the damn thing already so that we know officially how this will affect early adopters.



fchinaski commented on Review: Valkyria Chronicles Remastered (PS4):

I have this sitting on my backlog for the PS3 for ages so I pre-ordered the Europa edition from Amazon to have that juicy physical edition with extras (not to mention trophies) and finally get to play it!



fchinaski commented on Surprise! Sony Isn't Working on First Party Ti...:

@WebHead I highly doubt it, I reckon Sony will keep making them while leaving it flying solo for as long as developers continue to make niche/indie titles for it. I think it will be very similar to the PSP situation really, that continued to be manufactured until December 2014 on PAL territories. Handhelds are typically much more resilient than home consoles even after first party support is dropped.



fchinaski commented on Sony Bend's PS4 Exclusive Is the Studio's Bigg...:

"So, what they are working on: I just said at the Q&A that it's average. I mean, it's an okay game, and it looks like you'll have fun with it, but it's actually your garden variety open world stuff. But I can also say that it's big – the biggest Sony Bend game ever."



fchinaski commented on Final Fantasy XV's PS4 Release Date Confirmed ...:

@NaiveX I have the impression they wanted to consciously depart from the themes and style from the XIII-saga on XV, and I like where it's heading so far.

Having said that, Square always took bold chances with FF, so I don't hold the XIII saga against them. I HAVE enjoyed those games, even with their flaws.

Battle system aside, I found the FFXV demo closer in tone to older FFs (play it until the end if you can, the epilogue in japanese is beautiful). The battle system reminded me a bit of XII, but less polished. I think they will improve that a lot still. I liked the Warp system, BTW, if they perfect it (as well as the camera, which works very badly on the demo), it can be good.



fchinaski commented on Final Fantasy XV's PS4 Release Date Confirmed ...:

@NaiveX Did you play the demo? After playing it, I thought it will be the darkest FF since IV or VI. The story seems pretty tragic, the setting dismal. Not to mention THAT cave and the way you acquire Ramuh. I'm super hyped, and, as one who really likes FF XII, I think this will be the greatest FF in a long time.



fchinaski commented on Japan's Holding Back the PlayStation 4:

@sub12 The West may be leading console sales, but don't forget that two of the major players on the console business are Japanese. Consoles doing poorly in Japan is never going to be good news for Western gamers, even if Japanese games clearly do not appeal to the majority of gamers in the West.



fchinaski commented on Japan's Holding Back the PlayStation 4:

Like the guy above me said, Final Fantasy XV and Dragon Quest XI being current-gen exclusives will probably start to shift this trend. I own a PS4, but, frankly, for someone who really like JRPGs or japanese games in general (like me), I could easily stick with the PS3 for some time still.



fchinaski commented on Soapbox: Why I Love Strategy Guides:

@WARDIE I was of the same opinion until a few years ago. Nowadays, I haven't got nearly as much time to gaming, and my love for JRPGs makes me always want to do everything on them. However, adult life makes it hard for me to have 100+ hours to devote to one single game and try to discover everything on my own. Sometimes I got only one hour to play if I'm lucky, so wandering around on the game or searching the Web is not an option anymore. The guides are much more practical in this sense (not to mention collectables, as you said).