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July's PS Plus Update Slashes with Strider and Teases with TowerFall Ascension on PS4

Posted by Robert Ramsey

Dead Space 3, Vessel, and LEGO Batman 2 bring up the rear

Hold onto your hats, because July's PlayStation Plus update has been officially announced. As rumours suggested, Capcom's slick slash-'em-up Strider and intense indie TowerFall Ascension make up the upcoming month's PlayStation 4 offering.

Elsewhere, the ageing PS3 gets scary with the divisive Dead Space 3 and action puzzler Vessel, while the Vita stalks the blocky streets of Gotham in LEGO Batman 2: DC Superheroes. What's more, you'll also get to go all weird and wonderful with Doki-Doki Universe across all of the aforementioned platforms, as the game is cross-buy compatible. Is this rather robust offering enough for you, or are you still enraged at the absence of 'bigger' titles? Let loose your fury in the comments section below.

[Update]: Despite what you may have heard around the web, Sony has confirmed on Twitter that the Destiny Beta will not be available to PlayStation Plus subscribers when it launches next month, and will remain exclusive to those that have pre-ordered the game.


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LinkIRule said:

My sub expires right before these games come out. Have never played a dead space game and doki doki seems a little werid, are they worth it?



ShogunRok said:


Just to add to this, there's word that the Destiny Beta will be open to all PS Plus subscribers next month. The PlayStation Blog post hints to this, but it's poorly worded, so we're waiting on confirmation from Bungie before posting about it.



ReigningSemtex said:

Yay for strider. I didn't really like dead space 3 much compared to 1 and 2 but for a ps plus download it's much appreciated



3Above said:

I'll try Strider and I did want to try out doki doki for a while. I wont complain just yet as some these indie games that I thought were throw-away titles have actually been really great ( looking at you Thomas was alone and Stealth inc). Still holding out for Transistor to get Ps Plus discount.



Splat said:

This is just EU right? I haven't heard very good things about Dead Space 3 but I loved the first and enjoyed the second. I wouldn't mind getting it in the US.



ztpayne7 said:

@ShogunRok Destiny Beta would be nice. I'm curious about the game.

If this is the US lineup, it'll be pretty meh for me, but I'll probably play Strider eventually. I have plenty to play right now, anyway.



3Above said:

The US Plus Line up is the same except for lego batman being replaced with Muramasa: Rebirth



BrettHrin said:

I think the line up is good but I already own strider and towerfall so that sucks. They really make me not want to get new psn games when they first come out.



Munkyknuts said:

I loved Dead Space 1 and 2. I played a demo of 3 and wasn't a fan of the changes made to the series. However I'll give it a shot since it's on PS+
I remember playing Strider as a child so I'm interested in playing the new version. I've little knowledge of the other games but I'll give them a go. I need to be more ruthless with what I get from Plus and the PS store as my backlog is getting ridiculous....still haven't touched Puppeteer yet.



alphadrago5 said:

Personally I loved every dead space game. I saw the faults in dead space 3, but nothing beats blasting necromorphs for me



rastamadeus said:

Quite happy with that bar Vita as I've already gone through Lego Batman 2. Amusing that they've already broken their own rules (two games per system) as the Vita technically gets worse offering having two while the others have three.



Incrediblebraig said:

Pretty sweet! Looking forward to Strider & Lego Batman 2. Never played DS 1 & 2 so 3 will sit on my pile of shame for quite sometime.



ShogunRok said:


I've updated the article to reflect this whole Destiny Beta kerfuffle.



Snorky said:

@Incrediblebraig I'm with you there.. Not a fan of playing games before finishing their prequels. There's not really much here for me this month. Heres hoping for a better offering next month!



DrJoeystein said:

Great selection of games this month. Definitely recommend DS3 to anyone. Though not as good as its predecessors, it's better than how people make it out to be. As for Strider and TowerFall, I'm really excited about both of them. High-quality indie games right there!



Mrskinner said:

Are we really referring to strider as an indie game? Double helix and capcom are not my idea of indie. Strider is a really good game by the way



dynasty889 said:

@ShogunRok sighs I was really excited when they said the Beta will be available for all PS Plus members, but they made a typo. Oh well.. I still can't wait to play the game though!



Reverandjames said:

Dead Space 3 will never be a free game in my eyes as it's riddled with in game purchases. Happy with the PS4 selection this month though. Strider demo was pretty great



Ginkgo said:

This is better than I anticipated. Dead Space 3, Lego Batman and Doki Doki interest me. Just Strider and Towerfall that that aren't up my alley.

Luckily my 64GB Vita card arrived yesterday (sick of having to delete stuff to install something new), so I am in the process if filling it with juicy content as we speak. Should finally have enough space to have some music too etc, which will be great.



Carl-G said:

Cool update that (only because i haven't got any of those games & wanted to try a few of them to)



Midzark said:

Shall pass on the psn free games this month, Glad Destiny is staying pre-order as I did it back in January and got my code etc! Played the Alpha, hoping to get into the beta... Ready for my pre order on the 9/9/14 yay!!



Deadstanley said:

To answer that final question of the article, I don't mind it when the titles are not blockbusters. I find that there are a lot of great titles out there that people should at least try once. Too often the spotlight is diverted from them and onto the AAA titles that people are waiting for. I've found a lot of great indie games that I would otherwise never care for, all thanks to PS+.



daveh30 said:

I was gonna pick up Doki Doki a while ago, so I'll definitely be giving that a go... everything else is pretty Meh...



Poskito said:

I 've wanted to play Doki, Strider and Towerfall for a while, and Dead Space 3 is a fair addition. Not overly excited about it, but it's a solid release that i'll make good use of



Davros79 said:

Towefall is a HUGE missed opportunity !! Never mind its woeful 8 bit graphics why did they not include online mp? The game is branded as a 'couch' mp game. There aint NO way im spending $150 extra on DS4 controllers, just to have mp fun. And as for strider? The gameplay /enviroments are very basic and dull imo. Strider is a one button masher plop fest. I loved the original (all them Mega Drive years ago) but the remake is shiiit. Its a game that should have stayed in the past.



Tasuki said:

Dang I was hoping the Strider freebie was just a rumor since I already own Strider. Not to interested in Towerfall either so it looks like nothing for me for free from Sony thins month.



Donald_M said:

I'm a little surprised both games for PS4 this month are previously released titles. I know there are still a number of games set for release that have been promised as PS+ freebies, I guess none of them are ready for release yet. Anyway, I already own Strider and am not all that interested in Towerfall as it's primarily a multiplayer title.

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