Strider PS4 PlayStation Plus

Not a month goes by without some kind of PlayStation Plus leak, so it's with a hint of inevitability that Sony appears to have accidentally outed July’s selection of free PlayStation 4 releases. Those that have been paying particular attention to the premium service will know that the next-gen freebies tend to be mirrored globally, and the Asian PlayStation Blog has confirmed today that both Strider and TowerFall Ascension will be given away next month.

Further Reading

While this may look like another weak lineup from afar, it’s worth mentioning that Double Helix’s side-scrolling reboot is outrageously good fun once you, ahem, get into the swing of things, while TowerFall Ascension is arguably the best local multiplayer experience currently available on the Japanese giant’s swish super machine. Alas, this is all rumour until the platform holder says otherwise, so try to suppress your fury over the lack of retail releases for now.

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