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Believe It or Not, PS4 Has Way More Games Than You Think It Does

Posted by Sammy Barker

We've got the chart to prove it

The announcement of Sony’s next-gen sales figures have ushered in some unexpected vitriol over the otherwise uneventful Easter weekend. In particular, many have been keen to criticise the PlayStation 4’s opening months, indicating that the console’s somewhat lean first few weeks on the market have culminated in a deathly dearth of content to play. In other words: what are the system’s seven million owners doing with the device other than using it as an expensive paper weight?

We’ve already argued against the idea that the unit has been utterly devoid of software, but this chart created by NeoGAF user DeadPixel does a better job than our words ever could. While the origins of the infographic appear to be format war driven – the Xbox One comparison probably didn’t need to be included, after all – we’re more fascinated by the sheer number of titles that have deployed on the PS4 thus far. For example, did you know that over 60 games have released on the Japanese giant’s super machine to date?

We’re sure that any ensuring discourse will quickly turn to the fact that indie games apparently don’t count, but we reckon that supporting those smaller studios early on has worked out in the console’s favour. Titles such as Outlast and TowerFall Ascension may not be the big blockbusters that you crave – they’ll come in time – but they’ve managed to keep the platform fresh over what is historically a quiet period for all new hardware.

Naturally, we look forward to the all but inevitable backlash, but this doesn’t look like the software lineup of a system that’s been abandoned post-launch to us. How about you?


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Edwin_Garcia said:

HaZ n0 [email protected]



adf86 said:

I've been saying this for months now, PS4 gets at least one game released every week, of course some (including the odd one on here) think only retail & AAA games count. If some people really think like that I'm sorry but there snobs. Games are games regardless of whether it's made by a studio of 3 or 200. P.S. Transistor out next month



Punished_Boss_84 said:

Yeah... I don't like where this could go to but...

But to help: Exclusives = Games although they won't count either. Indies = Don't count, aren't real games, insert excuse here. Ports = Don't count, already played them. not really exclusive, insert excuse here. Third party games = Don't count, not exclusive, insert excuse here. Not that i agree with that logic. But people underestimate third party games sometimes and favour first party exclusives, they shouldn't because manufacturers need them and so do millions of other customers.

@ShogunRok it has Towerfall Ascens.... It has Titan Attac..... Nah never mind that comes under indie and has excuses attached to them so just see @get2sammyb infographic.



mitcHELLspawn said:

May is a great month in my opinion on ps4.. spiderman well that comes out very end of April then bound by flame I think may 10.. then wolfenstien on the 20th and finally watch dogs. 2 of the 3 aren't coming to xbox one (yet anyway) and watch dogs has exclusive content. Love it.



KillTheG1mp said:

Cool chart! And loads of those games have been free on launch with PS+. I'm a happy gamer!



unionjack3rd said:

i dunno why xboxers keep bleating on about titanfall...i have a PS4 and a good i also have titanfall..but no why again do i need a xbox???
(ps. it is a good game but infamous is waaay better)



kensredemption said:

Eh...Not that the library's not impressive, but I've played the good indie titles on my PS3 already, as well as most of the third-party titles. Didn't play through the KZ:SF campaign yet, and need to try Second Son, but XIV is taking ALL of my time at the moment.



JaxonH said:

Nobody cares how many games PS4 has. Or any other system for that matter. It's how many great games worth buying that matters. Look at the Vita, which is probably approaching the 500+ mark for its library. Yet, the stigma "has no games" is still very much attached for your average mainstream gamer...



InsertNameHere said:

B-B-But the PS4 has a lot of Indies and no Titanfall, this list was obviously made by Sony because they're losing.

@JaxonH I don't see how, the Vita is getting a lot of AAA and indie games this year.



JaxonH said:


Because most gamers don't look at indie games as justifications for buying a gaming device. And the AAA is basically one late port of Borderlands 2, and a few HD remakes of PS2 games (FFX, GoW, Sly Collection, etc). Even if it got tons of actual AAA games, that doesn't automatically mean they're good. Which again, is what people are talking about when they determine whether a system "has any games or not".

I love the Vita. However, I'm a niche gamer and many of the Japanese games appeal to my taste. Other niche gamers like myself will also find the Vita as having a decent selection. But to the mainstream gamer, they see a poor Assassin's Creed, a decent Killzone and Uncharted (still inferior to home console entries), and a late port of Borderlands 2 they've already played on home consoles a while ago (mainstream gamers don't usually do RPG's like FFX or Persona 4- if they did, they'd probably find the other JRPGs on Vita attractive as well). And they don't even see the indies- either they don't play them or they can obtain them on whatever console they already own.

I'm not saying this is how I personally feel, I'm just being real about how the average gamer sees the Vita. And in truth, the Vita isn't for mainstream gamers. There's just not enough mainstream games. But for niche gamers- for those who have developed a more sophisticated taste in gaming such as you and I, well, it's a different story. Same as Wii U. To me, it's got ALL the games I'm looking for in that console. To others, who perhaps don't particularly like Nintendo franchises, they don't see it that way. To them, it "has no games" because it has no games they're actually interested in and find worth buying.



InsertNameHere said:

@JaxonH There's much more than those few AAA's, those are just the only ones people can seem bothered to notice for some strange reason.

I do agree that it needs more games that'll attract the mainstream crowd, but if it can keep pulling in the niche JRPG lovers, then I can see Activision and EA taking notice of the growing install base and putting out a real Call of Duty or Battlefield/NFS.



Munkyknuts said:

There are clearly games available on PS4, but very few of the big releases have appealed to me, so I've relied on the indie releases for the system.
I've also relied on the amazing amount of content still coming to the PS3. South Park: The stick of truth wiled away a good chunk of my Two week Easter holiday, as has Replaying Infamous 1& 2 in the aftermath of completing Second Son.
So while the new console is still light on titles I'm interested in, it's ok, I can wait...I'm patient.
If/when Fall out 4 comes out I am willing to use lethal force to get a copy before anyone else



ZeD said:

@BornOfEvil The Vita is a niche console. Sony know it, we know it and the sooner the rest if the world realises this the better. I am loving the steady flow of games on both systems. Yes, some argue the point that indie games are not "real" games but remember these are made by bedroom developers with a simple dream and no publisher telling them what to do. Saying that though, a console cannot survive on indies alone but boy, they are great filler games.
And to your comment about a CoD on the vita - no, I hope it never happens. You want CoD and Battlefield experiences? Play them in pS4. 😎



N711 said:

@get2sammyb I think someone posted that Titanfall 'poster' seriously thought that was enough for xbone with a game you can play on 360. That titanfall hype was beyond me



InsertNameHere said:

@ZeD Cars, televisions and smartphones were niche products, and I think we all know what happened to them.

And maybe some people want to experience CoD or BF on the go, so your hopes are irrelevant.



Carl-G said:

It's amazing(but not shocking to me) that all gaming sites ignore that the Xbox ONE has had 'less' games than the PS4 so far :-/ It just goes to show that 90% of gaming sites still prefer the Xbox brand really.



divinelite said:

I dont personally want may be full of game onps4... May has watchdog and enough for me (april for spiderman), I cannot buy every 60$ out there easily

And also... Vita in may seen the busiest month ever, with all the contents, can only afford ss delta and sao (asian translated ver) while I also want borserlands, gow, and sly... (my money forbid shrugh)



Gamer83 said:


Don't need to take the veiled shots, go ahead and use my username. I never once said indie games don't count, but they don't carry the same weight for me that the bigger productions do. Sorry my preference of games is not the same as yours but whatever. You like indie games, don't know how you feel about late PS3 ports but if you like those too, great. I'll buy the really good indie games that come out but the ones I enjoy are few and far between. I'm not giving any of these companies any more money for 'remasters.' So, for me, aside from Batman: Arkham Knight this entire first year is looking like a wasteland. And the games I'd normally be interested in either have the developer forcing you to connect online to play its game or are huge question marks as far as the overall quality of the game is concerned. So I've pretty much written 2014 off. Hopefully 2015 will be better.



kupo said:

I like the fact that there isn't tons to choose's a nice escape from the giant pile of PS3 games I've never touched. I plat'ed (?) KZ: Shadow Fall and am planning to do the same with Ghosts, Second Son, and Mercenary Kings.

Nice and slow, aaaahh...



Chouzetsu said:

zomgg ps has no gamez exep for the 20000000000000 anime games lolololololololololoololololollol

On a serious note, though, it seems Microsoft's dev-bullying has backfired. Big suprise



Tasuki said:

@Gamer83: Whoa man no one is calling you out man. At least not that I gathered from @adf86's post. Some people do think like that though and I feel bad that some people do think like that but as you said different people have different tastes. Still if you do feel that way there is no need of accusing someone of calling you out. Let's all stay friendly please.



Gamer83 said:


I know who it was aimed at, and I didn't think my response was that bad, I've had discussions with adf on here before and none of them have turned unfriendly so I wouldn't expect his response, if he makes to my last comment, would make this take a turn for the worse.



takeoversfb said:

To all those who belive indy games dont count.... where do you think the big developers started... codemasters, bit brothers....EA????



ZeD said:

@BornOfEvil I don't agree that you could call those products niche. They were not that popular due to how expensive they were -that is not what made them niche.
I don't know many people who want cod on the go. If that were true we would have one every year on Ps vita, 3ds and Mobile 😜

Maybe we should contact the publishers to ask them why there are no fps on the vita? If we are lucky the next Titan fall will come to the vita. 😆

And also, Sony are loosing? Ha - that is the biggest pile of crap I have ever heard and I live in the UK! All Xbox "fans" talk about is Titanfall. I thought I was be aide it might be that good but no, it is because it is the only game them have!



italodance said:

Seriouslyyyy????? it's not important about having more games it's about good games,right now if Sony doesn't support Vita i would get an XBONE instead and once again not because of more games.only because of good games.



blindndeaf said:

im still waiting for a decent game that shows what a four can do not remakes give me the wow factor ,still on cod ghosts on the three not enough decent players on the four as for indie games yes i agree they dont count.i could just about write those games .



adf86 said:

@Gamer83 I wasn't actually referring to you in my original post, it was actually against a couple of people who have made fleeting appearances on here who just dismiss indie games outright. If I was going to mean you then I would have used your username (I'm honest like that) so I apologise that you thought that, maybe I should have rephrased my previous. Your right, we've had debates in the past but haven't resorted to name calling & insults, which is where I want to keep it.
@Taskui Cheers for sticking up for us mate. P.S. If both you guys like RPGs then maybe you should check out Child of Light, it might the most gorgeous game I've ever seen.



Azikira said:

Anyone who says Indie games don't count as real games clearly doesn't know the time, effort and love put into (nearly) each one of them.



ToddlerNaruto said:

That chart only has 9 PS4 games I'd care about playing.

1.) Lego Marvel Super Heroes
2.) Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag
3.) Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition
4.) The Lego Movie Videogame
5.) Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes
6.) inFAMOUS: Second Son
7.) Lego The Hobbit
8.) The Amazing Spider-Man 2
9.) Watch_Dogs



Gamer83 said:


Child of Light is one of those downloadable games that looks interesting. That and Transistor are two of the indies I have my eyes on. Anybody who is 100% against indie games does leave open the possibility to miss some real gems. I think when people criticize them it's more because they're frustrated with the complete lack of balance right now. Obviously that will change over time, but I understand the frustration some people currently have because I'm right there with them.



Tasuki said:

@adf86: No worries guys, it's great that you guys can have conversations that don't devolve into arguments and such still just a friendly reminder to try and keep things friendly.

@adf86: Yeah I am eagerly waiting for Child of Light. Not sure though if I am going to get it on the Wii U or the PS4. But I will end up getting it one way or another.



Sutorcen said:

I have been a gamer for a long time and when Sony is silent it means they are up to something. That... something is VR Experiences. Most 1st party studios are silent. No news, no PS4 projects announced. We have seen restructuring in some (Naughty Dog is one) but other than that, total silence. They know the next generation is here and they know it's not 1080p 60fps graphics, it's VR. So hold your horses, Sony is about to blow the competition out of the water.



odd69 said:

indie games are real games, unless all these indie games i have is just my imagination.that argument is so tired guys, so so tired. Grow a taste, it's actually nice.

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