The announcement of Sony’s next-gen sales figures have ushered in some unexpected vitriol over the otherwise uneventful Easter weekend. In particular, many have been keen to criticise the PlayStation 4’s opening months, indicating that the console’s somewhat lean first few weeks on the market have culminated in a deathly dearth of content to play. In other words: what are the system’s seven million owners doing with the device other than using it as an expensive paper weight?

We’ve already argued against the idea that the unit has been utterly devoid of software, but this chart created by NeoGAF user DeadPixel does a better job than our words ever could. While the origins of the infographic appear to be format war driven – the Xbox One comparison probably didn’t need to be included, after all – we’re more fascinated by the sheer number of titles that have deployed on the PS4 thus far. For example, did you know that over 60 games have released on the Japanese giant’s super machine to date?

We’re sure that any ensuring discourse will quickly turn to the fact that indie games apparently don’t count, but we reckon that supporting those smaller studios early on has worked out in the console’s favour. Titles such as Outlast and TowerFall Ascension may not be the big blockbusters that you crave – they’ll come in time – but they’ve managed to keep the platform fresh over what is historically a quiet period for all new hardware.

Naturally, we look forward to the all but inevitable backlash, but this doesn’t look like the software lineup of a system that’s been abandoned post-launch to us. How about you?