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PS4's Free PlayStation Plus Title Is Probably Mercenary Kings in April

Posted by Sammy Barker

Gun for fire

April’s PlayStation Plus content refresh may be being kept under wraps until later in the week, but that’s not stopped the Asian PlayStation Blog from potentially revealing one of your freebies. The website’s Hong Kong arm has listed upcoming indie shooter Mercenary Kings as the PlayStation 4’s complimentary title, which is significant seeing as the region's next-gen giveaways have been mirrored globally since launch.

Even more interestingly, the Tribute Games developed shoot-‘em-up is set to release on 1st April in North America and 2nd April in Europe, which should coincide with the next Instant Game Collection update. For those out of the loop, the co-operative side-scroller has been produced by many of the people behind the Scott Pilgrim vs. The World tie-in, and sees you gunning down bad guys with buddies while customising your weapons with lots of loot.

Does this care package sound like the kind of thing that you’ll enjoy, or are you irritated with all of the pixelated indie games? Take a shot in the comments section below.


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ShogunRok said:

I'm cool with that. Anything with loot and replay value is fine by me, especially if it's free on Plus.



Jaz007 said:

Another month of nothing good for the PS4 freebie then, dang. Well, there's still a chance of something else.



get2sammyb said:

@Jaz007 Yeah, this isn't confirmed yet - but looks very likely. Personally, I would have bought this anyway, so I'll happily take free.



Epic said:

Well it kinda fits in this whole pattern;
Its an indie game about to release, if its eventualy getting DLC then its most likely it.



Reverandjames said:

Damn. Unless the the free Vita game is FFX HD, this will be another dissapointing month for me. Might have to cancel my subscription soon.



RawShark said:

Suits me fine. I love their retro style.

People are so unreasonable with their expectations for the service. I mean why would Sony give away a Vita game that just went on sale? And is actually selling well for once?

The one thing I would say is DriveClub has better be good for the time it's taking to come out.



MoleZandor said:

Cool beans. Any game is good for free.I don't think they will be giving away any AAA's any time soon they all still cost too much in the shops. I want to play putty squad, But not for 15 quid, especially as it's not called Silly Putty as I remember it.



redd214 said:

Was planning on scooping this up next Tuesday anyways, will be so much sweeter if it's free. Plus is proving to be a fantastic deal for me, can't wait!



InsertNameHere said:

@RawShark You should see all the complaints on Facebook about the lack of AAA PS4 titles given away through Plus each month.

The PS4 and it's games came out less than half a year ago, what do you expect?



ToOGoodOfAPlaya said:

I'm not too fussed about this to be honest.
AAA is a stretch but what about Injustice or Tomb Raider?
They are far older than any other title available on the PS4 to date.
I pay for PS+ anyway so it doesn't affect me but it would be nice to get something other than some half arsed attempted retro game.

Don't starve was alright but Dead Nation and Outlast have low replay value.
This is just my opinion.



Weskerb said:

@Reverandjames And give up online play? I don't think I'd ever do that.

I'm OK with their Plus strategy on PS4, as long as they keep giving away the goods on PS3 and Vita.



Reverandjames said:

I haven't played any game online yet, and as there is nothing out, and won't be for months, I think cancelling my subscription for the next 3 months will be worth it.



odd69 said:

I want to actually purchase it though when my psplus runs out i want to be able to play it offline without subscription ._ dont they want my dolla dolla bills?



RawShark said:

@ToOGoodOfAPlaya i'd be pissed if they had PS4 tomb raider this month as they've only just had the PS3 version on plus. Injustice would be fine by me, but it's not likely. I'd say give it 9 months to a year before boxed games start appearing. I do see the point of some people's criticising the choices for PS4 so far as they are quite survival based - which is why they need to finish DriveClub already!



ToOGoodOfAPlaya said:

@RawShark I think one thing to consider is if you aren't playing games online other than the f2p ones, and bought PS+ to get the free titles and such, you'd effectively be spending alot of money on indie games that aren't that great.

I play BF4 online so to me I'm paying for that and any free stuff is great but that's not what everyone is doing.
If it weren't for BF4 I would be inclined to not even have my sub until later in the year, as you say 9 months plus is a more likely timeframe for boxed releases.



Ginkgo said:

I'll give it a go, but this is not my bag, and I am unlikely to play it for more than 10 mins. Same deal with Dead Nation. So it has been a couple or disappointing months for me.



RawShark said:

@ToOGoodOfAPlaya yeah I see where you're coming from, although I wouldn't say the titles so far have been bad, they just might not have a wide range of appeal. If you weren't using the online aspect, and were after boxed games, then fair play, I'd give it a rest for a while. But only if you just own the one platform. If you're plum enough to own two, or even all three of the platforms, (like Big Daddy Cool, as I like to call myself) then Plus is a no brainer. Five new games every month? Game on!



ToOGoodOfAPlaya said:

@RawShark Yeah, it's a given if you have a PS3 still, or all of them, then it's 40 quid (or relevant currency) for a shed load of goodies.

I only have the PS4 now, got rid of all my others.
In my opinion they could do a bit better than they have, this new one looks dog egg to me, Dead Nation got boring quick and Outlast wasn't that scary after the first 20 mins or so.

Don't Starve is the only one I have played at length.
I just hope they give us something to keep interest is all.
We will see,



Midzark said:

Think I will pass on this one! Don't seem my kinda game, I've downloaded them all so far and happy with them all just this is not my kinda game :/



divinelite said:

I dont play dont dtarve but dead nation is quite good
Im cool with indie offering on ps4 because I domt usually buy them now that I have to split budget with ps4and vita
I think this month vita for us is dinasty which I had bought at launch...



Johnpaul1977 said:

Yet again Microsoft sorry Sony shafting people who have been with them for years if I wanted a game like this I would break out my mega drive not one good download on plus for ps4 get the finger out Sony give us something good we all have spent good money and need some love back , don't know what xbox one have if it's any better mite just jump ship



Tasuki said:

I will take that. I was going to buy it anyway so it would be that much sweeter if it was free.



CrissCross87 said:

gosh I've been looking forward for this since launch. I guess I'll have to buy a copy on Steam just to support the developer.



rastamadeus said:

@RawShark If by idiots you mean the staff then yes, the blog is full of them. Sadly you'll always have people demanding better and better PS4 games (even though they've said several times there'll be no AAA games til the last quarter of the year) but the people who run it are worse, refusing to answer questions that the customers have been asking them for months.



RawShark said:

@rastamadeus Bit harsh - Having worked in customer facing environments myself, I know it's touch to make everyone happy and they're limited as to the information they can provide. It's annoying that no one ever got an answer to why CS:GO was never released in the EU, but that's only because the powers that be stopped them fro releasing any information. And frankly the forum gets filled with so many entitled smartasses that I don't blame them for ignoring some of them.



jayclayx said:

I am not expecting AAA games on my instant collection for my ps4 but honestly those indie games are like just ok to me, I would prefer fez instead.

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