What do you buy a member of the Royal Family for Christmas? Well, in the case of Prince William, he’s quite keen on a PlayStation 4 – even if he is a little worried that wife Kate Middleton may not take too kindly to the addictive addition to the family. The modern monarch revealed the tidbit as part of an appearance in London earlier today, where he backed a campaign to get youngsters more interested in making games.

“It’s very addictive,” the Duke of Cambridge said of the next generation system. “I’d like to get one but I’m not sure how my wife would feel about it.” The prince pointed out that his missus may not be too happy about the console taking his time away from caring for new-born baby George. We reckon that the family should just pick up a copy of Skylanders: Swap Force, and then they could all get involved.

In addition to praising the console, Wills – as he’s colloquially known – also backed the British game industry. “Our developers are more in demand than ever before, so I hope that the young people take inspiration from today’s workshop, and get a taste for what a career in games might be like,” he said. “I know that I, for one, as an enthusiastic but quite useless gamer, look forward to playing the weird and wonderful games which these young people dream up in the future.”

You’re going to need a console before you get to go hands-on with those titles, though, your majesty. We recommend putting any marital fears to the back of your mind and pestering Sony for one of those Killzone: Shadow Fall bundles. Heck, that’s a Twitch stream that even this unsociable editor would be willing to watch.

[via mirror.co.uk]