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Dazza commented on Review: Just Dance 2015 (PlayStation 4):

@thedevilsjester it still works that way using the PS4 Camera on it's own unfortunately. If you're not bothered about the additional social aspects or the new songs on offer then you are probably best sticking with JD2014 for the time being honestly.



Dazza commented on Review: The Last of Us: Left Behind (PlayStati...:

I think this must be the first DLC I have ever bought honestly. As a massive fan of The Last of Us, how could I resist?

This did not disappoint. I agree with Sammy's review here, quality trumps quantity any day. Sure the experience is only a little over 2 hours long, but it had me totally engaged throughout, there was no filler here.

The balance between action and storytelling was spot-on too. I liked how the story of Ellie and Riley was broken up with Ellie's post-TLoU dilemma.

Yeah undoubtedly this DLC is a little bit on the pricey side at £11.99, but I don't regret taking the plunge. PS4 remake please Naughty Dog!



Dazza commented on Who Would Win Wednesdays: Ryu Hayabusa vs. Yos...:

I'm going to go with Ryu Hayabusa, he's skilled at despatching even the most fiendish of demonic foes. No doubt Yoshimitsu would be a formidable opponent with his sword pogo technique, but some well timed ninpo from Ryu would stop him in his tracks. Then he would follow up with a devastating attack with the mighty Dragon Sword.




Dazza commented on Soapbox: Sony Is Depriving Players of the Opti...:

Yeah it is a bit of a letdown. I've gone fully digital on the 3DS. It's a no-brainer having all my games with me in one place when I'm on the go. No more fiddly little carts to lose. I got a 32GB card for chump change, no looking back!

Right now a Sandisc 64GB SD card is only £37 on Yet the equivalent proprietary Vita memory costs £80 and you have to import from overseas.

It's a cheap tactic from Sony to use non-standard memory to bring in a bit of extra cash. Their digital cameras now all support SD along with Pro Duo it seems. Shame Vita didn't give consumers the choice also.



Dazza commented on Talking Point: What's the Big Deal with Microt...:

I think Ben Kuchera summed up my feelings on this in his PA Report column.

...the existence of microtransactions being sold within the game is by far the worst example of breaking immersion. Not only does a terminal in the game display information to the player instead of Isaac, it breaks the fourth wall. It’s an item inside the game reminding you that you’re not inside the game. It ignores the character and begins to speak with the person holding the controller.

I really enjoyed both Dead Space 1 and 2, but I don't think I will bother buying Dead Space 3 now. Not only does messing about customising weapons sound like a hassle, but being prompted to pay for upgrades is taking the mickey.

Fair enough for a freemium game, but for a full-priced retail game this is just outright cheek. Sorry EA, but you just lost yourself a customer!



Dazza commented on Review: Jet Set Radio (PlayStation Network):

Nice review @Damo - this has aged better than I would have guessed. Looks great upscaled in HD.

I must admit, I prefer JSRF to this though. Having no time limit makes the game more enjoyable as far as I am concerned. Also, call me lazy but I prefer tagging by pressing one button rather than messing about with all those actions. All the same, this is still great fun even after 12 years



Dazza commented on Review: Ninja Gaiden III (PlayStation 3):

What a disappointment! I had high hopes for this one, but it sounds like Team Ninja have really dropped the ball again. I absolutely adored the 2004 Xbox Ninja Gaiden, it’s a shame that it’s all gone downhill from there. This has the potential to be such an awesome franchise.

Thanks for the warning anyway @slapshot. Great review



Dazza commented on GAME Not Stocking Mass Effect 3:

The preorder cancellation is bad enough, but to only offer in-store credit rather than a full refund to the customer is an absolute kick in the teeth. As sad as this news is for the games industry, personally I wouldn't preorder again from GAME until they get all this sorted. It's a vicious circle I guess!



Dazza commented on GAME Not Stocking Ubisoft Vita Launch Games:

Blimey, I can't help think that GAME's days are numbered now. No stock of Tekken 3DS last week and now this. They are practically driving shoppers into Amazon's well-stocked arms!



Dazza commented on Review: SOCOM: Special Forces (PlayStation 3):

Nice review Chris, this turned out just about how I expected. I think I'll wait for the inevitable price drop then pick this up.

Sales for this game must have really suffered due to the terrible timing with this attack on the PlayStation Network. As entertaining as I'm sure the single player campaign is, it must have sucked for gamers who bought this on launch who could not play this online!

Thanks for holding back your review until you could test out the online features. Great job!



Dazza commented on Review: Blokus (PlayStation Network):

This is a pretty fun game with human opponents, but I found the CPU quite difficult to beat, even on easy!

Yeah the game is better played with the Dualshock rather than PS Move, maybe it will suit some but I just found it more time consuming

Nice review Nathan



Dazza commented on Move Sales Reach 4.1 Million Units Sold Around...:

That's actually very impressive considering how little marketing Sony have done in comparison to Microsoft with Kinect. This should silence the naysayers that Microsoft is kicking Sony's rear end in the new motion wars



Dazza commented on Talking Point: What Improvements Would You Mak...:

I really like PS Move, but I really wish that SCE had redeveloped the PlayStation Eye with the new bundle packs.

It's not exactly attactive is it? When you go to all the trouble of wall mounting a stylish Bravia, the last thing you want is a fugly webcam stuck on top of it. It's a shame it could have been rejigged into a smaller Mars Bars shape with clips to easily attach to any modern TV. Kind of like a mini Kinect.

The non-detachable USB cable isn't great. Would have been much better to just have a mini-USB port so you could choose your own length of cable.

This is just nitpicking thou, it's a great start... I'm sure the technology will be refined at a later stage of the PS3's lifecycle thou



Dazza commented on Review: John Daly's ProStroke Golf (PlayStatio...:

I was interested to find out how the Lion would fare against the mighty Tiger. It sounds like it was pretty close and both games have different things going for them.

Nice review Jimbo, I think I'll pick this up when it's a little cheaper.



Dazza commented on Review: Start the Party (PlayStation 3):

I normally hate party games like this, but I really found myself enjoying the fly-swatting and painting games on the Move demo disc.

I'm not sure I'm convinced that this is a worthy full price purchase, but once it ends up in the virtual bargain bin I think I'll pick it up for a laugh.

Nice review James!