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PS4 Pulls in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Next Year

Posted by Sammy Barker

Swinging onto PS3, too

PlayStation Vita owners may be forced to make do with an overdue port of the original The Amazing Spider-Man, but that’s not stopping Activision from lining up The Amazing Spider-Man 2 for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. Due out next spring, the Beenox developed open world adventure aims to build upon the events of the original game with an alternate take on the upcoming movie.

As with its predecessor, you’ll be free to swing through an improved Manhattan city skyline. One new feature includes the ‘Hero or Menace’ system, which sounds a lot like an inFAMOUS-esque morality mechanic emphasising the decisions that you make. According to the developer, the combat has also been refined.

There’s a teaser trailer embedded below, but it looks more Average Spider-Man than Amazing Spider-Man to us. Hopefully the developer will be given the resources that it needs to polish things up before release, because its predecessor showed plenty of promise, even if it did get tangled up in its own ambition at times.


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Azikira said:

It really bothers me when I can web-swing without anything above me. I had to try and rationalize that I was clearly catching frozen water droplets in the sky above.



Jaz007 said:

Looks good, I didn't even know the movie was coming out in the Spring, this is coming out along side the movie right?

@Azikira Yeah, I hope that doesn't happen. I liked how in Spider-Man 2 every single web landed on a building and you could pretty much tell where on a building.



belmont said:

@Lelouch You are not alone, I like DC and Marvel comics and I buy a lot of games with superheroes. Except for Injustice and Young Justice I don't see any other DC game on scheadule. A Wonder Woman game is a good idea even if it is a God of War clone.

@divinelite Well if the first one sells well on Vita we may see the second one as well.

I want Superior Spiderman to have disappeared till the release of the second Spidey movie.



InsertNameHere said:

@belmont Young Justice was a great show, but the lack of any real info or gameplay of the game has me a little more than worried.

It should be near impossible to screw up the game after how social life ruining the actual show was, but I know there's a studio out there that's capable of proving me wrong and I'm hoping it doesn't happen.

A Wonder Woman game would be a pretty good choice because not only would it be successful (if Rocksteady made it) but it would also please female gamers, regardless of its similarities to GoW - also Wonder Woman needs her own game, as well as Hawkgirl.



belmont said:

@Lelouch There was an old video of Young Justice. The game played somewhat like Marvel Ultimate Alliance. However this was from the "first" version of the game way before it was pushed back and the target consoles were changed. However since people from the show are involved I was actually thinking to buy if reviews were average or good. However there is also Injustice and Spiderman on Vita that are on my radar.

A Wonder Woman game would be a great idea. I would also like a proper Iron Man or Avengers videogame. I don't know if Hawkgirl is popular but I 'd like another Justice League game (an Injustice sequel or something).



Shellybird27 said:

YES! A green Arrow game! Make it happen! i just finished the first season of Arrow on Netflix, pretty badass show



Gamer83 said:


A Rocksteady-developed Wonder Woman game would be awesome. As one of the iconic DC characters I do feel like she's been criminally overlooked at times and I can't really figure out why. It can't be because she's a female character because plenty of games with female leads have found success.



InsertNameHere said:

@Gamer83 Most of the Justice League gets overlooked, the only ones who get attention are Bats and Supes - although I'm not complaining about Batman.

If Rocksteady does continue making DC based games, I would hope that Wonder Woman, Hawkgirl and Martian Manhunter are at or near the top of their list.



odd69 said:

Was this a vita or ps4 trailer? If this is ps4 then by todays standards that was one ugly game.

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