Great power, great responsibility

You said that you wanted more retail releases on the PlayStation Vita, so it looks like you’re going to have to make do with overdue ports. Activision’s so-so movie tie-in The Amazing Spider-Man is the latest PlayStation 3 release to get the portable treatment, with the bustling streets of Manhattan being squeezed onto Sony’s pocket sized system.

In addition to replicating all of the content from the original release – including the headline Web Rush mechanic, which allows you to zip around the world faster than an insect flicked with a firm finger – the re-release will also take advantage of some of the handheld’s snazzier functions. For example, you’ll be able to navigate Peter Parker’s smartphone using the system’s touchscreen, as well as target shots for the Daily Bugle using the device’s gyroscope.

The game’s set to sling onto Sony’s machine on 19th November in North America, with more details due to be announced in the coming weeks. It’s going to be interesting to see how the console copes with some of the title’s bigger set-pieces, as there are some technologically intensive sequences in the full game. Is your spider sense tingling over the prospect of this port? Swing by in the comments section to share your thoughts.

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