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Bleszinski: PS4 Will Win Next-Gen If It Nails Connectivity and Sharing

Posted by Sammy Barker

Ex-Epic Games employee speaks out

Of all of the new features being incorporated into the PlayStation 4, it’s the humble Share button that’s probably got the most press. The simple input will allow you to capture, edit, and upload footage on the fly, and Gears of War developer Cliff Bleszinski – who’s now a free agent after exiting Epic Games last year – believes that the functionality could play a pivotal role in helping Sony to reclaim its crown.

“I think those who get it with the next generation will get the idea of connectivity and sharing and allowing the user to build the content,” the often outspoken developer told Engadget. “Somebody posted a video at the top of Reddit of somebody [doing] a 50-limo race in Just Cause 2, and it was hilarious. Bugs notwithstanding, there's a direct correlation between how great your game is and how many viral videos it can make. Honestly, whoever embraces that for this next generation of games on console is going to win.”

Bleszinski added that the indie development scene will prove equally important, and he praised Sony for embracing that side of the industry. However, he did point out that he feels that there’s a lot more excitement surrounding the virtual reality headset Oculus Rift than next generation consoles. “I have a lot of respect for Sony and Microsoft, but it's weird that I see a lot more buzz for the Rift than anything else right now,” he said. “That's a sign of something.”

We don’t necessarily agree with the developer’s latter point, but we think he’s right that social aspects will be imperative in the next generation. The good news is that Sony appears to have its finger on the pulse – we’ll have to wait a few more days to see if Microsoft’s been equally forward-thinking.


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ShogunRok said:

"... but it's weird that I see a lot more buzz for the Rift than anything else right now."

I really, really don't see that at all. Maybe he means specifically within the development scene? Even then, I have trouble believing that.



Splat said:

To be honest the "Share Button" does nothing for me. I really don't see myself using it that much if at all. That might change once I get my hands on it but I doubt it.



Epic said:

I will only use the share button for few screenshots of that epic kill/win or to know see how on earth I did that combo xD.
Still don't see myself watching other players streams and game footage.



charlesnarles said:

Well, what about bugs withstanding? Every single instance of anything going wrong at all in a game is gonna be seen by the entire community. Better hope its positive videos, indeed.



get2sammyb said:

@Splat I sort of agree. However, I love tweeting out screenshots on my Vita, and I can see this bumping that up to the next level. Am I going to do it all the time? Probably not - but there are occasions when I wished I could upload a screenshot or video.

I agree with @Epic that I'm probably not going to spend much time watching other people's footage, but if the console does a great job of promoting the best stuff, I could see it really working. I would probably watch replays of crazy goals in FIFA for example. The current games can do that, but the feature is so decentralised that I'm never going to search them out. If they're sitting there right on my homepage, though, I probably will click on them.

At the end of the day, I'm starting to believe that this will be one of those features that becomes more of an expectation of the console experience in a few years, much like Trophies. I think if it reaches that stage, then Sony did its job correctly.



InsertNameHere said:

I'll only use the share button in shooters and some other action based games. Other than that, I doubt it'll get much use from me. Although, I do plan on viewing my friends gameplay videos.



DoublezZ01 said:

I'm sure there's a ppl who will utilizeI it pretty well...I kno a dude who will most likely be utilizing this feature to upload some of his stop motion vids directly to YouTube! And it's more. Than 1 way to check I out a game especially 1 that u have high doubts about! And streaming friends games will be great if guests nothing else on tv lol XD



DaltonCarl said:

This guy really knows his shit when it comes to games, he did the opening at PAXEast this year. Never seen a dev more devoted to the gamers and the industry more then him. If anyone knows what people want from their systems would be him from all the panels i've been to last few years.



StarkEvilVash said:

I could see myself using share similarly to how Dragon's Dogma implements it. I used that to upload screenshots taken in the game to Facebook so as to show people and non believers just how awesome that game is. I just really don't wann watch a bunch of 11 year olds showing off how they cheat an get the highest kill streaks on call of duty.



Sanquine said:

I could see some value in sharing. When you cant get further on a certain point in the game i would love to see some footage from someone !



Solatorobo said:

To be honest it just sounds like Miiverse with videos in exchange of snazzy fanart. Hopefully people will use it to show off cool stuff like glitches and secrets instead of showing off their "1337 MLG N0s0Pez" or whatever.

EDIT: By the way Cliffy B ain't the best guy to listen to imo, even if this is one of his better predictions.



Azikira said:

Waitaminute... Wasn't he bashing the PS3/PS4 -AND- Wii U until he left Epic?



Scrible said:

Premature to say who will when when neither new system is out yet and don't know ALL the details



Valky said:

I don't think I will ever get on board of the game footage train, really because of one thing: my very sucky internet connection.



Scrible said:

This guys an idiot and that multi platform game he came out with, totally blows, which ever system doesn't have part two to that game will be the TRUE winner, sorry game really blew and is why I can't remember name of it

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