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Tue 7th May 2013

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DaltonCarl commented on Review: Defiance (PlayStation 3):

Now I played this huge at launch with a good group of friends and it was fun. But then you realize that level(rank) don't matter so you can all the content in just a week or so. And no end game in an MMO kinda sucks. Ark falls becomes such a Hassel and get in your way more often then their fun. The PvP is just who ever has the best shotgun still. The big 64v64 is not that good. Lots of traveling for to die in about 5 seconds. then running back again. The gear is so boring, everything's kind of the same with no customization that's useful till about rank 700. even then theres like 3 options. The map is terrible, anytime you want to do pursuits have to have a map from a website up. the interface on PC is just a dam joke, to do simple things like change weapon you have to make sure your in a total safe area. Just to get to he logout button takes about 6 clicks.
Though the games shooting is fun, but the lack of any type of power up becomes hold down shoot and run in circles till their all dead. The quests are 1 of 3 different types with just pointless text added to it. The races are alright but some are very badly planned having you drive through tiny holes that you can easily just tap a side. And playing by yourself really sucks. if it wasn't for my friends I'd never play this game.

Overall I find way more problems then joy in this game. you burn through the content in no time. Don't get me wrong I really loved this game for the first week. playing tons laughing and being pumped for crazy fights. But the repeative nature killed it for me quickly. If your looking to buy this game, wait for price drop and spend sometime just playing through story cause its kinda interesting at time. Don't expect this game to feel like an MMORPG cause its really not. I know its not trying to be, but it has quests, gear, big events, and dungeons so itll that appeal to that markert of players. Like me. But underneath is just a plain shooter with a new enemy to shoot at.



DaltonCarl commented on Bleszinski: PS4 Will Win Next-Gen If It Nails ...:

This guy really knows his shit when it comes to games, he did the opening at PAXEast this year. Never seen a dev more devoted to the gamers and the industry more then him. If anyone knows what people want from their systems would be him from all the panels i've been to last few years.