The next generation rumours are inescapable today. Following this morning’s report regarding the imminent announcement of the PlayStation 4, research firm Baird Equity has suggested that the console could launch as soon as October, with a reveal almost guaranteed to take place prior to E3 in June.

In a note to investors, analyst Colin Sebastian suggested that the system will retail between $350 and $400 in North America, which reinforces whispers that we’ve heard behind the scenes. It would certainly be a competitive price point for the console, after its predecessor notoriously released at $599.

Baird continued that the next generation hardware will be largely derived from PC components, and will boast “hybrid physical and digital distribution models" as well as "broad multimedia capabilities". The analyst added that while Sony is targeting an October launch, his “field checks” suggest that the manufacturer may be facing “early production issues” with the machine. That’s a concern, though Microsoft has also faced similar suggestions over the past six months.

As for the system itself, recent rumours noted that it would be much more “fluid” than the PlayStation 3, allowing you to access various elements of the operating system at the touch of a button. However, speculation coming out of the VGAs in December hinted that third-party developers don’t have as much confidence in the console as the Xbox 720.