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Mon 22nd Mar 2010

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R-L-A-George commented on EA Wants More Diversity in Game Development:

EA is always under a rock..... Diversity is not bad but if it's a bunch of women who may not meet qualifications and there are few men. It's a problem, also does it mean it's diverse? Sounds discriminate at the most. Bypassing a talented qualified person for a barely qualified substitute. It actually sounds like they are more into it for Intel's grant money...



R-L-A-George commented on Talking Point: What Does E3 2014 Tell Us About...:

I kind of agree with everyone, it doesn't seem to be terribly alive on the market. Some of the marketing attempts seem to have a futility. I still want one. However would never give up having 3DS for one. (Before I can afford Vita, I really need to get myself a 3DS XL, because of a certain thing.)



R-L-A-George commented on Talking Point: Does It Matter if the PS3 Overt...:

ShogunRokIf wrote:

anything I think Sony have just shown their commitment to gamers this gen - far more than either Nintendo or Microsoft have, and I think the PS3's sales reflect this. I also think showing their support to loyal consumers will help them win over a sizable chunk of the market early next gen.

Now Sony just need the PS4 to be a great piece of hardware.

By Nintendo, what are you talking about, is it the Wii? Don't forget Playstation exist because of Nintendo. These days even though gamers were sold a bit short with the Wii but Nintendo was trying to do what they succeeded to do. Well I do agree what they were trying to do. They could of made more effort with gamers in the process. It would of made the WiiU transition easier and more efficient in sales. VC and the creative Devs made up for a lot of mishaps with the Wii. There is great WiiWare titles including the Virtual Console.
The XBOX was purely made out of greed, Microsoft made it because they wanted to see if they will make money and it was kind of a bust. Everyone knows that Microsoft has lost a lot through xbox. Though Sony has had their losses too, mostly because they tried to make PS3 and Vita a bit too exclusive when it comes to memory devices. PS4 may end up with a record loss because a some of us speculate that we may need a special TV.

Sony comes in second to Nintendo still when it comes to being Gamer friendly and wallet friendly. Even though people may hate on Wii for being too casual. It all depends on perspective. Classic Gamers that play current and nextgen, still see value in Wii.



R-L-A-George commented on New DmC Devil May Cry Trailer Brings the Pain:

@Damo I actually agree but they could of been a bit lighter on how they portrait some types of characters... How would the media let alone a spiritualist actually know of Dante in the story? Thats suggesting what people try to deny and bury to death.



R-L-A-George commented on New DmC Devil May Cry Trailer Brings the Pain:

Seems too much negative emphasis on religion. Although there is a few marvel storylines that have been known to have the heretic preacher.

Dante is one of those characters that are not what some who don't know DMC, expect him to be. I loved the way they tailored him in the anime.