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Mon 27th Jul 2009

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Magi commented on Talking Point: What's the Big Deal with Microt...:

As long as it's not "pay to win" in multiplayer and the game could be completed normally without the additional microtransactions, then I'm fine with it.

Vote with your wallet people. Lots of people fuss about the microtransactions but lots of people continue to pay for them. If it wasn't a viable business model (i.e. profitable), then they wouldn't do it.



Magi commented on Dead Space 3 Will Let You Buy Better Weapons w...:

day "never happening" purchase for me. I'm curious how these purchases will affect the multiplayer component. In other words, can I buy a better gun (claws, etc) with cash to give me an advantage over the rest of the players I may be competing with?



Magi commented on Talking Point: Are Collector's Editions a Wast...:

The fallout 3 CE was pretty neat. I didn't purchase it when it released, but I was able to purchase the bobblehead and metal lunch box from ebay. I now use the lunch box for bringing my lunch to work and I display the bobblehead on a bookshelf at work with my Left 4 Dead plushies, a light saber, and Pikachu.



Magi commented on Rumour: Sony Struggling with Early PS4 Product...:

I'm a Microsoft customer and I don't feel ripped off. I've got three 360's in my house in different rooms and I feel pretty satisfied with all of them (not to mention a Zune and several computers running an MS OS that I enjoy.)



Magi commented on Fuel Overdose Could Be the Last Game You Ever ...:

I think (hope?) most rational people know December 21st won't be the end of the world. Still, that doesn't mean I can't have a bit of fun with it in my own way.

With that being said (see how I mentioned RATIONAL up there?), I'm still not leaving the house this 21st.



Magi commented on Black Friday Propels PS3 and Vita Sales in Nor...:

Every Vita in the hands of a player is the potential for another "word of mouth" recommendation. I was the first in my gaming clique to purchase the Vita and all the good things I've said about it have already resulted in another 3 Vita sales.



Magi commented on Rumour: Sony Shipping Updated PlayStation 4 De...:

It would take a VERY special game for me to purchase this on Day 1. I purchased my Xbox 360 and PS3 over a year after they were out. Here's my reasoning:
1. The initial reliability of both of the current gen of consoles was really questionable. I strongly believe that waiting to purchase them saved me from bizarre hardware issues. It's hard not to think about the same issues as the next generation hits store shelves.
2. By the time I get around to making my purchase, there will be a sizeable library of games. A similiar example would be the upcoming WiiU. The only game that appeals to me at this point is ZombieU. I suspect after a year or so, there will be quite a few more games that catch my interest.
3. The most important reason: BACKLOG. There is a GIGANTIC amount of games that I still want on the current gen consoles that I have never had the opportunity to play. I suspect they will keep me busy for a significant amount of time before I have to start worrying about the next latest and greatest.

Will I own a "PS4"? Absolutely. Just not at launch.



Magi commented on Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified Will Not ...:

No zombies = No purchase for me.

I'm not a big fan of military-esque FPS games, but I am a HUGE fan of anything zombie-related. Just the inclusion of zombies may have spurred me into buying this game.



Magi commented on Review: Borderlands 2 (PlayStation 3):

This is a fantastic game, especially if you can co-op with some people you know. I'd give it at least a 9 if you're playing solo. 11 if you're playing with friends.



Magi commented on PS Vita Hack Apparently Allows The Use of Home...:

Everything will be hacked. It's just the nature of some people's desire to tinker. But with great power comes great responsibility.

Oh, and 10000000000 kudos for the Hackers image. That is such an awesome movie!



Magi commented on Competition: Five Copies of Foosball 2012 Up f...:

I just receved my code via e-mail! Thanks a bunch Grip Games, Sammy, and PushSquare! I tend not to have much luck with winning things, so I was pleasantly suprised to see the e-mail today.

I look forward to seeing what Foosball is all about!



Magi commented on PlayStation Vita v1.80 Firmware Update Is Avai...:

I can confirm Xenogears works on the Vita via transfer from my PS3. I'm working on FFIX next since I already own it. When I'm finished with that I've seen Vagrant Story confirmed so I'll probably purchase it and give it a whirl.



Magi commented on PlayStation Vita Has Sold 2.2 Million Units Si...:

I love my Vita. I bought mine at launch and don't regret it. At the time, I thought the price was fair. The price of memory cards however is a whole different story. I had a handful of "free" Gamestop gift cards that I used to purchase my memory card and three games which made the overall price much more palatable. I can definately see where they should at least include a 4gb or 8gb memory card with the portable at its existing price.

As for games, I purchased Hot Shots Golf, Uncharted, and WipeOut at launch. Since then, I've picked up Escape Plan, Super Stardust, P3P (blecht!), and a few other PSN games. I've still got a pretty good host of PS1 classics I can't wait to transition to the Vita on the 28th. Oh and I picked up Unit 13 over the weekend (it's great!). I've finished exactly ZERO of them, but I like them all. There are still some existing games I'd like to get my hands on as well as a few on my radar that aren't out yet.

tl;dr Love my Vita even at $250. Granted, included mem cards would have been nice. For me, there are more Vita games that I want to play than I have available time.



Magi commented on Spy Hunter Races onto Vita This October:

@shinobi88 Love letter? This is more of a "no thanks, but we can still be friends" letter. The folks here are correct; the graphics look weak. Maybe this will be a $3.99 PSN download for the Vita? If this is the case, then rock on Spyhunter 2012!



Magi commented on PSone Classics Expand Vita's Library on 28th A...:

Can't wait! I've got FFVII, FFIX and Xenogears just waiting to move over to my Vita when they're available to do so. Also, Vagrant Story and a bunch of others. My PSN wallet is going to be looking mighty empty.



Magi commented on By the Way, There's a New Optional PS3 Firmwar...:

My "frustration meter" is definitely sliding to the right but my "outrage meter" barely moved. I don't wanna put words in Sammy's mouth but he seems the same.

I should have said, "...but my 360 doesn't need to update this much" but I think we all know where that would have gone.



Magi commented on By the Way, There's a New Optional PS3 Firmwar...:

My PS3 is pretty much just a Blu-Ray player and Netflix viewer. Sometimes I just want to turn it on and watch something, not go through some sort of crazy song-and-dance firmware update EVERY TIME I TURN IT ON. (disclaimer: sure I may be exaggerating but by golly not by much. Heh)



Magi commented on Sony Reveals Scorching Summer PSN Sale:

If this weekend is any indication of what this summer will be like in NC (115ish with heat index), then I guarantee there will be no "outside" for me.



Magi commented on Watch This Bonkers Lollipop Chainsaw Launch Tr...:

@Splat as a current owner of this game, I don't see much in the way of replay value unless you're an achievement hunter or want to stay on top of the leaderboards. I played last night for a few hours and I believe I'm about 3/5 of the way through it. Once I complete it, I'll probably replay a few of the stages to find those elusive collectible lollipop flavors, zombie pics, and cell phone messages from the family but after that my hopes lie with some sort of DLC to keep the fun going.

And OMFG Zombie Basketball had me RAGING last night, but where else could you play a game where you have to decapitate "x" number of zombie heads and toss them through a basketball hoop?