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Sony Stamping Inboxes with Early Access to Vita App [email protected]

Posted by Sammy Barker

Unleash your inner Banksy

Sony is inviting PlayStation Vita owners to try out its upcoming GPS-based graffiti application, [email protected]. The platform holder is currently distributing early access voucher codes via email, so it’s worth diving into your inbox to see if you’ve been asked to sample the streetwise software.

“Unleash your creative talent with this exciting new graffiti creator that lets you unleash your own [email protected] anywhere your imagination takes you using augmented reality on Vita and GPS,” the message notes.

[email protected] allows you to design and place pieces of artwork in the real world. You can then use the Vita’s GPS to discover and rate other people's creations when you’re out and about. It’s a bit like being a real graffiti artist, without having to worry about the cops catching you.

Let us know if you've received a code in the comments section below.

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Sanquine said:

Really? Sony please stop release this sort of things. I want a new syphon filter, the new killzone or tear away now!



ohhaime said:

And me with my stupid no GPS having Wifi Vita
Although I suppose I don't really go enough places to make this very useful to me anyway.



Squiggle55 said:

@sanquine I don't suspect the resources used on small apps like this affect the games you're talking about. If Guerilla games was working on this instead of killzone then there'd be a problem.



Ginkgo said:

That's a fantastic idea. AR graffiti that other VIta owners can see.



Kayoss said:

People complain when Sony dont release anything for the PS Vita, people still complain when Sony does release something for the Vita. Hey Sanquine maybe we all should stop what we are doing and attend to your every needs.

Back to the subject, im curious to see how this work. It maybe hard to get people to try it out if no one have a data plan (hope its not required) for the PS Vita.



TOMBOY25 said:

i got a code but no 3g vita giving it away let me know if u want it first come first served



rjejr said:

So Sony is making a Vita GPS game but the WiFi Vita doesn't have GPS? sweet

Can the game at least use faux GPS like my iPod Touch 4th gen did with WiFi location? I say did b/c I traded it in for a Tab 2 7" which has GPS.



Sanquine said:

@Kayoss Dude, i do not want to be an ass. Sony released a lot for the vita and i already own 10 vita games and a lot of psp games ^^ But my friends need to be convinced. A new syphon filter is a instant buy for a lot of friends ( Oyeah and the release of killzone)



RawShark said:

No 3G on mine... Well, maybe I can tag the inside of my local Starbucks.



NathanUC said:

I wonder if a 3G subscription is required or not for this. I wouldn't think so, but I could see it as a push to sell some data plans. I didn't get a key to test

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