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South Africa

Tue 1st May 2012

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NAZA1999 commented on Talking Point: Could PS4 Streaming Impact Nati...:

**** everybody here with crossplay **** can happen the vita doesnt have enough buttons impossible what sony can do now is invent a clip on onto vita itself with L2 R2 on it an leave space for TP an watch how sales grow an if they do invent it i want my share in it cause it was my idea



NAZA1999 commented on Talking Point: Are Cross Platform Games a Help...:

all HD collections should be on the vita like hitman an other games an for crossplay needs an update version of the game u playing on the ps3 so u can play on the vita on the go an i think crossplay should be charged a small fee to play any game on the vita so that all developers get their cut on games they made



NAZA1999 commented on God of War: Ascension's 'Trial of Archimedes' ...:

This is the 1st an worst Kratos EVA he can't evade properly blocking is sometimes crap the sound is crappy hard is really hard this my last copy I buy of Kratos again il jus borrow the game from my friends from now on words an the patch that they made now needs to be patched again cause those Santa Monica guys are perthetic an not forgetting the online since I had the game I can't go online thanks Santa Monica u guys know what u are doing 💥🔫 ✌