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Thu 25th Oct 2012

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Dambuster commented on Rumour: Sony Stitching New LittleBigPlanet Gam...:

My mate who knows a bloke ..... says the next LBP will come with a sack boy suit in the box, you have to wear whilst playing because its the controller, jump and sack boy will jump wave and ....well you get it ..... true story.



Dambuster commented on Is Sony Discontinuing the 3G PlayStation Vita?:

I own a 3g, and like sammy I like the GPS for near, but i've not topped it up for ages, I tend to link my vita to my phone. If sony did bring out a 4g vita, and it allowed me to play online, and the data charges were not stupid, I would bite, plus with ps4 streaming to vita coming soon.



Dambuster commented on Retailer: PlayStation 4 Will Revive the UK's F...:

I was in Game the other day, a Jemery kyle type of woman, pushed to the front of the que, slapped £20 on the counter and said she would like to pre order the ps4. After taking her money she asked whats the difference between ps3 and 4, and was told that the ps4 is 16 x more powerful! and they will be getting a demo unit soon! (Game in Milton keynes) So Game will tell morons anything to get there money!



Dambuster commented on Sony Announces Surprise PlayStation Vita Price...:

Blimey things could be looking up, with the price cut, and hopefully on weds they will show ps3 games streaming to vita, and if were really lucky they will show that every ps4 comes with a vita as a touch screen controller (well we can dream!)



Dambuster commented on Talking Point: Why Gaikai Is Paramount to Play...:

If they do this properly it could be a massive selling point for ps4, I.e not a monthly charge, maybe have 2 levels of ps+, 1 as it is now with out streaming and a second level with unlimited streaming.
They need to offer decent levels of content from day 1,
Allow streaming to vita in the near future.



Dambuster commented on Sony: "We Have to Do a Better Job of Promoting...:

I've been saying this for a year, if you don't read gaming media you will have no idea what vita is and what it can do, the same goes for playstation plus, if it had some decent tv ads showing games and features and not a bloke running up a beech it would sell more. Sony have given us every thing gamers asked for in a portable but there not pushing it!
Hopefully on feb 20th they will show what vita can do with ps4. Crazy idea but hopefully you will get a vita in the ps4 box, more vita's out there = more people buying games = more money = more devs willing to make games for it!



Dambuster commented on Review: Beats Slider (PlayStation Mobile):

I'm rubbish at this, the target times i've not come close to even getting a single bronze! at least on the old slide puzzles you could take the tiles out and put it back together in the right order!



Dambuster commented on Capcom Revives Resident Evil: Revelations for ...:

The only thing I hated about the 3ds version, was it made no difference where you shot the baddies, it just took a set number to kill it. If I shoot something in the knee I want it to drop to the floor, then move in with my knife!

I will give this a miss.