At the time of writing, the date is the 24th June 2016. If it hadn't recently been delayed into August, No Man's Sky would have released today on PlayStation 4 here in Europe, and it would have launched three days ago in North America. Yep, in an alternate universe where developer Hello Games thought "you know what? F*** it", you're sitting playing No Man's Sky right now, jetting off to different planets in your dorky little ship and naming local wildlife after your junk. Fascinating.

But enough science fiction of our own - we want to know if you're still excited about No Man's Sky. The space sim rocketed to popularity not long after its initial reveal all the way back in 2013, but it's arguably lost a lot of momentum as time has passed, and many would claim that's because it took so long to discover a confirmed release date in the first place. Now, with the game less than two months away, it's time to tell us if you're still hyped about touching the stars.

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Are you still excited for No Man's Sky? (244 votes)

Yes, I'm still totally hyped, can't wait


I'm looking forward to it


Eh, I don't really care


I used to be excited, but the hype is gone


I've never been excited for No Man's Sky


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