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Sun 31st May 2015

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Quintumply commented on UK Sales Charts: Grand Theft Auto V Hijacks th...:

A very rare example of a game that sells well long after the initial release. Most game sales spike at launch then drop off a cliff. GTA has always done amazingly well in this regard.

Impressive that Rocket League is still holding its own, as well!



Quintumply commented on PS4 Exclusives Lead DICE Awards 2017 Nominations:

@Neurotic_Biotic @Gamer83 To be honest I can understand Pokémon Go receiving a Game of the Year nomination. It was not just popular, it was a phenomenon. I don't have figures to hand but the amount of players, the amount of downloads and the amount of money made are all pretty staggering.

It reignited the world's love of Pokémon and no doubt introduced a whole new audience to Pokémon. Pretty much everyone I've spoken to since it released has played it, and many still do, totally hooked on catching them all.

I agree with you both that Sun/Moon is the better game, but Pokémon Go resonated with a huge amount of people, and tore down barriers by forcing people outdoors and encouraging them to explore, and interact with others. It was a resounding success, and definitely worthy of recognition.

@ApostateMage Agreed. The sound and art style are its best attributes, and they both do their job perfectly. Awesome soundtrack, especially.



Quintumply commented on Soapbox: Japan Studio Is Currently One of Sony...:

Completely agree with this.

Don't really have much to add! I wasn't crazy about many of their games until LocoRoco and Patapon brought such vibrancy to the PSP. The Last Guardian is a wonderful game, and I'm looking forward to seeing more of New Hot Shots Golf, despite not being a big fan of sports games.

Puppeteer somehow passed me by. I think it released alongside some heavy hitters at the time? If I still had my PS3, I'd definitely find a copy and give it a play.



Quintumply commented on Review: Gravity Rush 2 (PS4):

A very fair review. I personally can't wait to play GR2. I loved the first game despite its flaws, and I'm sure I'll love its sequel just the same.



Quintumply commented on Feature: 10 Under-the-Radar PS4 Games To Look ...:

@Wazeddie22 From what I remember, your basic movement is on the left stick, as you'd expect, but to move faster along the ground, you need to zig-zag left and right, like a real snake. I think you use circle to lift your head, which you need to do in order to start climbing up things. Moving vertically is the tricky part, as you have to coil around obstacles to maintain a grasp on them. You can also tighten your grip, and your little hummingbird companion can pick up your tail if you need a bit of a lift.

Like I said, it took a few minutes to get used to, but it seems to be a decent little platformer with interesting ideas



Quintumply commented on Feature: 10 Under-the-Radar PS4 Games To Look ...:

Nice list, Sam. I backed Knights and Bikes on Kickstarter, so I'll be playing that for sure.

I played Snake Pass at EGX, and it's actually pretty cool! The unique controls give the game a very distinct feel. Slithering over, under and through obstacles takes some getting used to but it works surprisingly well, and should make for a fun, simple platformer.



Quintumply commented on Poll: Are You Excited for Mass Effect: Andromeda?:

I never got into the Mass Effect series. I think I tried playing ME2 but it was a half-hearted effort and I didn't play it for longer than a couple of hours.

If this turns out to be good and I'm hankering for an epic sci-fi game, maybe I'll give this a go at some point



Quintumply commented on Sony Reveals The Most Downloaded PS4 Games of ...:

The success that Rocket League has enjoyed is insane. Beating FIFA, Battlefield and CoD in both the US and Europe? That's amazing.

Also, surprised that Uncharted 4 is so low on the US list. Then again, AAA games are extortionate on the Store, so that could be a factor.



Quintumply commented on Preview: Everything We Know About Crash Bandic...:

@Avenger1030 There's much more variety to the games than that one level shown in Uncharted 4! There are a couple of levels like that but most have you running into the screen, or from a side-on perspective. By the time you get to the third game, Crash's moveset has opened up a bit and there's levels containing races and even a fruit-firing bazooka



Quintumply commented on Talking Point: Has Holiday 2016 Devalued New G...:

@kyleforrester87 I actually bought Deus Ex for that price, was amazed it was that low.

I think for the most part I'll probably still pay full price for the games I really want, but anything else can wait. It seems as though the PS Store is going the way of Steam's epic sales, and I can't work out if that's a good thing or not.



Quintumply commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:

Ah, whoops! Guess I'll post here instead!

I'm currently in the process of reviewing a game called The Little Acre (review will be up next week), and aside from that I'm getting to grips with the rather excellent Invisible Inc. Well worth trying! I've yet to download Stories from PS Plus but I've seen good reports about that game too



Quintumply commented on Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy Is a Gigantic ...:

@KingSimba I guess it's being kept in because it's part and parcel of the Crash games. They seem to be sticking as closely to the source material as they can in terms of gameplay. Removing the limitation of the lives system would sully the authenticity of the remakes, not to mention rob the games of much of their challenge.

Wholeheartedly agree on the CTR front! I'd love a decent kart racer on PS4



Quintumply commented on PSX 2016: Crash Bandicoot PS4 Trilogy Consider...:

It seems to be on a similar level to Oddworld: New n Tasty. All-new assets, presentation, soundtrack, but totally faithful to the original trilogy gameplay-wise. This isn't a remake akin to Ratchet and Clank where it was based on the first game but significantly built upon - it's sticking to the levels as they were originally laid out.

Whatever term you throw at it, I can't wait to play it