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Galvatron commented on Worlds Collide in Mysterious PlayStation Promo...:

3rd November is this year's solar eclipse? Interesting, moreso should that be the PS4 release date, as it happens to be my birthday :-)

Mind you, it seems a highly cryptic image for a release date; whilst I've been a day-one Sony gaming hardware buyer (including portables) I'd prefer this image be related to a new title. Preferably on Vita.

As for the comment suggesting it could be Halo.....not with Microsoft as the licensee. Good thing we have Destiny instead :-)



Galvatron commented on Review: Jak & Daxter Collection (PlayStation V...:

If I hear or read one more person state 'if I ever buy a Vita someday, I may get this', I'll aim my literary cannons squarely at them.

Why provide only a comment beginning with 'if I buy a Vita', as if that is the important part of the sentence?

I'd rather read what people who actually HAVE the system have to say about it's game reviews, as they'll already be somewhat invested in the nuances of the hardware and games.

In short, their comments on reviews for the system are more credible :-)

Re this title, as I never bought this series on PS2 I reckon Jak 3 is worth a download as it'll add a different genre to an increasingly impressive Vita library.

If I ever buy a Vita, that is :-D



Galvatron commented on Review: Jak & Daxter Collection (PlayStation V...:

If I hear or read one more person state 'if I ever buy a Vita someday, I may get this', I'll aim my literary cannons squarely at them.

Why provide only a comment beginning with 'if I buy a Vita', as if that is the important part of the sentence?

I'd rather read what people who actually HAVE the system have to say about it's game reviews, as they'll already be somewhat invested in the nuances of the hardware and games.

In short, their comments on reviews for the system are more credible :-)

Re this title, as I never bought this series on PS2 I reckon Jak 3 is worth a download as it'll add a different genre to an increasingly impressive Vita library.

If I ever buy a Vita, that is :-D



Galvatron commented on Reaction: Sony Has Outwitted Microsoft at Ever...:

@Gamer83 I respect your opinion, but have to disagree it has no exclusive titles; Gravity Rush is simply astonishing in not only creating a fabulous world of immersion; moreso in it's sensation of flight and speed, ably assisted by the games myriad of controls. Sound Shapes, whilst also available on PS3, is an excellent title using DLC akin to an art form. Soul Sacrifice is part Monster Hunter, part Dark Souls, all-addictive. Assassins Creed: Liberation is utterly joyous in creating a story-driven 3D realm where strategic swiping of the rear touchpad steals goodies from NPC's....and Killzone: Mercenary will be the killer app
Vita owners are waiting for, and as a FPS using the
Killzone 3 engine, it will herald new bigger titles.

I absolutely love the Vita and whilst I agree with you that it needs more AAA titles a la GTA or Bioshock,
let's have faith that Sony will serve out quality titles
over the next 2 or 3 years. From my memory, ALL
Playstation formats suffered from major droughts early
in the machine's cycle, including PSP, yet all also stood the test of time.

Many talk about the PSP's continued success, yet they forget exactly the same butchering Sony (rightfully) received for lack of titles. Time, it's clear to see, plays a heavy part in the assessment of a console's lifespan. I'm starting to see some critics finally laud Sony for the excellent indie presence on the portable, and technically Golden Abyss is also a new game, not a port, so there are plenty of top drawer games available.

I'm still waiting for Evo and Tekken, but such is the draw of the machine I've downloaded the PSP version of Evo and Tekken 6, and invested in a JBL portable speaker for watching movies a la The Hobbit and certain titles such as Most Wanted.

Incidentally, I'm now a HUGE fan of Music Unlimited on Vita, and recently took advantage of the Vita's wifi abroad by listening to the new Daft Punk album through the app and my Bluetooth speaker.

A very cool and new experience people, highly recommend :-D



Galvatron commented on Reaction: Sony Has Outwitted Microsoft at Ever...:

Sony's conference was in the main a highly positive affair. Cheaper than the competition, no second-hand restrictions, no bizarre and frankly uneducated 'always or at least once-every-24hours' limitations.

But no Vita games, either.

It flys in the face of Shahid Kamals schoolboy-esque tweets ("not on my watch") which require not so much an explanation, but more specifics. We know the games are coming, but of the calibre of Killzone: Mercenary is what Vita owners want to see.

Still, the average Vita owner possessing 10 games was a surprise; I have 18, excluding PS1 and minis, otherwise 25. Favourites to keep me occupied until September?

Wipeout 2048
Persona 4: Golden
NFS: Most Wanted
AC: Liberation
Gravity Rush
MGS: HD Collection
Sine Mora
Soul Sacrifice

Hmm, for a machine supposedly on it's knees, how the hell did it manage that after year one?!?



Galvatron commented on BioShock Vita:

What a mess; Levine is, unlike Molyneux, an actual gaming design genius. Like Molyneux, however, he's also prone to needless rambling and Bioshock Vita isn't even greenlit, merely 'possible'.

Hardly what Vita owners who appreciate the depths of immersion Bioshock 1 in particular offered; at least Soul Sacrifice will be in Europe in 4 weeks :-)



Galvatron commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:

Persona 4 is, in my opinion, totally overrated. Like many reviewers who assume most readers won't actually cross reference their own views with that of over-articulated marketing rhetoric which passes for a review nowadays, I take particular issue with the whole 'you go to school, take a job, a complete world to explore' rubbish....for go to school, read: a few button clicks in mainly static screens....every time you do an 'activity', which is often reams of narrative followed by a few more button clicks, you're suddenly 6 hours into a day.
Don't get me wrong, it's got personality and I like it, but hardly the stuff of dreams. I'm all for suspension of disbelief, but Vita owners seeking an immersive world which harnesses the systems full array of controls and power should buy Gravity Rush...the sequel will rock, as will Killzone: Mercenary, which looks like THE killer app for Vita. Pun intended :-)



Galvatron commented on Talking Point: Are Indie Games Enough to Save ...:

It concerns Galvatron that so many comments on this article are misinformed in relation to Vita.

As a day-one adopter of all Sony hardware, I've been using my Vita for the past 12 months and enjoyed incredible experiences a la Wipeout 2047, Sine Mora, AC: Liberation, MGS: HD, Most films such as Prometheus, Skyfall, music streamed via Bluetooth to my JBL Flip.....and downloaded the occasional free title like Lemmings.

Whilst I'm not completely sold on the total merits of Persona, there are PLENTY of other, already existing titles worthy of merit; Virtua Tennis 4, FIFA Soccer (not 13), LBP, Rayman Origins, PS1 Classics.....plenty.

Indie games are an important ingredient of today's market and Sony is leading the charge; if Journey is released at Xmas on Vita, will you naysayers doubt it's validity on Vita? Of course you won't.

Velocity Ultra, Killzone: Liberation, Soul Sacrifice, Final Fantasy X & X-2, Golden Abyss 2, Dead or Alive 5+......I understand the editorial reason for posing this question on Vita, but your human responses disappoint me.

Vita has some stellar, AAA titles this year including the likes of Tearaway, and whilst it's unanimous more AAA titles need to be announced asap, Sony's resources, confirmation of Gaikai streaming PS4 titles to Vita and myriad of dev teams will bring success and third-party AAA support.

For now, play Wipeout 2048 zone levels through decent headphones and zone out, watch an episode of Homeland afterwards then appreciate the portable bliss of Zen Studios' Star Wars Pinball or Gravity Rush......and begin to appreciate that contrary to misinformation, this powerful hardalwate has excellent titles both available now and in the future.

Now, a Transformers title by High Noon which chronicles Megatron's evolution into Galvatron would surely challenge the gaming charts, no?



Galvatron commented on The Phantom Pain Interview Is Bizarre, Confirm...:

If you now accept gaming is elevated to film in terms of imagination or commercial success, or even critical acclaim (Journey, Call of Duty, Gravity Rush), Kojima is pivotal in that evolution.

Metal Gear 3: Snake Eater, a decade old, embarrasses Assassins Creed in cinematic, stealth and story elements today - as does all the Playstation Metal Gear titles.

The first trailer for Phantom Pain immediately appealed due to the possibility of it being centred around Big Boss again, and most gaming fans will accept that regardless of kitsch advertising - more a staple of Sony than Kojima - this game will absolutely ROCK.

The Vita would clearly benefit from such a stellar title on it and I'll still buy this for PS3 - it's likelier destination (I'd prefer the former) - but no other gaming series has the combination of directorial genius, repeat playability, emotional storytelling and action.

Persona 4: Golden, Soul Sacrifice, Dead or Alive 5 +, Killzone: Liberation and Velocity Ultra all on their way for Vita I'd love to see this game added to the playlist :-)



Galvatron commented on Feature: PlayStation Vita Is One Year Old, Her...: top 5 are, in no order, Persona 4: Golden, Wipeout 2048, Gravity Rush, MGS: HD & Sine Mora. I actually feel guilty leaving out Criterions' superb Most Wanted & Assassin's Creed: Liberation, which surely deserves an honorary mention for slickest use of the rear touch pad; stealthily swiping loot via pick-pocketing NPC's :-)

We still have possibly the greatest threat to Persona 4's crown in September with Killzone: Liberation. That looks immense.

In terms of demonstrating the Vita in full, however, Gravity Rush stands alone; it's the only title I've played where combining the immediacy of gyroscope / accelerometer in tandem with the analogue sticks works perfectly. Phenomenal sensation of flight and speed too, can't wait for the sequel.



Galvatron commented on Bungie Confirms That Destiny Will Be Fulfilled...:

I'm just pleased that Bungie - the creators of the finest FPS ever in Halo - are at the forefront of a Sony console and that it's a shooter.

It looks incredible, as you'd expect it to - and the riling it's caused in the xbox community is just as priceless as the thought of streaming it via Gaikai to Vita :-D



Galvatron commented on Tecmo Koei Undresses Dead or Alive 5 Plus Footage:

As there's no Tekken Tag 2 (remember Tekken 6 on PSP? A sublime conversion, with only 1 cart required for multiplayer!) I'm pinning my fighter hopes on this. Basically, if you removed the skimpy outfits and the tone of the series went all serious, we'd be talking about a fighting game's superb play mechanics. So I'm really looking forward to this :-)



Galvatron commented on Take a Look at the PlayStation 4 Game That You...:

Cool concept art. Studio Liverpool deserve recognition for making the finest Wipeout thus far in 2048 for Vita; it is a superlative, psychedelic, delicious gaming experience par excellence.

This looks really cool. Seeing as they came out with WE. ARE. ALIVE on their Facebook page just after Sony announced their tragic closure, I really hope we get to see these guys strut their stuff on PS4 or Vita in another form.

Given their pedigree - not to mention the genre-defining Psygnosis heritage - us gamers deserve to see such talents prosper.



Galvatron commented on Talking Point: Killzone: Mercenary Concludes a...:

To play Devil's Advocate is admirable, but let's look at what many, myself included, consider top drawer titles for the system already out; Uncharted: Golden Abyss, MGS: HD, Wipeout 2048, Virtua Tennis, NFS: Most Wanted, AC: Liberation, LBP, Sine Mora, Rayman Legends, FIFA Soccer. Then add PS1 classics, then titles like Velocity & Virtue's Last Reward.

These titles have meant that even as a day one PS3 owner, for the last 12 months I've played much more on the Vita than it's bigger brother. Persona 4: Golden, Velocity Ultra, Killzone: Mercenary, Soul Sacrifice & Tearaway look fantastic and I'll be picking them all up, in addition to Bioshock Infinate, Far Cry 3 & GTA5 on the PS3.

The only issue I see is similar to Sammy; quantity of Vita titles over the next 12 months, which the Destination Playstation event will no doubt unearth more of. I'm a little bemused by the argument re it MUST have totally original games too - I want a mixture of both, and preferring Motorstorm on PS3, I was happy to buy Most Wanted on the portable - and still play it now. Ditto for MGS: HD & Wipeout 2048, a psychedelic experience even better on headphones.

I believe the future of the system will be rosier once Sony do 2 things: announce the rest of TBC titles for 2013 and a price drop.

But for this gamer, I nod to a sentiment someone made earlier; Viva la Vita. It rocks :-)



Galvatron commented on Killzone: Mercenary Pays Out with Explosive Ga...:

They're not the same studio as Wipeout's seminal creators, who were originally Psygnosis and then Studio Liverpool. Wipeout 2048, incidentally, is what you call a swansong. Anyhow, it is officially the most eagerly awaited Vita title according to Galvatron lol!



Galvatron commented on Killzone: Mercenary Pays Out with Explosive Ga...:

Stunning title. Guerilla know how to maximise the graphical potential of Sony's machines. Whilst the PS2 version didn't match up to Halo's exacting standards, Killzone 3 is a terrific title which has actually carved a niche for itself and finally moved away from initial intentions of emulation.

Mercenary will be THE killer app for Vita which combines it's unique control inputs, graphical horsepower and campaign / multiplayer substance.

THIS is how you do a FPS on the portable Playstation. As for being released on the same day as GTA5; perfect. Two killer system titles at the same time :-)



Galvatron commented on We'd Totally Study the History of BioShock Inf...:

This game will absolutely rock; Bioshock 1 & 2 were the defining examples of immersion, and coupled with true sandbox level design, mesmerised gamers with the backstory of Rapture. On ocassion, they were genuinely chilling and Fort Frolic was ingeniously designed.

I've not felt the same absorption with early previews of Infinite, but I reckon it will be a game of the year contender given Ken Levine's pedigree, so a day one purchase for me. Just a shame the Vita Bioshock title hadn't materialised.



Galvatron commented on Hook Up with Persona 4 Golden Next Month in Eu...:

I'm really looking forward to this, it will be unlike any other title I've played and given to sterling reviews should keep us EU Vita owners very busy until Soul Sacrifice and other releases.

I would have preferred to get the special edition but that won't worry me too much.

If I'm not mistaken this title is the highest rated game on any format on Metacritic of 2012....



Galvatron commented on THQ's Assets Are Divided, Deep Silver Snatches...:

I'm never going to be in favour of any business biting the dust and people losing jobs, but for as long as I can remember THQ were, in my eyes, one of the worst publishers of modern times.
Their releases were either unpolished, juvenile, lacked depth or copycat titles. I know some people liked Darkstalkers (I'll admit I never played that) but as soon as I knew the publisher of a title was THQ, I ran a mile. Saints Row divided opinion but to me it was always going to be a poor man's GTA, and clearly the publisher was pushing these dev teams to copycat as much as possible or attempted to appeal to the lowest common denominator.
I hope all the staff find work elsewhere, but as a publisher this company didn't add much to the industry. Unlike Psygnosis....



Galvatron commented on Talking Point: Could 2013 Be the PlayStation 3...:

"the gap between PC's and the current gen is getting too big. They have to act (and I know they are)"........

I think we all know next-gen will arrive in 1-2 years, but as for gaps between PC and current gen getting too big, well that depends on most of the PC community sharing that view. Which really they don't as most can't keep up with the rip-off prices of latest graphics cards. Just as back in the day, it's the preserve of the few.

The quote disappoints me as a gamer, to be honest. Developers, publishers, even Sony or Microsoft, fine....but when gamers start wantonly stating this without aforementioned considerations it must be down to some child-like state of excitement. Minus reason, which I outlined in a previous post and won't repeat here.

The Last of Us and GTA5 demonstrate that current-gen is STILL being harnessed for graphical oomphs by developers, so I'm happy to wait a year for PS4, in fact ideally 2 years!

In the meantime PS3 will still bring fresh experiences this year which are actually standardised unlike PC gaming; and I'll invest heavily in my Vita too; Soul Sacrifice, Killzone: Mercenary, Persona 4 Golden, Urban Trials and more will happily keep me going until the PS4 hits the shelves.

When it does, I'll buy it day one as is my way - but let's not become pure economics to greedy corporations or mindless automatons by inept critics who historically demanded the Vita be released then took out a public injunction against it before butchering it regardless.

Just a few thoughts :-)



Galvatron commented on Talking Point: Could 2013 Be the PlayStation 3...:

GTA5, Bioshock Infinate and The Last of Us are the titles I'll be keeping tabs on. I'm a lone voice on Heavy Rain & Beyond 2 Souls - they are visual novels a la Vita's Virtue's Last Reward to me - and actually believe a lot of people are seriously underestimating just how awesome Crysis 3 will be next year. Better than Far Cry 3, no doubt.

The lifespan of PS3 is an interesting one; lots of bloggers, podcasters and writers pontificate on the 'necessity' of next-gen systems asap, yet none of them 'fess up to being the same voices who lauded Sony back in 2007 for releasing a hardware with a 10 year cycle. That was fine back then and good for the consumer.

Well, given there's a recession on globally and games a la Hitman Absolution and Dishonoured are under £20 everywhere now, let's think a little bit more about proper representation before assuming we all want Orbis or PS4 NOW.

Because having bought PS Vita under a year ago and thoroughly enjoying recent PS3 titles for half price, I want more games on these platforms BEFORE next-gen requires another £400 outlay.

Metal Gear Solid looks to have a great swansong on PS3 with Ground Zeroes and if the rumours are true and Vita has a new iteration also then that game will absolutely rock. I'm still LOVING Snake Eater on the portable - seriously cool fighting The End on an OLED screen!

So for me let's enjoy some cracking games on PS3 & Vita next year before March 2014 renders our wallets lighter. We owe it to ourselves to maximise value and send the right message to Sony, irrespective of inconsistent, unrepresentative baffoons who will end up criticising the Japanese giant in either scenario in any case.

Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year guys :-)



Galvatron commented on Hitman Absolution Is the Latest Target in Sony...:

Hmm, glad you brought this up, Sammy; my own assumption is that despite the uninformed speculating PS4 (Orbis) and Xbox 720 are out within 12 months, the subtle yet considerable price cuts to not just Sony or one title - in this case, Absolution - point toasted aggressive sales as a final push for games on this generation. Hitman AND Dishonoured are currently £18-19 on Amazon AND Tesco - for both systems.

Let's have more of it. I'm still marvelling Rayman Origins is currently £12 on Amazon, so clearly ALL distribution channels are being discounted....definitely a good thing, but purely Xmas sales? Maybe something more to it from both Microsoft AND Sony.

Personally, the people on gaming podcasts a la PSM3 continually pontificate on PS4 and pose questions such as are current gen lifespans killing the industry....these guys make me laugh :-)

With earlier consoles you claimed hardware was too expensive for only 5 year cycles, yet now the lauded 10-year Sony cycle - also confirmed for Vita - is a 'killer' for the industry.

Get some consistency, chaps. Some of us see longer hardware cycles as value for money, which in a recession isn't a bad consideration, n' set ce pas?



Galvatron commented on Activision: PlayStation Vita Faces Challenges ...:

In my opinion, the initial statement and a couple of comments here are, respectfully, misjudged.

Firstly, this is Activision's VP of mobile development, so for me it's not an altogether neutral stance.

Secondly, a VP - irrespective of gaming division - should know better than jump on the laziest of bandwagon's by comparing Playstation Vita to a tablet or smartphone. That is the type of misconception which is mischief making; the preserve of the ignorant.

As an owner of a PS3, a tablet AND a smartphone, I am completely bemused how long people will keep this comparison going. The fundamental difference with mobile gaming and Vita is in control.

Should anyone disagree, that is of course your prerogative and I respect that. After you've played N.O.V.A on IPhone and then Call of Duty on Vita. Both flawed in many ways, but ask the hardcore FPS fan which is the more instinctive and accurate?

Sony doesn't give up on it's hardware easily. PS3 had a similarly troublesome first year; whilst I loved Evolution Studio's Motorstorm, Resistance felt like a poor man's Halo. Yet the acquisition of studios and their continued development of first party releases, plus third party support, guaranteed a quick turnaround.

The Vita won't replicate that, obviously, but those who keep insisting on penning the Vita's epitaph clearly haven't really played the likes of Gravity Rush, Sine Mora, Most Wanted, Wipeout 2048 - or simply underestimate the clout Sony possess in future support to a machine which may well partner PS4 in tandem with Gaikai.

Next year sees Soul Sacrifice, Dead or Alive, Urban Trials, Killzone: Mercenary, Bioshock, and no doubt many more yet to be confirmed.

Now envisage playing those titles on an a tablet device and tell me the precise analogue controls and graphical horsepower makes no difference :-)

As for cost; would I rather spend £40 on Call of Duty on PS3 or Vita? PS3.

However, whether you can actually PLAY the likes of a FPS, driving game or Assassin's Creed: Liberation on a tablet / smartphone device without contorting your hands like an extra from the Walking another matter :-)



Galvatron commented on Review: Sine Mora (PlayStation Network - Vita):

I cannot recommend it enough; it's as you say, a perfect fit for the Vita. The story is stylishly narrated and the game is so smooth to play.

This game I've been waiting months for and it's actually exceeded those expectations. Immensely satisfying gameplay and one to show off to Vita naysayers in particular. Once you get into it's groove, quotes like "I hope you die down there, Koss" raise a smile :-)



Galvatron commented on Why We Don't Get a New Grand Theft Auto Game E...:

A refreshing public statement from Straus Zelnik; GTA has dictated new levels of immersion with each leap in console generation. Though one get's the impression from Rockstar's own, Dan Houser, that their pace of work is determined by themselves with understandably little obstruction from Take Two.

How I'd love to see a spin-off of GTA4 on Vita, starring Niko Belic: The Subsequent Years :-)

One looks at the technical achievement of AC: Liberation and suspects Rockstar must surely be tempted to dangle a carrot to Vita owners, who who are also probably long-term Playstation fans funding those revenues.

It seems possible to me, if someone at Sony could firm up a meeting with Dan Houser to discuss it that'd be cool.

Gotta be in-house, though!



Galvatron commented on Destiny Makes History as Bungie Targets PlaySt...:

This is the single best piece of news for PS3 first-person shooter fans who've acknowledged Bungie's Halo as undisputed king of the genre.

This may well marketing, but Bungie are industrious and the description includes the suggestion of Shadow of the Colossus type bosses' to overcome.

The play mechanics should rival or even improve upon Master Chief's, and bring awesome AI, flyable ships and supreme gunplay.



Galvatron commented on Review: Hitman: Absolution (PlayStation 3):

Great review - as someone who counts Silent Assassin as one of my all-time favourite games, it's good to see the ability to immerse yourself in the games strategy isn't diminished.

I'd have preferred selecting weapons at the beginning of each mission and full sandbox levels, but if those are just incidental details no biggie.

Will be looking to pick this up over Xmas, methinks :-)



Galvatron commented on Review: Need for Speed: Most Wanted (PlayStati...:

Great review - I bought this as a day one release and playing it in tandem with AC: Liberation was a blast.

I was initially disappointed with no proper in-car review but that dissipated once I got the Lamborghini Aventadour. Immediately grew accustomed to the bumper view, and always raises a smile when hitting nitrous to Strange Talk's Cast Away track :-)

Makes me think of Outrun's drift mechanics whilst Magical Sound Shower plays!

9/10 is bang on the money, Galvatron_1976 will be claiming those billboard pictures soon now that I've completed the single player.



Galvatron commented on Review: Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified (...:

Exactly; whilst I can't recommend it as a day-one purchase due to the price, that is in the main down to lack of content, not broken content.

Nihilistic - or rather, Nstigate - may have been 'forced' to make this by Sony, but as mentioned in the review, it is genuinely thrilling on multiplayer, when you can get connected!

Uncharted, Most Wanted & AC: Liberation have shown that big-name franchises need not be watered down for Vita or lacking in content.

Declassified isn't a hatchet-job by any means; the user reviews pretty much everywhere show that. Unfortunately, what's there - especially single-player content - isn't enough.

Mind you, the great thing about any FPS on Vita is the familiarity of controls from the dual sticks, so whilst IPad games may be cheaper, these type of games - proved by the likes of Nova - just don't feel right on a tablet device. They never will :-)