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Galvatron commented on Dark Souls III DLC Ashes of Ariandel Will Be S...:

Hmm, seems Galvatron is the only one to see Demons' Souls as the first and truly great From Software release, with exception to a sequel which is warranted and improves the formula in every respect - Demons' Souls II.

Bloodborne is especially puzzling in its universal acclaim; Dark Souls is very good, but it seems to be the same general game just a new wrap-around evil realm..... errr no to me buying the DLC then 😊



Galvatron commented on No Man's Sky PS4 Crashes Will Almost Be Eradic...:

@blakey78 - ouch. That's some serious, energy-sapping punishment, understandable to not want to return to the scene of the crime 😬

I guess I'm lucky thus far (touch wood) with zero crashes and the anecdotal enjoyment of naming and uploading planets, systems and wildlife to Transformers (G1, obviously lol), Aliens characters (Avatar still pales in comparison, ya hear me Cameron?) and friends, respectively 😏

I'm kinda enjoying the chill factor in this game. The resourcing can be a pain to grind but the planet-hopping is still too cool for school.

Now, Mr Murrey, let's get this release fully stable for my gamer peers and crack on with a new features update - starting with greater varieties of the systems, weather, etc - and quests maybe for new weapons and randomised encounters.

Just sayin' 😊



Galvatron commented on Review: Hitman: Episode 4 - Bangkok (PS4):

@NAZA187 - as I've paid for the full release (not in favour of staggered releases; sometimes a fantastic game can release endorphins with the momentum of new levels bingeing) I'll keep returning to it but right now it's got a long way to go before challenging the holy trinity session - Destiny, GTA Online then No Mans Sky......

But further down the line, Bioshock collection, Tekken 7, Evo 2017 and PSVR, totally different story 😊



Galvatron commented on No Man's Sky PS4 Crashes Will Almost Be Eradic...:

I haven't had a single crash - and am still on an extended honeymoon with what this title offers that nothing since Elite has - true exploration.

I got no issues with boredom - my fascination with visiting a new planet and mapping it out for upgrade or cash purposes - is phenomenally satisfying.

Oh, for additional immersion scavenge a planet whilst listening to not only the full soundtrack by 65daysofstatic, but "Rey's theme" from The Force Awakens classical soundtrack by the effervescent John Williams. Majestic πŸ‘Œ



Galvatron commented on Review: Hitman: Episode 4 - Bangkok (PS4):

Hmm...."easily the best kill involves shooting x in the back of the head whilst he listens to a tape of him and his girlfriend fighting.....we won't spoil it though"...

...I think you just did πŸ˜•

I've bought this as a full game and haven't even downloaded the previous episode, let alone this - and am perplexed as to why reviewers are maintaining its very similar to Blood Money.

It's nothing of the sort - it's nowhere as solid a sandbox.

For me, Silent Assassin I'd still miles better than modern Hitman. Why? For a start, your actual physical presence and gunplay is supreme in that decade old game, allowing both stealth and guns blazing approach - and that approach was WAY more satisfying in how enemies recoiled, reacted and retaliated - fire with fire.

This modern Hitman relies on waxy NPC'a and 47 gliding about with no real physicality to them, zero gunplay (you cannot have a gunfight if all hell breaks loose as the game simply cannot cater for it due to a lack of decent enemy AI and movement) and a lack of excitement and satisfaction in earning decent kills.

Doesn't anyone else think that virtually every element of what made Hitman supreme is diluted in this version so all you effectively do is follow pre-ordained paths which actually don't vary that much?

I still like Hitman as a franchise, but why IO effectively removed it's fantastic balletic gunplay as a option, for pre-tendered animation kills instead, is bizarre.

Diana, 47 and us deserve better. Sort it out IO, and instead of relying on reviewers to sell a dud "you can kill them by electrocuting them here" make sure you understand that WE gamers basically read through that fluff as "here's another contextual kill opportunity, but neither these animations not kill can happen anywhere else but this spot"......sheesh, that is going backwards as a licence, NOT forwards.

If there's any doubt this rant is wrong, play Hitman 2: Silent Assassin from PS2(!) straight after or before this version. Robust, imaginative, huge levels with genuinely creative options - and incredible gunplay with SMG's, true ragdoll physics and sublime sniper (s)kills......



Galvatron commented on DriveClub VR's New Tracks Will Be Added to Bas...:

So........does that actually mean Driveclub VR itself (for those like who own the main game and have pre-ordered VR ) will also be a full free patch?

That's my key question wasn't sure if it's been clarified - and a shout to Evolution for not only the sheer enjoyment of Driveclub - but equally the majestic Motorstorm πŸ‘Œ



Galvatron commented on PlayStation VR's Launch Will Be Treated Like a...:

@Azikira - Galvatron acknowledges your acknowledgement πŸ˜‰

Indeed, it's quite exciting and actually very new, uncharted hardware for our eyes - I'm specifically interested in what a number of reviewers have said about the Driveclub VR experience, that by moving your head 'into' the turn you are about to undertake it improves driving ability and is much more realistic.

That bodes very well as it will improve gaming experiences overall, so there's reasons to be optimistic it won't be a fad. Deposing on Sony's first-party support which will need to be a hell of a lot more sustained than the Vita - which even now is a phenomenally advanced multimedia powerhouse, literally a portable PlayStation....

.....but keen to know if the Getaway gets a full VR release at some stage - on PS2 that game was 10 years ahead of its competitors.



Galvatron commented on PlayStation VR's Launch Will Be Treated Like a...:

Pre-ordered - always been an early adopter; o2 XDA (remember that?), PSP, Vita, Apple Watch - now this.

I can't wait to play these VR titles; Driveclub, Getaway, Tekken 7 & Batman - and am seriously considering the Thrustmaster T300RS for the ultimate Driveclub VR experience - which looks damn exciting 😏

It's really now our interface with gaming which requires the next evolution - the hardware for powering HP Lovecraftian worlds exist, now our immersion through physical / visual controls must evolve from button presses to mimicking actual movement and 3D space......

...arguably VR gsming in 2-3 years, with a FULLY 3D virtual reality for 360-degree Tekken or GTA, will represent the next milestone in gaming.

Until then, how I would LOVE following in VR; Wipeout HD, Bioshock and GTA 5 😎



Galvatron commented on Gamescom 2016: Tekken 7 Story Mode Details Dro...:

@ShogunRok - totally agree, and I for one loved playing Tekken Tag with my mates with Hwoarangs' sidestep grab moves 😊

Can't wait to get this Tekken 7 is shaping up as a statement on PS4....and clearly they've taken stock of Street Fighter 5's lack of story mode.



Galvatron commented on Soapbox: No Man's Sky on PS4 Is the Biggest Di...:

Sammy, obviously as as prior contributor to this site I will always have an acknowledgement for its writing, unbiased reviews and grounded perspective.....

.....but releasing this article without having first let the review from your colleague at Push Square take stock is completely unexpected - as much as reviewers within the same sites differ in their individual assessment of games, it's slightly concerning I'm reading your thoughts on this game without first seeing a proper, detailed review from your colleague.......which should have preceded this article by a distance.

Surely your colleagues' review will now lose much of its lustre as a result. Would it not have been more professional to release this a week after his review?

I imagine his own Sky caved in when he read this and its impact on his imminent review - which I'm still looking forward to reading, but now less so.

It's kinda like saying 'hey, this Jim dude's site is down as a result of negative verdict / forums re NMS...lets do the same, as Editor here's why the game is rubbish, but don't forget to read our review - which will be out soon'!

I'm not expecting Deus Ex, Elite etc, so managing my own expectations for this game as a gamer of 30 years has been fine - I already know what it IS and what it ISNT.

I'm not sure the growing clickbait accusations at Push Square Towers will be nullified by this article, mainly because of its definitive negative judgement on the game as a whole, which is something that should have been incorporated into the review to describe it's systems and exploring.

I'm debating whether the game is as near as disappointing as seeing this article appear before the sites' own review, which will now see its impact greatly diminished, a massive pity for the reviewer and confusing to the audience.

As for the game itself, I respect your opinion even if we end up disagreeing - I'll be playing it today / tomorrow - but it's a notable gaming release and deserved better...

Galvatron is NOT amused πŸ˜’



Galvatron commented on This Player Class Concept Art May Be Our First...:

@TSLbestofme - credit where credits due, Galvatron acknowledges your claim..... I would love to see just a BETTER Halo by a studio who has somehow lost its sheen up there with Rockstar as the best dev in the business. Bungie, as a PlayStation 1-4 owner I plead with you to create something which garners 'wow' and not just for Activisions' pay model......



Galvatron commented on This Player Class Concept Art May Be Our First...:

My hopes for Destiny 2 centre on a complete re-jig of the campaign - get a Halo-style, exciting space opera from day one, with much more PVE levels that match up to The Silent Cartographer, possibly the finest single player level in any FPS ever made.....

That, and bring The 4th Horseman back to prominence with Gally 😊



Galvatron commented on No Man's Sky PS4 Servers Too Busy for Multipla...:

@get2sammyb - therein lies the difference between a 10-man outfit in Guildford and a global publisher with a blatant disregard for its audience.

When Destiny miscommunicated the extent of its story and exploration focus, that was evidently masking what we know about the sudden change in its structure, writing etc - and Activision have the audacity to keep quiet on their ridiculous pay model - I know, I've bought every expansion, but that is my choice given the calibre of the play mechanics and Bungie's overall quality.

Hello Games and Sean have been generally forthright about what the game is and isn't, so I'm not really encouraging a precedent here, if anything the difference in developer tends to inform my opinion...

....but it would be fantastic to read some detailed articles outlining how the play mechanics and planetary atmospheres feel to the player - and its overall freedom and what adventures that brings.

This is truly a title I'll cherish for its exploration and freedom, which is a first really despite its procedural make-up - and the free updates will be a bonus 😊



Galvatron commented on No Man's Sky PS4 Servers Too Busy for Multipla...:

@get2sammyb - I think any videos of Sean Murray have revealed first and foremost, a passionate, dedicated developer with an inner-geekiness for sci-fi and averse to public speaking.

In terms of him 'blaming' server issues, to me that just an anxious developer who is probably disappointed that one of the Easter eggs didn't come off, like a text or scan indicating another presence....

...maybe we should cut him some slack 😊



Galvatron commented on No Man's Sky PS4 Servers Too Busy for Multipla...:

It's odd to me and evidently others that the question appears moot - Murray has already said previously you'll be able to see another players' location BUT you won't be able to interact with them in realtime, with a visual embodiment in front of you.

So it's like an even smaller thing than the original Demons can affect each other environment through a shared universe (naming rights, seeing a dot on a scanner, blowing up substantial environment) BUT NO DIRECT MULTIPLAYER.

Hope that clears that up 😏



Galvatron commented on No Man's Sky Is Out on PS4, But It's Still Not...:

@get2sammyb - playing devils advocate, I think it's pretty obvious and already stated its NOT multiplayer.

It's a bit of a shame that the articles I'm willing to read re NMS have yet to surface; namely, what's it like to control and fly ships, have battles in space - or go underwater? And I mean how does it FEEL?

I would also say that Sean has been quite clear on this a number of times; you can AFFECT each other's universe to leave lasting effects, but you won't bump into anyone else.

I'll be giving this game it's due consideration and playtime this weekend, and as its solitary experience will no doubt add to its charm - I play Destiny & GTA Online so frankly could do without more multiplayer for other games right now - I'm much more interested in descriptive, articulate and detailed experiences peeps and reviewers are having.

I'm looking forward to forging my own journey in this game and a non-spoilery review on Push Square, lets all remember that multiplayer was never really a serious consideration when buying this game for a sizeable proportion of NMS fans!



Galvatron commented on Lovin' Hitman on PS4? There May Be Much More o...:

@B-I-G-DEVIL - I'm not so sure.....

Hitman 2: Silent Assassin is still for me the best, NOT contracts, which bizarrely a lot of reviewers are still claiming was the high point.

Why is current Hitman not as good? Too easy to just run through the levels and do the mission....the gunplay has gone backwards; Silent Assassin was more visceral and the current title is too basic and unwieldy in comparison - and the levels themselves aren't really that great once you've completed them.

So whilst it's good, they've made it too easy, unbalanced it with ham-fisted gunplay and left it almost 3 months without a new level.....



Galvatron commented on Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Launches Out o...:

@Rob_230 - I've owned both and there's no comparison from my point of view - the High Moon releases are the best Transformers games ever made - graphics, G1 style, gameplay were all top-notch, with fabulously authentic cut-scenes and fan service.

This is what my PS4 needs, but whilst they're at it please also release the preceding title, just as good πŸ‘Œ



Galvatron commented on No Man's Sky PS4 Reviews Reportedly On Hold as...:

@kyleforrester87 - I was initially inclined the same way, but such is my desire to have a 'chilled, sci-fi' experience that the pre-order made sense, as I'm pretty sure my new PS4 gsming triumvirate will be Destiny, GTA Online and No Mans Sky......gaming nirvana methinks, with Bioshock Collection on the horizon 😎



Galvatron commented on No Man's Sky's PS4 Platinum Looks Perfectly At...:

I've just clicked on the Reddit link to the Β£980-procuring guy who posted comments.......then after 2 non-descript paragraphs, closed the page.

Let's all enjoy this title, remembering why it appeals in the first place. If it comes close to satisfying the art of immersion with variety of planets and exploration, then that with the scope and no loading screens will require a different perspective for reviewers.

We'll never see the bulk of the planets, or bump into other players, so judgment should really be the preserve of those who have provided circa 50 hours+ before rushing to secure 'first-in' reviews - oh, and I really don't care much for trophies, aside from the admittedly joyful audio / visual accompaniment on-screen 😎



Galvatron commented on Promising Kickstarter Prey for the Gods Confir...:

@sketchturner - that's generally true, but nothing like it in gaming had arrived before, or since for that matter.

The soul of the game, the subtle remorse you felt after each boss, the sensation of seeing these behemoths for the first time, the climb and timed stabs whilst clinging on - and the first time I made the difficult jump to the back of a colossi, feeling wind, the underwater sea and then the sky before spectacularly bringing it crashing down - truly unforgettable in all my moments in gaming.

I can't recall a title prior to SOTC that combined these mechanics and sense of wonder with the precise, satisfying third-person control.....

....not that I'm biased, obviously 😊

I am interested in this though, looks like a faithful homage and if it plays well, then I'd buy it, but still wander why SCEE don't just properly remaster SOTC HD for PS4....!



Galvatron commented on Promising Kickstarter Prey for the Gods Confir...:

As Shadow of the Colossus is in my top 5 games of all time, this is a curious beast indeed. Everything from the eerie environments to the bosses, the climbing and just general play mechanics and graphics.....BUT will it have equally inspiring gameplay?

Curiosity definitely piqued, especially when you check out their website FAQ's citing 'yes you can climb' and other 'we love SOTC' vibes.....

Not sure about backing it on Kickstarter though - shouldn't we as gamers, morally speaking, instead contact SCEE to get the proper sequel, rather than pay any developer to rip off one of gamings' best-loved classics?

Does look like the absolute spiritual successor though....tempted πŸ‘Œ



Galvatron commented on 'The Future Is Bright' for Destiny, Says Bungie:

@Napples - those are the same people who will pour hundreds of game time into these extensions PLUS the cost, so I guess you can equally argue that the quality of the content is not an issue, merely the quantity.

Which is, in cost terms, absolutely the case with Destiny.

BUT, for gamers like myself who longed for the best-in-genre mechanics Halo provided, on a Sony console, it's peerless.

I'll be getting the latest expansion, but I suspect it maybe No Man's Sky is out in August 😎



Galvatron commented on Mafia III's Main Character Is a Man on a Mission:

Sorry, but isn't it telling nearly all gaming sites are avoiding making comparisons and talking about GTA5, especially valid as these developers share the same publisher?

Whilst one video preview direct from the development did say 'we share no tech with them or vice-versa', it's shooting, premise, game structure and mechanics are ripped straight from why aren't there more questions leading up to final review.......baffling.

It DOES look very very good, but just because the driving in Mafia 3 isn't as prevalent as the 50/50 driving / walking split in GTA, it doesn't mean we shouldn't be making a direct comparison........




Galvatron commented on Metal Gear Solid 5 Wasn't Finished, So Why Pay...:

@Kidfried - certainly the best tune in any game ever made. Not just as a standalone tune - it's also the best Bond song never made - but for the pathos it gives Snake in the preceding scenes......lyrically, musically and tonally spine-tingling πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ



Galvatron commented on Metal Gear Solid 5 Wasn't Finished, So Why Pay...:

That is a phenomenal deal - I LOVED the intro to TPP, and I don't mean Ground Zeroes - it was EPIC, really set the tone - but evidently it was unfinished, however I also believe it is the best stealth game ever made, even if Snake Eater is story-wise the best metal gear. Especially on Vita, and that good I bought it on ITunes πŸ‘Œ



Galvatron commented on No Man's Sky Is Finally, Finally Finished on PS4:

That photo says to me that Sean Murray is happy with the final cut - this game seems phenomenal in its own right, but even better played after the likes of GTA Online for extended gaming sessions.

Day one purchase, along with the soundtrack πŸ‘Œ



Galvatron commented on For the Love of Gaming Just Announce the BioSh...:

Bioshock 1 especially is in my top 10 all-time gaming list, possibly just in the top 5; I played it three times in a row, marvelling at its calibre of immersion, storytelling, graphics and atmosphere - in fact, it's eeriness and narrative was unsettling to the core and the upgrade machines for my weapons were the equivalent of a sugar rush.

I never got to play the last one so this, along with No Mans' Sky and Tekken 7 are all day-one purchases for my PS4.

Would you kindly contact the publisher to confirm a UK release date....sorry 😝



Galvatron commented on Bungie Abandons Destiny Content on PS3:

Frankly, and I say this as a day one Destiny gamer who places the original Halo on my friends' Xbox as the best FPS ever made - but old-gen systems hamstrung Destiny and Bungie from the get-go. They went from apparent control from Microsoft to being an extension of Activision - a far bigger evil - without realising what they lost; they were the auteurs of FPS games and Activision just HAD to make money the prevailing factor. Had Destiny been purely current-gen only, it would have flourished critically as well as commercially.

I have put more into Destiny that any other PS4 game, but as I'm now pretty much exclusively marvelling at GTA Online and Rockstars' presidency over their IP, it's a real shame PS4 owners didn't get QUITE the Halo standard we wanted. In gunplay terms, it is without question the best ever made, but graphically and in terms of structure Activision hamstrung Bungie to appeal to more buyers.

Destiny 2 should be a PROPER campaign which stirs the senses and motivates the player to go through the sorts of levels which give The Silent Cartographer legendary status. And enemy AI which the original Xbox mastered over 15 years ago.

Rant over. Anyone out there looking to run amok on GTA Online on PS4 send me a request to Galvatron___1976 - that's 3 underscores in a row πŸ‘Œ



Galvatron commented on Poll: Are You Still Excited for No Man's Sky o...:

Whilst I would have preferred a bigger budget and development team to counter the slightly concerning, maths-generated procedural worlds which will no doubt create that randomness to the detriment of gameplay, I am still absolutely a day-one buyer.

Why? The inherent sci-fi geekiness in Sean Murray, the seemlessness of jumping into your ship and flying into the atmosphere, space and anywhere you choose, the size and scope of it all - and the mystery and sense of potential wander around each planet.

In-between intense GTA Online and Destiny sessions, this title will provide a fantastic triumvirate of PS4 gaming for months - and I've also pre-ordered the highly promising soundtrack.

Post Brexit, I welcome another potential world of escapism and this game will no doubt be adored by fans such as I who want to fully immerse ourselves in the world. I'd be keen to see more previews though which showcase the space battles πŸ‘Œ



Galvatron commented on Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Will Roll Out ...:

Excellent news - High Moon are, in my estimation, the standard bearers for my species' representation - refined control and satisfying mechanics - and superb atmosphere and production values.

The issue I have with the Platinum Games release is that the environments are more akin to arenas and despite being someone who grew up recording the G1 cartoons back-to-back on VHS as a kid, I actually prefer the artistic flair of the High Moon studios releases......this release on PS4 will be a day one purchase for me.



Galvatron commented on The Witcher 3 PS4 Patch 1.22 Attempts to Fix A...:

Probably the perfect opportunity to display my amazement that Witcher 3 - and yes, I have bought it - has not been held up by more reviews for frustratingly having possibly the smallest fonts in all gaming and rendering my enjoyment of its apparently amazing gameplay redundant - as the text is necessary. Whilst GTA also has an over abundance of text, it's not always required and is at least legible.

I'm enjoying the wondrous world of GTA Online and its recent updates, but would love to know why the development team behind this game hasn't yet addressed the issue? From what I've read it's to do with changing the dynamics of the screen and surrounding images / world etc, but come on, at least ACKNOWLEDGE IT.......



Galvatron commented on Soapbox: Metal Gear Solid V Has the Best Sandb...:

Erm, with all these articles on it's rightful place as the king of stealth - I can't remember the last time I spent hours just pouring and savouring optional side quests in any game including GTA - where on earth is Push Squares' review?!?



Galvatron commented on Guide: Where to Find All of Metal Gear Solid V...:

Got the game and savouring every moment of it - got the piggyback strategy guide on hardback too, which is a perfect quality accompaniment to a masterpiece.

Seems like you guys have clocked the game now - when is the review going up

10 out if 10 for me. Best game on PS4, and with Destiny and Driveclub in tandem hours go by in minutes.....



Galvatron commented on PlayStation Looks Back at the History of Metal...:

It was seeing Big Boss in the hospital ward, enabling the player to live through legendary events from Metal Gear history, that really got my juices flowing - and I'll say it, when in MGS3 that incredible theme tune plays out over Bond-esque cinematics, I'll honestly consider that one of my favourite moments in gaming. Coming after the scene with The Boss, it's lyrics and mood were pure emotion.

Classy stuff. MGS5 is my tip for game of the year.......



Galvatron commented on Submerged Plunges to New Depths from 4th August:

This has the look and feel of Ico to me; secluded scaling of heights with a sombre tone, cemented with an eeriness and freedom of movement in large areas.

Which means I'll look forward to the review here and influence my buying inclination accordingly



Galvatron commented on Kojima Productions Has Disbanded, Says Solid S...:

I think this really will be potentially game of the year - partly due it being a swansong, partly due to the return of MGS3 sandbox stealth with MGS4 FPS mechanics, and partly due to the Big Boss / 80's setting. That trailer with him in hospital is PHENOMENAL.



Galvatron commented on One Shall Stand, One Shall Fall in Transformer...:

@Johnnycide Galvatron isn't so sure - War for Cybertron WAS the best Transformers game thus far; High Moon totally nailed the character and atmosphere, with excellent FPS gameplay and a stellar level featuring, unfortunately, Starscream, flying when transformed. Almost halo-esque that level, and EXACTLY what I wanted.

Whilst Platinum have the melee and transformations down, the backgrounds look quite disappointing and lack immersion - and a but of gravitas as a result.

It's still looking good, but instead of a coronation, this could equally be bad comedy.....



Galvatron commented on A New PS4 Firmware Update Is Available to Down...:

Howe big is the update? I'm starting to think that in 3 years even the 500gb hard drive in PS4 won't be big enough to update the updates of the update - ditto on IPhones and they have no expandable memory......

Sheesh, all my Driveclub / Destiny updates / DLC alone has virtually taken up half the space already......,but given the serious wonderment I get from both these titles, I'll let Sony off the hook for now