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Galvatron commented on 'The Future Is Bright' for Destiny, Says Bungie:

@Napples - those are the same people who will pour hundreds of game time into these extensions PLUS the cost, so I guess you can equally argue that the quality of the content is not an issue, merely the quantity.

Which is, in cost terms, absolutely the case with Destiny.

BUT, for gamers like myself who longed for the best-in-genre mechanics Halo provided, on a Sony console, it's peerless.

I'll be getting the latest expansion, but I suspect it maybe No Man's Sky is out in August 😎



Galvatron commented on Mafia III's Main Character Is a Man on a Mission:

Sorry, but isn't it telling nearly all gaming sites are avoiding making comparisons and talking about GTA5, especially valid as these developers share the same publisher?

Whilst one video preview direct from the development did say 'we share no tech with them or vice-versa', it's shooting, premise, game structure and mechanics are ripped straight from why aren't there more questions leading up to final review.......baffling.

It DOES look very very good, but just because the driving in Mafia 3 isn't as prevalent as the 50/50 driving / walking split in GTA, it doesn't mean we shouldn't be making a direct comparison........




Galvatron commented on Metal Gear Solid 5 Wasn't Finished, So Why Pay...:

@Kidfried - certainly the best tune in any game ever made. Not just as a standalone tune - it's also the best Bond song never made - but for the pathos it gives Snake in the preceding scenes......lyrically, musically and tonally spine-tingling πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ



Galvatron commented on Metal Gear Solid 5 Wasn't Finished, So Why Pay...:

That is a phenomenal deal - I LOVED the intro to TPP, and I don't mean Ground Zeroes - it was EPIC, really set the tone - but evidently it was unfinished, however I also believe it is the best stealth game ever made, even if Snake Eater is story-wise the best metal gear. Especially on Vita, and that good I bought it on ITunes πŸ‘Œ



Galvatron commented on No Man's Sky Is Finally, Finally Finished on PS4:

That photo says to me that Sean Murray is happy with the final cut - this game seems phenomenal in its own right, but even better played after the likes of GTA Online for extended gaming sessions.

Day one purchase, along with the soundtrack πŸ‘Œ



Galvatron commented on For the Love of Gaming Just Announce the BioSh...:

Bioshock 1 especially is in my top 10 all-time gaming list, possibly just in the top 5; I played it three times in a row, marvelling at its calibre of immersion, storytelling, graphics and atmosphere - in fact, it's eeriness and narrative was unsettling to the core and the upgrade machines for my weapons were the equivalent of a sugar rush.

I never got to play the last one so this, along with No Mans' Sky and Tekken 7 are all day-one purchases for my PS4.

Would you kindly contact the publisher to confirm a UK release date....sorry 😝



Galvatron commented on Bungie Abandons Destiny Content on PS3:

Frankly, and I say this as a day one Destiny gamer who places the original Halo on my friends' Xbox as the best FPS ever made - but old-gen systems hamstrung Destiny and Bungie from the get-go. They went from apparent control from Microsoft to being an extension of Activision - a far bigger evil - without realising what they lost; they were the auteurs of FPS games and Activision just HAD to make money the prevailing factor. Had Destiny been purely current-gen only, it would have flourished critically as well as commercially.

I have put more into Destiny that any other PS4 game, but as I'm now pretty much exclusively marvelling at GTA Online and Rockstars' presidency over their IP, it's a real shame PS4 owners didn't get QUITE the Halo standard we wanted. In gunplay terms, it is without question the best ever made, but graphically and in terms of structure Activision hamstrung Bungie to appeal to more buyers.

Destiny 2 should be a PROPER campaign which stirs the senses and motivates the player to go through the sorts of levels which give The Silent Cartographer legendary status. And enemy AI which the original Xbox mastered over 15 years ago.

Rant over. Anyone out there looking to run amok on GTA Online on PS4 send me a request to Galvatron___1976 - that's 3 underscores in a row πŸ‘Œ



Galvatron commented on Poll: Are You Still Excited for No Man's Sky o...:

Whilst I would have preferred a bigger budget and development team to counter the slightly concerning, maths-generated procedural worlds which will no doubt create that randomness to the detriment of gameplay, I am still absolutely a day-one buyer.

Why? The inherent sci-fi geekiness in Sean Murray, the seemlessness of jumping into your ship and flying into the atmosphere, space and anywhere you choose, the size and scope of it all - and the mystery and sense of potential wander around each planet.

In-between intense GTA Online and Destiny sessions, this title will provide a fantastic triumvirate of PS4 gaming for months - and I've also pre-ordered the highly promising soundtrack.

Post Brexit, I welcome another potential world of escapism and this game will no doubt be adored by fans such as I who want to fully immerse ourselves in the world. I'd be keen to see more previews though which showcase the space battles πŸ‘Œ



Galvatron commented on Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Will Roll Out ...:

Excellent news - High Moon are, in my estimation, the standard bearers for my species' representation - refined control and satisfying mechanics - and superb atmosphere and production values.

The issue I have with the Platinum Games release is that the environments are more akin to arenas and despite being someone who grew up recording the G1 cartoons back-to-back on VHS as a kid, I actually prefer the artistic flair of the High Moon studios releases......this release on PS4 will be a day one purchase for me.



Galvatron commented on The Witcher 3 PS4 Patch 1.22 Attempts to Fix A...:

Probably the perfect opportunity to display my amazement that Witcher 3 - and yes, I have bought it - has not been held up by more reviews for frustratingly having possibly the smallest fonts in all gaming and rendering my enjoyment of its apparently amazing gameplay redundant - as the text is necessary. Whilst GTA also has an over abundance of text, it's not always required and is at least legible.

I'm enjoying the wondrous world of GTA Online and its recent updates, but would love to know why the development team behind this game hasn't yet addressed the issue? From what I've read it's to do with changing the dynamics of the screen and surrounding images / world etc, but come on, at least ACKNOWLEDGE IT.......



Galvatron commented on Soapbox: Metal Gear Solid V Has the Best Sandb...:

Erm, with all these articles on it's rightful place as the king of stealth - I can't remember the last time I spent hours just pouring and savouring optional side quests in any game including GTA - where on earth is Push Squares' review?!?



Galvatron commented on Guide: Where to Find All of Metal Gear Solid V...:

Got the game and savouring every moment of it - got the piggyback strategy guide on hardback too, which is a perfect quality accompaniment to a masterpiece.

Seems like you guys have clocked the game now - when is the review going up

10 out if 10 for me. Best game on PS4, and with Destiny and Driveclub in tandem hours go by in minutes.....



Galvatron commented on PlayStation Looks Back at the History of Metal...:

It was seeing Big Boss in the hospital ward, enabling the player to live through legendary events from Metal Gear history, that really got my juices flowing - and I'll say it, when in MGS3 that incredible theme tune plays out over Bond-esque cinematics, I'll honestly consider that one of my favourite moments in gaming. Coming after the scene with The Boss, it's lyrics and mood were pure emotion.

Classy stuff. MGS5 is my tip for game of the year.......



Galvatron commented on Submerged Plunges to New Depths from 4th August:

This has the look and feel of Ico to me; secluded scaling of heights with a sombre tone, cemented with an eeriness and freedom of movement in large areas.

Which means I'll look forward to the review here and influence my buying inclination accordingly



Galvatron commented on Kojima Productions Has Disbanded, Says Solid S...:

I think this really will be potentially game of the year - partly due it being a swansong, partly due to the return of MGS3 sandbox stealth with MGS4 FPS mechanics, and partly due to the Big Boss / 80's setting. That trailer with him in hospital is PHENOMENAL.



Galvatron commented on One Shall Stand, One Shall Fall in Transformer...:

@Johnnycide Galvatron isn't so sure - War for Cybertron WAS the best Transformers game thus far; High Moon totally nailed the character and atmosphere, with excellent FPS gameplay and a stellar level featuring, unfortunately, Starscream, flying when transformed. Almost halo-esque that level, and EXACTLY what I wanted.

Whilst Platinum have the melee and transformations down, the backgrounds look quite disappointing and lack immersion - and a but of gravitas as a result.

It's still looking good, but instead of a coronation, this could equally be bad comedy.....



Galvatron commented on A New PS4 Firmware Update Is Available to Down...:

Howe big is the update? I'm starting to think that in 3 years even the 500gb hard drive in PS4 won't be big enough to update the updates of the update - ditto on IPhones and they have no expandable memory......

Sheesh, all my Driveclub / Destiny updates / DLC alone has virtually taken up half the space already......,but given the serious wonderment I get from both these titles, I'll let Sony off the hook for now



Galvatron commented on There's Big Tekken 7 News Coming Your Way Next...:

@TomKongPhooey - that's a bit harsh, fella - I for one, who forged my lineage on Tekken 1 WAY back on PS1 with my mates and was partially revered for learning Yoshimitsu's 10 hit combo, have been awaiting news of the PS4 Tekken 7 release, and will tune in to Push Square July 7th.

Gotta be online, right? Hwoarang, Jin, Paul and co cannot arrive soon enough - then I'll buy that 2nd Dualshock



Galvatron commented on E3 2015: What's Going on with Gravity Rush 2?:

@Savino completely agree with you - a title with cross-save which Yoshida stated would still be am option for Vita games - I reckon this will be it's last big game.....but for me the Vita is the finest iteration of all portables going back to game & watch and Game Boy.

It is rthe realisation of what Game Boy could be 20 years later.

Gravity Rush, which doesn't incorporate AAA graphics (arguably) but an immersive cel-shaded sandbox, was an incredible demonstration of the formats potential - Sony owes us the original investors in this amazing product, a decent reward for keeping the faith in a better capacity than their own marketing teams.

Viva la Vita



Galvatron commented on E3 2015: Metal Gear Solid V's Incredible 40 Mi...:

This is the game I'm most looking forward to in 2015 - MGS3 is up there with Shadow of the Colossus, FF7, Ocarina of Time as my all-time favourite games - so much so, that a 45 min 'reveal' of gameplay mechanics by way of video would rob me of the delights this sort of game deserves to be sampled through the course of playing.

I'll settle for an exhaustive review, instead!



Galvatron commented on E3 2015: Transformers: Devastation's Vehicle A...: Decepticons playable?

A questionable omission

...still, it does look like it's nailed the transformations and momentum combat - but I grew to love the graphical look of High Moon studios' versions and the weighty FPS feel of the characters. They mention it's single player but the feed shows small environments or zones - a strong narrative, variety of play styles (FPS over-the-shoulder, third person driving etc) and immersive environments would go a long way to reassuring me this isn't pure melee combat, a la Street Fighter in 'zones'.

look forward to more trailers....



Galvatron commented on DriveClub's PS4 1.18 Patch Ups the Racer's Lev...:

@baldybill - that's true, a 1v1 would be the business to an already stellar racer.

Now if only they'd release a Motorstorm bike, that would be incredible in a first-person view - which, by the way, is the ONLY way to fully immerse yourself in the game

Look forward to the new tour packs



Galvatron commented on E3 2015: Bring Popcorn for Metal Gear Solid V'...:

This game I am absolutely gagging for. MGS3 is in my top 5 games ever - and the combination of stirring character experiences, graphics, the impressive open world nature of Ground Zeroes and Kojimas' seal of quality has me contemplating the limited edition. The story of Big Boss is arguably the most powerful in all of gaming.

Can't wait



Galvatron commented on DriveClub: PS Plus Edition Is on the Final Str...:

Absolutely recommend buying it AND the DLC; the sheer content support post-release is excellent and with the additions of dynamic weather, replays and a bucketload of extra tracks / tours / cars it's a brilliant and addictive racer.

Personally, the in-car view is the only way to experience it's full immersion, and that Thrustmaster T300 RS wheel gets more and more attractive for this game....!



Galvatron commented on Rumour: Around Half of Sony's E3 Booth Will Be...:

@SuperCat - Dominik Diamond and the likes ofGamesmaster were cringeworthy even back in '92, so quit flogging a dead horse there, fella

But I agree with your main point; and since when did we become so cynical re new releases? I'll still argue my Vita has realised my Game Boy evolution I imagined as a kid - and then some. PS2 & 3, definitely, and 4 is heading there.

With the PS4, Vita, compatibility with other tech like IPhone and home cinema, Project Morpheus could be fantastic to anyone who also remembers The Lawnmower Man around that year.....



Galvatron commented on Rumour: DriveClub: PS Plus Edition Looks to Be...:

Driveclub is a phenomenal racer - more nuanced than the majority of critics state.

I'm clueless why certain people maintain this 'too little, too late' mentality though - I've bought every DLC post-release and love the Ferraris and new tracks, awesome weather and now replays - I'll be picking up a TR300 wheel to maximise the experience as the graphics, feel and music is fabulous.

Which means it's reduced price and Plus shareware release should be welcome, and since when did we start lobotomising studios for an evident technical struggle albeit with fantastic free DLC , as opposed to Activisions' bastardisation of 'an economic model' with Destiny...?!

I'm sure that when Project CARS is reduced to twenty quid, I'll pick that up too, for different reasons.



Galvatron commented on Tekken 7 Gets a Brand New Character, Could Be ...:

As a gamer who remembers buying a SNES from WH Smiths with Street Fighter 2 Turbo cartridge sold seperately for Β£70 in 1990 - yup, T'is true - Tekken Tag Tournament was and still is my favourite ever fighting game. With fellow deceptions marvelling at the 10-hit combos and the swagger of Jin, Hwoarang & Paul, Galvatron ruled those tournaments and eagerly awaits Tekken 7 on PS4.

Should it be Remote Play compatible online, that would be even better



Galvatron commented on Evolution Studios Rolls Out DriveClub's Latest...:

Fantastic - this game is now massive and a supreme racer, enough to tempt me to pick up a top tier racing wheel (T30, anyone?) and finally lay claim to a more immersive experience than Daytona in the arcades - when factoring in graphics, tactile force feedback, playability and sound.

I'd love to see more forgiving tracks though, purely to floor the Ferraris!



Galvatron commented on DriveClub's Getting a Free Tour as Part of a N...:

For me, this is currently the most enjoyable racing game on the market and Evolution have demonstrated extremely impressive technical skills in it's execution - the weather effects are incredible, the feel of it's racing nuances exceptional - and I for one LOVE it's d'n'b soundtrack.

What I cannot stand are the people who lament it due to a lack of PS Plus version. It ain't happenin' anytime soon - so either go out and BUY the game or quit criticising it for this one dubious reason.....

Oh, and definitely looking forward to the replays - would llove to see another nod to Motorstorm though with a motorbike in first-person - only Evolution has provided such a thrilling combination of speed and power.



Galvatron commented on Feature: What Do You Mean You've Never Played....:

Galvatron concurs that War for Cybertron is a truly top-tier game and High Moon should be congratulated for the finest combination of story, graphics, lore and gameplay yet seen re the origin of my species.

The PS4 deserves another title from High Moon despite the probability being the same as Primes' chances of defeating me one-on-one.




Galvatron commented on Destiny's New Patch Detailed, Gets Suspend and...:

@Sanquine UK. Whilst I really should have broadband, I don't need a landline or 90% of the features associated with the full TV / phone / broadband packages, hence my use of a simple 4G dongle purely for online gaming.

I'm still of the opinion that these updates should be compressed in file size terms, pretty soon our PS4'a will be like IPhones - where the system software is such a large file there's no room for apps!!

I may even stop playing Destiny - which I've played daily for months - such is my disgust at a 6GB mandatory update which HAS to be installed to continue playing a game I've already spent Β£70 on including The Dark Below DLC.

Totally unacceptable - yet no gaming sites feels like commenting on this.....



Galvatron commented on Destiny's New Patch Detailed, Gets Suspend and...:

Anyone else thinking that 6GB is way too much for an update with these miniscule improvements? Then there'll be at least 3-4GB on House of Wolves.....I think this is one of the best games ever made, but 2 things will see it's undoing - Activision ripping off consumers with ridiculous pay structure for not much content, and these annoying updates.

I know most of you have broadband so it's not as bad, but I still use a 4G dongle and that means all data is consumed before the update is even I'll have to get broadband in order to update Destiny, Driveclub & Bloodborne. It's frankly a pain in the proverbial.



Galvatron commented on Soapbox: Why You Shouldn't Be Afraid to Play B...:

I'm split on this topic; Bloodborne IS very hard, but it's most required skills are patience and memorising enemy movements and lunges.

Unfortunately, it's not as enjoyable as a result; there's a phenomenal sense of achievement upon taking down a boss after deaths ad-nausium, but I'm not convinced the journey to get there is always worth it.

I will persist as I absolutely loved Demons Souls (more for level design) but I'd also agree with others that the graphics are NOT as good as reviews have us believe - it does look like an updated PS3 game - and there are WAY too many articles on how to beat bosses and so forth.

My real issue is on Destiny......a 6GB update, and for what? Minuscule improvements..... These mandatory updates on PS4 are beginning to really p*ss off Galvatron....

Language - get2sammyb



Galvatron commented on Worlds Collide in Mysterious PlayStation Promo...:

3rd November is this year's solar eclipse? Interesting, moreso should that be the PS4 release date, as it happens to be my birthday

Mind you, it seems a highly cryptic image for a release date; whilst I've been a day-one Sony gaming hardware buyer (including portables) I'd prefer this image be related to a new title. Preferably on Vita.

As for the comment suggesting it could be Halo.....not with Microsoft as the licensee. Good thing we have Destiny instead



Galvatron commented on Review: Jak & Daxter Collection (PlayStation V...:

If I hear or read one more person state 'if I ever buy a Vita someday, I may get this', I'll aim my literary cannons squarely at them.

Why provide only a comment beginning with 'if I buy a Vita', as if that is the important part of the sentence?

I'd rather read what people who actually HAVE the system have to say about it's game reviews, as they'll already be somewhat invested in the nuances of the hardware and games.

In short, their comments on reviews for the system are more credible

Re this title, as I never bought this series on PS2 I reckon Jak 3 is worth a download as it'll add a different genre to an increasingly impressive Vita library.

If I ever buy a Vita, that is



Galvatron commented on Review: Jak & Daxter Collection (PlayStation V...:

If I hear or read one more person state 'if I ever buy a Vita someday, I may get this', I'll aim my literary cannons squarely at them.

Why provide only a comment beginning with 'if I buy a Vita', as if that is the important part of the sentence?

I'd rather read what people who actually HAVE the system have to say about it's game reviews, as they'll already be somewhat invested in the nuances of the hardware and games.

In short, their comments on reviews for the system are more credible

Re this title, as I never bought this series on PS2 I reckon Jak 3 is worth a download as it'll add a different genre to an increasingly impressive Vita library.

If I ever buy a Vita, that is



Galvatron commented on Reaction: Sony Has Outwitted Microsoft at Ever...:

@Gamer83 I respect your opinion, but have to disagree it has no exclusive titles; Gravity Rush is simply astonishing in not only creating a fabulous world of immersion; moreso in it's sensation of flight and speed, ably assisted by the games myriad of controls. Sound Shapes, whilst also available on PS3, is an excellent title using DLC akin to an art form. Soul Sacrifice is part Monster Hunter, part Dark Souls, all-addictive. Assassins Creed: Liberation is utterly joyous in creating a story-driven 3D realm where strategic swiping of the rear touchpad steals goodies from NPC's....and Killzone: Mercenary will be the killer app
Vita owners are waiting for, and as a FPS using the
Killzone 3 engine, it will herald new bigger titles.

I absolutely love the Vita and whilst I agree with you that it needs more AAA titles a la GTA or Bioshock,
let's have faith that Sony will serve out quality titles
over the next 2 or 3 years. From my memory, ALL
Playstation formats suffered from major droughts early
in the machine's cycle, including PSP, yet all also stood the test of time.

Many talk about the PSP's continued success, yet they forget exactly the same butchering Sony (rightfully) received for lack of titles. Time, it's clear to see, plays a heavy part in the assessment of a console's lifespan. I'm starting to see some critics finally laud Sony for the excellent indie presence on the portable, and technically Golden Abyss is also a new game, not a port, so there are plenty of top drawer games available.

I'm still waiting for Evo and Tekken, but such is the draw of the machine I've downloaded the PSP version of Evo and Tekken 6, and invested in a JBL portable speaker for watching movies a la The Hobbit and certain titles such as Most Wanted.

Incidentally, I'm now a HUGE fan of Music Unlimited on Vita, and recently took advantage of the Vita's wifi abroad by listening to the new Daft Punk album through the app and my Bluetooth speaker.

A very cool and new experience people, highly recommend



Galvatron commented on Reaction: Sony Has Outwitted Microsoft at Ever...:

Sony's conference was in the main a highly positive affair. Cheaper than the competition, no second-hand restrictions, no bizarre and frankly uneducated 'always or at least once-every-24hours' limitations.

But no Vita games, either.

It flys in the face of Shahid Kamals schoolboy-esque tweets ("not on my watch") which require not so much an explanation, but more specifics. We know the games are coming, but of the calibre of Killzone: Mercenary is what Vita owners want to see.

Still, the average Vita owner possessing 10 games was a surprise; I have 18, excluding PS1 and minis, otherwise 25. Favourites to keep me occupied until September?

Wipeout 2048
Persona 4: Golden
NFS: Most Wanted
AC: Liberation
Gravity Rush
MGS: HD Collection
Sine Mora
Soul Sacrifice

Hmm, for a machine supposedly on it's knees, how the hell did it manage that after year one?!?



Galvatron commented on BioShock Vita:

What a mess; Levine is, unlike Molyneux, an actual gaming design genius. Like Molyneux, however, he's also prone to needless rambling and Bioshock Vita isn't even greenlit, merely 'possible'.

Hardly what Vita owners who appreciate the depths of immersion Bioshock 1 in particular offered; at least Soul Sacrifice will be in Europe in 4 weeks