The Last of Us is just about as cutting edge as PlayStation 3 games come, but what if it had deployed 15 or so years ago on the PSone? Proving once again just how creative it can be when it puts its mind to it, the NeoGAF community has concocted a few mock-ups of what Naughty Dog’s survival horror opus would look like on Sony’s inaugural home console.

It all started with user ascii42 cracking a gag with some swish retro-style box art, but the joke quickly took an awesome twist. Fellow members plainr_ and KyleFedora mocked up some screenshots of how the game could have looked on the Japanese giant's 32-bit system – complete with Resident Evil-esque pre-rendered backdrops and blocky polygonal models. It looks great.

We don’t know about you, but we actually wished that this would get made now. There was a certain je ne sais quoi about the way horror games looked on the PSone, and these screenshots totally nail it. We reckon that the blurry resolutions and murky textures actually enhanced titles like Silent Hill’s atmosphere, so maybe Joel and Ellie’s adventure would benefit from a hardware downgrade, too.