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calin1010 commented on PlayStation Now's All-You-Can-Play Subscriptio...:

This has probably been talked to death, but imo this service is a big middle-finger to a lot of players(myself included) who already own most of these games and would have been nice after spending a lot of money on a new console to be able to play them, just like you play Ps1 and ps2 classics on ps3 or psp games on vita. It's their platform and I'm sure it can be done, but they chose the greedy path to ask you for money for stuff you actually paid for already, on top of that with a service that people don't trust working to good either. My point in all of this, all you guys who already paid hundreds of dollars for games, stop calling ps now "a deal", because it's not



calin1010 commented on Batman: Arkham Knight's New Character Is Steal...:

It's Batman! Facing his his worst fears, him become a killer, side effects of the fear gas Scarecrow will throw at him. I have a feeling this story will be awesome, with some huge twists, we'll have a lot of Scarecrow sequences that players will actually think are not illusions



calin1010 commented on Sassy FPS Borderlands 2 Is Coming to Vita Soon...:

So is this going to be the GOTy editon with the (I think) 4 dlcs or just the game we already have for free with Plus? I'm guessing it's going to be full price at 35£, so it would be wise to add at least some dlc in the package to be worth the price



calin1010 commented on Who Remembers The Wolf Among Us? It Returns Ne...:

I heard rumors saying that players already figuered the whole game out and already knew how it ended, so the studio took their time to make some changes to the remaining episodes, it might be true, considering they don't want to talk about it. If the development of the Borderlands and Game of Thrones games would have got in the way, they could have just said so, that would make people more happy than sad



calin1010 commented on Soapbox: Assassin's Creed's Modern Day Compone...:

The whole point of the modern day gameplay was to turn Desmond into the ultimate Assassin to defeat de templars for good, after five games he just kicked the bucket after fighting a few dudes, so yes! Please remove the present sequel-bait



calin1010 commented on Feature: Five Vita Games That Will Keep You Oc...:

Come on people! Give Hotline Miami 2 some love, the first one was insanely good! Hope they up the game for Gravity Rush sequel, i enjoyed the first, but it got too repetitive after a while, and it could use a more vast and explorable open-world with more activities👍



calin1010 commented on Feature: Five Hotly Anticipated PS4 Games That...:

Imo Second Son is the first true sistem seller a first party game that will set the tone for the future of the ps4, third party games are great but the ps exclusives are what make the console so amazing, having Infamous and Uncharted on ps4 will make a lot of people to upgrade to next-gen!
Watch Dogs looks great and I can't wait to play it, and while I'm not into fps's and driving games I will pick up Destiny, Driveclub and The Division. The order is another game that I'm very hyped about



calin1010 commented on Review: Mutant Mudds Deluxe (PlayStation Network):

I just downloaded the free Borderlands 2 and was thinking about the Vita version. Just got NFSMW on the Jan Sale and I have to say that you can tell the difference, but I have a feeling that the art style from Borderlands will work perfectly on the Vita, can't wait



calin1010 commented on Feature: 2013's Most Powerful PlayStation Soun...:

Love the music from The Last of Is, also it doesn't really count as 2013, but it does for me Hotline Miami on Vita, that retro soundtrack is what I would listen to all day, honorable mention to the GTA Radios and also Tomb Raider, the sounds in that game are amazing, really have to play it again



calin1010 commented on Soapbox: Why There's No Real Rush to Upgrade t...:

The amount of quality games I have on PS3 right now really makes it hard for me to splash the cash for it's younger brother rightnow, I think the right time will be when Watch Dogs and Infamous will launch, still have to get GoW Ascension, Bioshock Infinite and Beyond among other, also it's about time I got The Unfinished Swan and Rain, those are 2 games I can't wait to play...and not on PS4