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Farewell Old Friend! Sony to Cease Selling the PlayStation Portable

Posted by Sammy Barker

Pocketable platform turned off for the last time

While it’s been a non-entity in parts of the Western world for some time now, Sony has confirmed that it will officially pull the plug on the PlayStation Portable this year. The platform holder’s former flagship handheld format originally launched in Japan on 12th December 2004, meaning that it has more or less served its intended ten year lifespan.

According to the Japanese giant, system shipments to North America ended in January. Meanwhile, stock will cease to be replenished in the firm’s home territory later this month, with European deliveries concluding at the end of the year. The device is actually still moderately popular in regions such as Spain, so it makes sense to prolong the platform’s life a little longer there.

To date, the device has sold over 76 million units, despite having a somewhat troubled tenure at retail. The gizmo’s console quality graphics and multimedia functions served it well during its early days, but a lack of worthwhile software hurt it when Sony switched focus to the PlayStation 3. The machine eventually caught a second wind in Japan on the back of the success of Monster Hunter, which led to the creation of dozens of critically acclaimed games.

The manufacturer will now switch its focus to the PlayStation Vita, which is struggling to make an impact globally. While the diminutive device is now selling fairly well in its home nation, the system has struggled to overcome the clout of smartphones and tablets in Western regions. However, it still remains a popular choice among owners, and has accrued a sizeable library as a result.

Exactly what the future holds for Sony’s portable business remains to be seen, but with Nintendo leading the dedicated gaming space, and iOS and Android attracting more casual players, we suspect that the firm may exit the business eventually. Until that day, though, let’s honour the PSP – a platform that may not have reached its full potential, but still hosted some amazing games.


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MadchesterManc said:

Still carry my PsP with me everywhere, its usually ahead of my other handhelds in the pecking order. So many great games, so little time though. Considering the PsP was going up against the juggernaut of Nintendo in the handheld market, over 76 million sold is an impressive number



Epic said:

This is the perfect timing to get a PSP, at this point retailers should be selling it for dirty cheap with some games.



eLarkos said:

The PSP blew my mind when it was released. My mate bought one with Madden and boy was I jealous. The Vita just made me cringe....



freaksloan said:

I love my PSP and play it almost as much as I do my 3DS XL. I have not yet bought a Vita. I want the new Vita Slim, but I don't want Borderlands. Waiting to see if they come out with something different.



Donald_M said:

All I wanna know is, does this mean they're finally gonna get around to making EVERY PSP game on Playstation Network compatible with the Vita? Because that is way past due.



charlesnarles said:

@Donald_M PSP is still the only way to play Metal Gear Ac!d, MHF, and lots of other great titles. I'd just die if they put all their PS1/P content on Vita. Jedi Power Battles on Vita, anyone?



Punished_Boss_84 said:

@CanisWolfred NA ceased production back in January, EU will be later this year and Japan has their month with bonus upgrades to Vita.

Topic: Well that is sad, but the upside is Sony will have to reveal how much Vita is selling now that PSP will no longer be selling and they can't use it to hide the abysmal results. Although they can still remain coy on install base.



Heiki said:

I love my Vita, so I guess it's time to get a PSP while I still can. There are 20 PSP games or so on my wishlist. I never got one because I wasn't really into gaming at that time.



Midzark said:

Had a psp and then sold it! Rubbish!! Brought the 3ds and it's amazing!! 😁 sony should put all there power into the ps4 ☺️



Dodoo said:

I think this is a good move. Sony need to get the Japanese (and rest of the world) "upgraded" to the Vita so it gets better support from devs. This can only help...

I hope!



eLarkos said:

@get2sammyb When it was revealed all I could think was why why Sony why?! It's current troubles were so easily foreseen. I also don't think it's an amazing device. It has 2 sticks and plays games, but even now for all its needs it fails e.g remote play and PS Now controls. I really think a better device could be made. How is the Nvidia Shield? I have never used one.

I think it's probably a good time to stop PSP. "Focus" on Vita.



bbq_boy said:

About darn time. It was good 5 - 10 years ago but time to move on. The ps vita is tons better imo - dualsticks that work proper, lush screen, huge backlog and loads fresh indie/big budget ganes, perfect audio when heaphones plugged in (preferred way to blockout commuters and noisy family), a fast psn store and I love those dinky game cards lol. My Psp has a place in my heart but since owning a vita never looked back. Long live the vita! Just wish the soothsayers would go away and truly play the games on vita and open their minds to wicked wealth of games. Best handheld in years - trumps my childish 3ds by miles.



eLarkos said:

@Damo That might be changing... Portal 2, Half-Life 2.
Sony are doing it right though, focusing on PS Now. I think the best option would be to open PS Now to all android and Sony compete with their own hardware on an even field. Sony have so much expertise in PlayStation that im confidant they could create better hardware for playing PS Now than Samsung for example. Whether that's a phone/gaming device (xperia play) or a dedicated gaming device (Nvidia Shield style).
I don't believe in locking down great features to entice people to buy your inferior product. Compete hard, use your strengths hard, win hard.



Knux said:

I still play mine quite regularly. It's seriously one of the best handhelds, in my opinion.



Chouzetsu said:

I don't play my Vita at all now... Its battery has started to wack out. It goes from empty to full and then empty again. It doesn't turn off or anything but I don't play it in fear of messing it up even further... I think I'll have to have the battery replaced...



Bliquid said:

PSP has been a great portable, with Square publishing amazing titles, MH Freedom, Sony first party IPs, MGS:PW and many more. I really enjoyed my time with it, and i still go back to it to play UMD (good lord, Sony, you and your silly proprietary formats...) only games.
I would be sad of PSP being discontinued, if i wasn't a day away from my free copy of Dragon's Crown for my beloved Vita.



hYdeks said:

ohh good, Im not the only one that read the header wrong and thought it said Vita lol I just bought my Vita Slim and I love my Vita!

As for the PSP, I gotta be honest, I thought they stopped production on that already, cause finding a PSP where I live is pretty impossible, unless you go online



JuanitoShet said:

How quickly time flies by. I've been a proud PSP owner since July of 2007.

You had a good run, my litl handheld.



Jazzer94 said:

PSP was such a good handheld I spent so much time playing FF Dssidia, MHFU, GTA:LCS and MGS:PW plus countless other RPGs etc. Also it what such a great media device when it launched even now it's still handy in that department, to me it felt like Sony cared more about their handheld then they do now even with the rampant piracy that plagued the console.

Pic of the PSP model I own.



AVahne said:

I still need to fix my 3000, but my go gets some playtime when I'm not playing my 3DS or my Vita.



Tasuki said:

I never owned a PSP really never had the money for one and I wasn't much into handheld gaming till I got my 3DS. Perhaps I will pick up one one of these days to add to my retro collection.



Zombie_Barioth said:

I'm kinda surprised they kept up production so long. Around here I'd see a few stores keep one on shelves, but I just figured it was leftover stock or something.

The good news is with 76 million units sold there should be enough floating around picking one up should be pretty easy, and this would be a good time to do so.

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