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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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Damo commented on Review: The King of Fighters XIV (PS4):

Interesting that some of you have picked up on a Street Fighter bias in this review. I'm actually a massive fan of both firms, right back to the SF2 / Fatal Fury days. I've followed both in the arcades and on consoles like the Saturn, Dreamcast and AES/MVS, so I'd like to think I'm pretty level headed when it comes to this kind of thing.

Simply put, KOF XIV doesn't feel as enjoyable as SFV (or look as pretty), but both are great. I'm sure now that SNK has committed itself to 3D, subsequent games in the series can build on this excellent template.



Damo commented on Review: Dark Souls III (PS4):

@audiobrainiac The story doesn't carry over from any of the games - each one has a different story. However, there are elements which are shared between them, so give DS3 a try and if you like it you can always drop back to the others.



Damo commented on Review: Dark Souls III (PS4):

@Majic12 A King's Field reboot would be great, but the originals haven't aged well at all. The first one released in the west (technically the second, the original was Japan only) was pretty sluggish and hard-going even back in the '90s.



Damo commented on Oh Look, It's a Nintendo PlayStation Console:

@BLPs Nintendo ditched Sony at the altar. The deal didn't fall through - in fact, even after Nintendo dropped the bombshell, the two companies still worked on the concept. Nintendo used its Philips deal to extract itself from the Sony partnership. It was a very dodgy piece of business.



Damo commented on Soapbox: Was Dragon's Crown Just A Joke That N...:

@SecondServing Thanks for the kind words!

And you're totally right about League of Legends and pretty much EVERY western RPG out there. Women are shown in as little clothing as possible, yet I don't see anyone getting on their high horses about it. I think with Dragon's Crown, many sectors of the gaming press saw the comical boobs, realised it was a game "made by those crazy Japanese" and instantly started attacking it, not bothering to take note of the laugh-out-load nature of the title.

Dragon's Crown does have uncomfortable moments for sure, but it doesn't deserve the reaction it got from some western sites - sites which seem to turn a blind eye to similar sexism in RPGs produced closer to home.



Damo commented on Hardware Review: PS Vita Slim - Screen if You ...:

@Diddy_kong If you don't have the OLED Vita to compare to, then the Slim's screen is perfectly acceptable - compared to other mobile tech, it's certainly not terrible. However, given that the original Vita is actually cheaper to buy brand new than the Slim, I can't see any real reason to pick it over the older model.



Damo commented on Hardware Review: PS Vita Slim - Screen if You ...:

@MadchesterManc I wasn't suggesting you shouldn't have a different opinion, the reason I asked if you'd done a comparison in the flesh was the difference is quite striking when both consoles are actually side by side. There's nothing "off" about the comparison photos I've taken - in the flesh, the original Vita's display is much brighter and more vibrant than the one on the Slim, and the fact that the viewing angle is the same on both consoles removes any implied "advantage" the original console has over its successor. And this is just static images we're talking about here - in motion, the Slim's LCD panel is prone to blurring, too.

The photo you're referencing looks like it was taken under indoor lighting (my images were taken in natural light coming in from a window) and that could also contribute to the fact that the screens look similar in brightness. In reality, this simply isn't the case.

You're right, it's unreasonable to expect Sony to remodel a console and not look to include cheaper parts, but that's the issue here - while the Slim will be cheaper for Sony to make, they're not passing the savings onto the consumer. As a result, there's little reason to buy a Slim over the original system (which is available for less at the time of writing anyway).



Damo commented on Hardware Review: PS Vita Slim - Screen if You ...:

@Gemuarto @TwilightPoint @MadchesterManc Guys, guys, guys. I've spent long enough with the both Vitas to tell you without a shadow of doubt that the screen on the new model is a duffer compared to the OLED on the original. The photos provided illustrate this perfectly - viewing angles have nothing to do with it, as BOTH machines are being viewed from the same angle in those photos - if I was trying to make the Slim's screen look bad (not sure why anyone would assume that was my motive) then surely I would have only take a shot of that from a sharp angle? Even when viewed straight-on, the difference between the two is remarkable. OLED wins every time.

The screen is a clear downgrade. There's simply no escaping that fact. As I said in the review, the IPS LCD panel has duller colours, less striking blacks and suffers from motion smearing. I adore the screen on the original Vita - it's probably the best screen of any handheld games console I've ever used - and have spent long enough with other mobile tech to know that it's hard to go back once you've sampled the delights of OLED.



Damo commented on Hardware Review: PS Vita Slim - Screen if You ...:

@AVahne I'm a Shield owner and that system is wonderful - great specs, amazing screen. I play it perhaps more than any other handheld...but there's no escaping that most Android games are terrible when compared to what's available on the Vita. I use my Shield mainly for emulation, which is very much a grey area anyway.



Damo commented on Your First Official Look at Lost Planet 3:

The choice of developer has to have alarm bells ringing here. Spark Unlimited hardly inspire confidence. However, that CGI trailer does look cool, if nothing else.



Damo commented on Deadstorm Pirates to Swash PSN Buckles in Euro...:

This was the best thing about the Razing Storm package by a mile, but man, that price is insane. What were they smoking when they came up with that? This is a very basic light-gun shooter with limited appeal. There's no way this should be more than £9.99.



Damo commented on Those Embarrassed by Wii Will Flock to Move, R...:

While it could be seen as a cheap shot at Nintendo, I think there's merit in what he's saying here. The Wii is getting on a bit now, and TBH it was never visually impressive when it was first released. I think people are certainly looking upwards towards HD consoles like the PS3 and 360 for their gaming fix, even more so when you consider the proliferation of HD TVs in the past year or so.



Damo commented on Witness PlayStation Move's Origins on PlayStat...:

Wow, that is pretty amazing! I guess it goes to show that although Nintendo got to market first, other companies were thinking along the same lines. I always thought that the Eyetoy on PS2 never really for the recognition it deserved, it reminds me a lot of the early Wii titles.

And it offered controller-less gaming years before Kinect!