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Is Grand Theft Auto V Carjacking PS4? Rockstar Is Plotting a Next-Gen Release

Posted by Sammy Barker

Mystery title to honk its horn before April 2015

Grand Theft Auto V may make its debut on the PlayStation 4 imminently after all, as Take-Two has revealed that subsidiary Rockstar Games will release a “next-gen” title before the end of March 2015. While the firm failed to indicate which of its critically acclaimed franchises this outing will belong to, it did indicate that it expects the Red Dead Redemption maker to account for 45 per cent of its total revenue for the coming year, suggesting that it will be a major game.

Rumours regarding a port of last year's open world epic for Sony’s best selling super machine have been rife for some time, with the company even indicating that it will make it if enough consumers request it. Judging by our own various social network feeds, the market is definitely there – even though the core package has now moved a whopping 33 million units globally on both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. There’s no reason why it couldn’t comfortably cross the 50 million mark with an updated re-release.

Of course, there are other possibilities. A sequel to the studio’s abovementioned Western sandbox is also supposedly in production, while the developer has emphasised its fondness for the Bully brand on multiple occasions. Alas, Take-Two gaffer Strauss Zelnick refused to be drawn on specifics, simply stating that he’s “very excited about what [Rockstar Games] has in store” for the PS4. You and us both, buddy – well, as long as it doesn't involve bashing buttons to run.


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ShogunRok said:

This has to be GTAV on PS4, right?

Certainly wouldn't say no to a sequel to RDR, though...



GraveLordXD said:

Another RDR would be awesome as far as gta5 port no thanks! it looks and plays just fine on my ps3 so did tomb raider and last of us
Is it to much to ask for new games?



Splat said:

A new Red Dead Redemption would make me want a PS4. All these ports of games I all ready have on PS3 don't make me feel liking I'm missing anything.

Besides Sleeping Dogs is better than GTA anyways...



Heiki said:

I'm sticking with the game on my PS3, thanks. It is not a bad game, but not worth double dipping either. I think it's overrated.



Gamer83 said:

I hope it's a new Red Dead but it's obviously GTA V. That's the way of the industry these days, and millions of sheep will go out and re-buy it for $60.



oOo_Lindsey_oOo said:

I'm no sheep, I'd re purchase it because its an easy platinum. If it was released soon then people would buy it simple because they don't have a ps3 anymore, they miss playing the game & just maybe they are not interested in the current titles available on the ps4.



Scollurio said:

From what I've seen, Watchdogs is going to get really close to GTA's sandbox crown. Hopefully I'm right. I still need to go through the tedious process of platinuming it on PS3!



rastamadeus said:

They expect Red Dead Redemption to make up that many sales as it's being released for PC this year. A sequel to Red Dead is being worked on, they've said that many times. Doubt we'll see it for a good couple of years though.

GTA V is meant to be a long-term plan for Rockstar with their Online mode so if anything is ported over it will be that. The microtransactions money will be too much for Take 2 to resist. Personally I hope they're making a new Body Harvest. The original on the N64 was packed with so much potential so would be great to see Rockstar go unexpectedly back to it.



BertoFlyingFox said:

It'll most likely be GTAV for PS4. With Sony already announcing a chunky loss in their next years earnings, they'll need to sell software like crazy. GTAV sold like crazy, so they'll try to mimic it on PS4 by releasing the same game (most likely enhanced with extra content). No coincidence that they want it to release before this fiscal year ends.



Pedant said:

"Grand Theft Auto V may make its debut on the PlayStation 4 imminently after all, as Take-Two has revealed that subsidiary Rockstar Games will release a “next-gen” title before the end of March 2015"

So you call 'before... March 2015' imminemt? Well, technically you're right, but don't try to over-hype things. I doubt anything will happen before Q4 of this year.
One more thing...what the hell happened to the PC version of GTAV? Remember all the failtards who 'suggested' it woul be Q1 2014?
Everything is rumour, gossip and speculation until it is announced by the company making it. Or, in other words, 99% of what you read is complete rubbish.



Midzark said:

Yay I'm a "Sheep" cause I'd love to buy GTA V for my PS4! I sold my xbox 360 with GTA V and miss the game like mad! It will be Epic on PS4! Watch Dogs will show us what GTA V could be like!! Just hope it's released ASAP lol

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