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PS4 Has Now Sold 6 Million Units Worldwide, 370k in Japan Alone

Posted by Kell Andersen

Wait, already?

Sony really ought to slow down. We've barely had time to lift our gaping jaws off the floor from the last time that the PlayStation 4 hit a sales milestone, yet here we are again, thanking our lucky stars that we bat for the winning team. That's right, it's time for another salacious statistics dump, so you'd best get yourself nice and comfortable, as we're about to discuss some exceedingly exciting stats.

Are you ready? Good. First up, the Japanese giant's super machine has now officially sold 6 million units worldwide, which really ought to give just about anyone pause for reflection. What's more, the console's release in Japan last month contributed an impressive 370,000 units to that staggering total.

On the software front, the behemoth has sold a monumental 13.7 million titles, which includes both digital and retail versions. Of particular interest is the news that Guerrilla Games' stunning shooter Killzone: Shadow Fall makes up 2.1 million of those sales. Meanwhile, the platform holder has revealed that over half of the shiny black box's owners are subscribed to PlayStation Plus, and that the much touted share button has been pushed over 100 million times.

Whew, that's more than enough numbers for us, so if you don't mind, we're going to go make a cup of tea and have a nice lie down. In the meantime, tell us what you make of these bewildering statistics in the comments section below.


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InsertNameHere said:

First The Last of Us can't stop winning awards, now the PS4 can't stop smashing records. Everyone at Sony must be very proud of themselves right now, especially Mark Cerny, who's probably still getting some well deserved rest after the buildup to the PS4's launch.

Shadow Fall is doing really well too, which doesn't really surprise me. I've heard that it's still the best selling exclusive across both consoles, so Guerrilla deserves some props as well.



Bad-MuthaAdebisi said:

Aye, impressive. I've never uploaded anything from share. 7 million by the end of march is probably likely. I would have expected the title sales to be nearer 20 million but I guess the launch titles drifted away. I've kitted my ps4 out with 5 titles an extra ds4 and the new wireless headphones. Its definitely worth making the most of the ps4 now that decent next gen titles are lining up.



N711 said:

And it would be so much more if Sony could make them faster. For people like me who havent got a PS4 yet I just found out I can 'purchase' the free PS4 PS+ games from sonyentertainmentnetwork on my PC



rjejr said:

@RyoHazuki - "7 million by the end of march is probably likely."

The 6mil is obviously impressive but I suspect the end of March will still be closer to 6mil than 7mil. The jump from 5 to 6 had a lot to do w/ 370k in Japan from the launch there, meaning sales have slowed down a bit everywhere else - due in part to lack of stock which I'm guessing is in short supply almost everywhere right now - so maybe 100k per week for 4 weeks makes 6.4mil by March 31. I just don't think they can make and ship more than that.

400k in March would still be impressive, I think Wii U sold around 7,000 last March.

Any way to tell if the PS+ numbers are new or carry over from Vita or PS3 owners? I thought it would be higher but then I realized some of those 6m PS4 sales were probably in countries were it either isn't available or broadband is too lousy to make it worth it - can't DL 25Gb over dial-up.



thedevilsjester said:

@rjejr with inFamous Second Son releasing this month, and stock starting to show up more regularly, its likely that we will get a good boost. Will it be 1 million this month? I doubt it but I think closer to 7 mil than 6 mil total at least.



Bad-MuthaAdebisi said:

@rjejr yep I think you could be right, it depends on supply really, I still think there is enough demand with second son releasing, its the first proper next gen title since launch. Thief wasn't so much and Tom Raider was an extravagance. If we do get an early April release date of Drive Club along with mid March infamous second son then we might just see a big jump again. You're also forgetting about all the kids realising Titanfall is pants?



divinelite said:

me and my friend might jump the wagon after infamous release
at least we will be ps4 owner in April if not earlier

Ffxhd and project diva 1 + 2nd (import) will be my farewell wallet exclusivity for my vita



JaxonH said:

"thankful we bat for the winning team"? Ughh.

You should like Playstation regardless of whether or not they're selling the most consoles. In fact, the two are not related. Look at Vita. Look at PS4. Complete opposites. Yet I value them both the same.



Heiki said:

I hope it keeps selling in Japan. By the time Japanese developers start taking notice of the PS4 I will be able to justify my purchase. I'm still doing just fine with my PS3.



divinelite said:

it's weird to see only 20 comments here and... nearly 300 comments on 'the other site'

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