If you were thinking that, after a particularly taxing 2013, your wallet would be getting a break this year, then think again. At a recent press event in Santa Monica, Sony's vice president of marketing John Koller revealed that 2014 is going to be an action packed 12 months for the PlayStation 4. The big wig noted that a massive 100 games in total are coming to the burly black box, ranging from indie titles like The Witness, all the way up to blockbusters such as The Order: 1886. In other words, we probably don't need to worry ourselves over a potentially devastating software drought.

Not satisfied to rest on this laurel, though, the executive continued to blow our minds with another set of mind-numbing numbers. The Japanese giant has calculated that all of the PS4s around the world spend a combined 50 million hours switched on every week, with over half of that time spent exclusively on gaming. Those poor Helghast don't know what's hit 'em. What's more, we've collectively racked up over 172 million hours playing online games on our next-gen marvels. Splutter.

What do you make of this startling set of statistics? Is your wallet currently huddled in the corner and crying for dear life? Spend 172 million hours in the comments section below.

[via destructoid.com]