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Want to Know What Your PS4 Can Do? The Order: 1886 Will Show You

Posted by Sammy Barker

Panic on the streets of London

Sony has lifted the embargo on The Order: 1886 a little earlier than expected, giving us our first proper glimpse at the Ready at Dawn developed epic since E3 last year. The coverage starts with this cinematic trailer, showing the formation of the titular faction and how the Industrial Revolution has changed the balance in London’s battle against an ancient foe.

The trailer hints at ‘gruesome murders’, perhaps demonstrating how the alternate history narrative will weave its way around Jack the Ripper’s real Whitechapel killings. We also, of course, get a glimpse at the title’s extraordinary PlayStation 4 visuals, as protagonist Galahad investigates a decidedly cinematic crime scene. Are you impressed? Gather around the Round Table in the comments section below.


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N711 said:

There s another trailer with gameplay.. Its awesome!



Carl-G said:

The bits of gameplay i saw on the 'PlayStation Access' YouTube site were AMAZING I can't wait for this game



Dodoo said:

I wasn't that interested in this before but have changed my mind now I've seen the gameplay.

Like Sammy says, this looks proper next gen (er... or should I say current gen?!)



InsertNameHere said:

If a game can look as good as this so early into the PS4's life, just imagine what they'll look like in 4 years.



Visiblemode said:

Outside of the praise for the visuals and atmosphere, one point of criticism I've seen is that this seems to be "just a third person shooter with quicktime events."

IGN's Colin Moriarty was particularly harsh about it.

Other that we haven't seen much of the game yet -even the press hasn't at 40 problem is this infuriating hipster gaming press. This, and a few other sites excluded, there has been an enraging trend in gaming journalism lately where games get panned for not reinventing the wheel. (Despite that radical innovation is also met with frequent rejection and low sales)

Imagine this is just an uncharted clone with this cool setting and awesome look. That sounds amazing! I get to play 12-15 hours of uncharted every 3 years, do we really need to say a game has to be radically different to have worth? In their quest to "find different for different's sake" gaming journalists are "BEING different for different's sake." That is called being contrary and yeah it's basically just a hipster/slacker mentality that trivializes the accomplishments of others by pointing out what they aren't instead of what they are.

Anyway, that's my rant, this game looks awesome.



3Above said:

@Visiblemode This is a trend I've noticed as well. Yet these same sites dont attempt to discourge interest in CoD or the like for thesame reasons they dump on other games. Titanfall they hype up. The Order they criticize.



Axel210 said:

@Visiblemode and @3Above

I can also include myself in the group of observers of this trait of (forgive me) lamestream media. It is such a narky thing, they are almost the trolls of journalism......almost

Edit (30 seconds later) My original point was the game looks lovely, I am currently devising a way to throw my wallet at my PS3/V&4 to pay for things, 2 TV's down and still no progress.



chadders77 said:

OK, so from what I can see the game looks like it will be worth purchasing. The one massive issue I have and maybe some others will, is that the game looks very dark, for good reasons i'm sure, to add to mood etc, but i'm wondering if this is going to be a problem on some LED TV's which use localized dimming.

I know mine does and it sucks huge balls at doing so?? I'm not ready to go and waste money on a new TV as my next one will be 4K, but i'm not going to pay the prices at the moment.

What do others think about this, maybe i'll have to play this via Remote Play!!



Savino said:

Amazing graphics... But the gameplay seems a bit boring, like Gears of Wars...



3rdEyeMind said:

Greatest next gen graphics i have seen.

This is by far and away the best looking game seen thus far.



Madd_Hatter401 said:

@3Above titanfall is actually a really FUN game, its the most fun I have ever had with a shooter.. its not gonna need hype, and its a shame its exclusive to PC and XB1.

The Order is certainly interesting looking.. its not exactly my most anticipated game but neither was TLoU and that is now one of my all time favorite games.



InsertNameHere said:

@3Above @Visiblemode I've noticed that as well, especially with IGN. Call of Duty is as generic as white walls, but I never hear them give Activision any crap for it.

I've also started seeing that people are now inexplicably opposed to multiplayer after it was revealed that Infamous and The Order are singleplayer only. In an article on DualShockers, one of the editors went so far as to say that multiplayer should be done away with and that games without multiplayer are more original and interesting.

And the only ones interested in Titanfall are the CoD crowd and Xbots who gloat that it's exclusive. My cousin got into the beta and we both were very disappointed; the trailer at E3 bored me to tears, so I wasn't surprised that it was disappointing.



3Above said:

@Madd_Hatter401 Fair enough. But thats part of my point. Titanfall has an actual Beta to play. But the amount of negativity, especially from IGN, about a 10 MINUTE HAND OFF DEMO OF AN EARLY BUILD is indicative of this nasty trend.



charlesnarles said:

@chadders77 crank the Contrast as high as it'll go and Brightness as low, then bring up the brightness to where the black stays (relatively) unbacklit. From there, you can change each game's gamma to look good and it'll remember it for each.
Uh-oh, I'm also wondering how much of a step-up that a new plasma tv would make on my games : D



rjejr said:

@BornOfEvil - "The Order are singleplayer only'

Well that's good for me to hear. I thought this was a team based online game - can't remember why. And I really prefer 3rd person over first. I'm playing Bioshock Infinite now and it has great story and atmosphere but I can't fight my way out of a paper bag.



InsertNameHere said:

@rjejr And that's fine, but it seems like a lot of people just want multiplayer gone or to be exclusive to "generic shooters." It's like they don't seem to realize that you're not forced to play online or they go with the "multiplayer takes away from the singleplayer component" argument, which can't be proven.



JaxonH said:


This is how gamers work.

When their system's games have multiplayer, they say it's a prerequisite for a great game, and bash games on other systems for not having it. When their system's games do not have multiplayer, they say it's not needed, and brag that their system's games will be focusing on the single player experience.

That's not a slight against any one group of gamers. I've seen it from all three fanbases. Personally, I think online multiplayer is a great addition, IF a developer wants to add it. If not, no worries, because I usually just play single player anyways. In truth, most games' MP modes will be ignored. Only the best of the best are adopted by gamers as worthy regimens of their time. The only games I ever really play online is Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate and Call of Duty Ghosts.

I'm actually relieved to see some single player only games coming to the system. Online only games like Titanfall, Destiny and Evolve had me worried the single player experience was on the endangered list.



kupoid said:

The noticeable drop in framerate during the combat scenes in the "PlayStation Access" gameplay/interview is very disconcerting. I really hope the final product doesn't run like that.

Otherwise...looks really promising. I'm even actually excited about the QTE system they have in place!

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