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This Is an Expensive Way of Saying PlayStation Plus Is Pretty Great

Posted by Sammy Barker

Experience more together

PlayStation Plus has been around for an incredible four years now, but it’s only really hit its stride over the past twelve months or so. While the service started life as a neat extra for engaged players, it’s blossomed into an obligatory add-on, propelled partially by the fact that the PlayStation 4 requires a subscription for online play, but also the overall quality of the Instant Game Collection.

With the membership now very much a selling point for Sony’s suite of systems, the platform holder has produced a big-budget television commercial that demonstrates the value of joining – and it’s set to debut this week in North America. It shows four friends in a variety of different scenarios, and hones in on the idea that you’ll be able to “experience more” as a subscriber.

Honestly, we reckon that all the Japanese giant needed to do was list all of the titles currently available for the service in order to promote it, but we suppose that this will grab a more ‘casual’ audience’s attention more effectively. Are you a fan of the video, and do you think that it’s successful in selling the benefits of PlayStation’s primary premium membership? Change your costume in the comments section below.


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sajoey said:

I really liked the "Sharing is Caring" trailer that they also released today.



N711 said:

I find this a bit silly and not informative. As you said a list of all the games you get with PS+ would be more useful as I think many are not aware of it.



naruball said:

There's a reason companies make this kind of ads. I remember seeing one for COD with several celebrities for a freaking dlc. It gets people talking. Lists don't help as much. if they or pure value did (matter), they'd have more than a mere 1m ps+ subscribers before the release of the ps4 (and making it mandatory for multiplayer).



rjejr said:

I guess it's a good commercial for promoting the PS+ requirement for online for the PS4, but I dont know how much it's doing for the PS3 and Vita. I'ld a rather see a commercial where a guy in a suit is riding home on a metro/train/subway playing Uncharted on his Vita, then gets home and says hello to his kids playing LBP2 or R&C:A4O on the PS3 in the den on their 32" tv, then goes into his "man cave" (changed off screen into jeans/sweats) for some online playing on the big 60" cranking up the surround sound. then the voice over says:

P S Plus
It's every where
for every one

Or something like that, I'm not a professional ad writer.



Splat said:

Yeah, I don't think it's very informative to "non" PS+ members.



Cyrso said:

Not that good imo. I agree it isn't informative and it doesn't to a good job at selling it.

The "PS4 sharing commercial" is great, on the other hand. (also just released)

Their best ad ever is still the double life commercial. They should remake that one.



divinelite said:

I learned at college that Americans and Japanese opt to have ununderstanable like this to make the add more unique for the ads?



jgrangervikings1 said:

Pretty funny ad. Looks like they're trying to appeal to the casual video gamer crowd to try to convince 'em that online multiplayer gaming is THE thing to do with free time, and the membership fee is a pittance compared to the friendships you'll forge. Casual gaming audiences don't pay attention to each Tuesday's new releases or games that aren't named Mario Bros, GTA, or COD, which is why Sony's trying to appeal to something bigger--the importance of shared experiences. Not sure it'll work, but it's worth a shot.



charlesnarles said:

Idk why your commercials are awesome retrospectives and ours are weird bromantic old guys : (



banacheck said:

PS4 5.3 million units sold before Japans release, and more importantly before March.

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