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Pachter: PS4 Will Surpass Wii U Sales Globally by Spring

Posted by Sammy Barker

Tortoise and the hare

PlayStation 4 may be the newest runner in the console race, but its moving its little blue legs a lot faster than the competition. Chart-Track revealed earlier in the week that Sony’s next generation console had already pulled ahead of the Xbox One in the UK, and now seasoned industry analyst Michael Pachter has suggested that the system will surpass the Nintendo Wii U globally sometime in the Spring.

“I am pretty sure that the Wii U will still be ahead in March, but the PS4 is going to pass it in 2014 at some point,” the likeable Wedbush Securities suit said, as quoted by Gamer Fit Nation. “PS4 will only be at 5 to 5.5 million [units] by March, [so] Wii U should be a hair ahead of that. [It’ll] probably [overtake it in] April or May.”

The Japanese manufacturer has stressed that it expects the install base of its newest super machine to sit around the five million mark by the end of March, and it looks on track to match or even exceed that figure over the coming weeks. Meanwhile, Nintendo’s console was last reported to be around the 3.91 million milestone, but this was before the busy Christmas period and key seller Super Mario 3D World was released.

Still, assuming that the PlayStation maker’s latest platform can continue selling at its current rate, it’s only a matter of time before it outpaces the competition. It took just 24 hours for the PS4 to better the Wii U’s total tally in the UK, so Pachter’s prediction certainly looks reasonable. The real worry for Nintendo is that its console has been available a year longer.


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Hokage17 said:

PS4 overtaking the Wii U by spring is inevitable and should come as no surprise. Nintendo made many mistakes in launching the Wii U mostly with marketing and a huge drought in games for the majority of 2013. Not sure what the future holds for Wii U but it's looking like another GameCube generation for Nintendo. Thankfully they still have the 3DS ( which I love ) to keep them respectable.

I wouldn't be too surprised if the Vita overtakes the Wii U by spring either if it hasn't already. That remote-play is one beast of a feature and almost infinitely expands the Vita's original life cycle with it's ability to stream PS4 content. It will only get more amazing as internet speeds improve and not to mention the potential of Gaikai.



Gamer83 said:

Well, considering Pachter's track record this isn't good news for PS4.



Kolma said:

I don't think Pachter has ever been right when his predictions include Nintendo.



Spidernoir said:

I'd rather Pachter not make predictions.

It tends to have the opposite effect.



Gamer83 said:


Exactly. I wish people would base their own predictions on what they're seeing rather than reach out to this guy and constantly give him press when he is wrong every single time without fail.



Jaz007 said:

I agree with him. This sounds about right to me. I can't wait to see the comments on NintendoLife are, it'll be intresting.



InsertNameHere said:

It doesn't take a genius to predict that the PS4 will surpass the Wii U soon. Man, even when he's not talking out of his a** he's annoying.

The Wii U doesn't really have much in the pipeline that can move units other than Smash Bros and possibly Bayonetta 2 & Mario Kart, though I've never seen Mario Kart as a system seller (but that's just me).



get2sammyb said:

I know people don't often agree with Michael Pachter, but I happen to think he's spot on here, too. We'll see, though - it's feasible that PS4 sales could slow.



Gamer83 said:


Sales will slow. How much? Who knows but we're out of the launch window so the hype will die down. I'm going to look at it strictly compared to other PlayStation products and say as long as sales remain consistently strong and this isn't another Vita disaster, that's the main thing. I'll be interested to see how PS4 tracks over these next 12 months compared to how PS3 did because when we look back at all time first-year screw ups, PS3 is right near the top of the list yet Sony managed to make that console a success in the long run. PS4 had a stronger launch lineup than PS3, it looks to have a stronger year-one lineup as long as the heavy-hitting third party games as well as inFamous, Uncharted and one or both of The Order and DriveClub deliver. The PS4 also has a much more reasonable price point than PS3 did early on. I'd like to see Sony hit the 9 mil or 10 mil mark by the end of 2014. If it does that, then regardless of where it stands in the overall picture I'll feel pretty good about it's prospects. Again though, it depends on games making their release dates and delivering.



awaitingreatnes said:

@BornOfEvil Mario Kart Wii sold 32M as of last year... Other than Smash Bros., that's probably the game in 2014 that sell the most Wii Us.

As for Patcher, he's definently right. Wii U probably will sell about 15-20M in it's life.



Gemuarto said:

Too many awesome games will be realesed on PS4 this year, so I think he is right.



JudgeMethos said:

How is this a prediction? Anybody with half a brain knows that "the PS4 is going to pass it in 2014 at some point!” Give me a break. This is not news. It's an observation. He coulda kept that to himself. I'll have a go at it. Here's my prediction: "The Xbox One and PS4 will definitely surpass the install base of the Wii U sometime in 2014." You can quote me on that! Here's another: "The Wii U as it stands has a great lineup for 2014, yet it remains to be seen if this will keep it in competition with Sony and Microsoft's consoles and push console sales!" I'm getting pretty good at this



Mochtroid said:

Well assuming sales trends stay exactly as they are, and that the Wii U's recent momentum increase completely ceases, then yes, I'd have to agree. But I think it's a very bold thing to say so early. I happen to feel that Nintendo is finally getting started with the Wii U. So a lot can still happen from now till Spring.



Ginkgo said:

PS4 is doing well and only really constrained by stock at this point. If they build it, it will sell. I hope they can build up enough for the Japan launch.

The Wii U has really started to turn it around through the Christmas period and now appears to be moving in a positive direction. Let's hope they can keep the momentum going. Still, being passed by the PS4 in March/April at this point though seems inevitable.



hYdeks said:

PS4 is doing impressively well, but it doesn't shock me that it will surpass Wii U that fast What will shock me is if Nintendo bothers to make another home console after the Wii U,and if they do, make a system worth competing against Sony and Microsoft.



divinelite said:

Well its a given after all
Sony with its move to give lowest price at US seems a right move too, now we Asians just complaint locally about the high price of ps4 while the world acknowledge ps4 is 399$.

I think it may be faster, just after Japan ps4 release (which is cheaper than most Asian except Hongkong/Taiwan) ps4 might surpass or tied with wii u



rjejr said:

Seems more an inevitability than a prediction. If Pachter says PS4 will outsell PS2 somebody let me know. I think the PS4 launch in Japan in Feb coupled w/ inFamous 2nd Son will give a big sales boost, and even though it's still slated to release on Wii U (I've had my doubts since the delay) Watch_Dogs will sell more PS4 than Wii U. MK8 will sell Wii U, but I think the PS4 will pass Wii U before then, Todays Jan 2nd but MK8 still doesn't have a date.



goonow said:

I find pachter annoying. I dont know why people pay attention to him when all he does is state the obvious. Where did he come from?!



Cia said:

The only interesting thing about ps4 is that it's new technology. It may sell a lot because of this, but the Wii U still has a superior lineup coming. At this point, and looking at the ps4 releases in the horizon, i couldn't even imagine getting one :S



rastamadeus said:

The thing with Patcher is he throws so much shit at the wall so some is eventually bound to stick. This "prediction" is something blatantly obvious which anyone with a brain could work out yet he'll still be proclaimed a genius for it and get people wanting his opinions and broadcasting them as fact. He is an absolute cretin. God knows why video game sites seem determined to quote him every time he opens his mouth. In the days of print media this spoon burglar would never have featured as they'd be too interested in giving their opinions rather than someone they know is a prat.



rastamadeus said:

@hydeks Last time Nintendo struggled this bad was with the Gamecube. A few years later they ruled the video game industry again with the DS and Wii. They're like Manchester United, they always come back at the last moment (well except this season, such a shame).



Mallard said:

I need a laugh, so im going to pop over to NL to read the comments about this story, some of the people over there are quite mad! hee hee



Nintenjoe64 said:

@Gamer83 yeah, I'm pretty sure the day the Wii U hype train crashed was the day Pachter said it would sell 12M units in 2013.

@rastamadeus they're more like Arsenal, loads of money in the bank which they're not spending despite many fans asking them to, they stick with their manager when short term goals are missed and it's been a good few years since their last title win.



Kasplat said:

@Mallard unfortunately, the link on nintendolife seems to link here so...
but yeah, Pachter is kind of a moron. I love the Wii U but there is almost no question that the PS4 will outsell it in a few months. I thought it already did!

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