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Even Shuhei Yoshida Was Shocked by One PS4 Launch Livestream Reveal

Posted by Sammy Barker

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Sony may be preparing to release the PlayStation 4 tomorrow – but it’s also plotting an announcement or two as part of a massive Spike TV broadcast. We already know that we’ll be getting a glimpse of The Last of Us’ first single player add-on, as well as a peak behind the curtains at the platform holder’s newest research and development lab – but the firm’s also got another reveal plotted that not even Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida can believe.

True, this strikes us as typical Geoff Keighley hype building, but the video that the GameTrailers TV host posted on Instagram is pretty funny. “Even [Shuhei Yoshida] was surprised by one announcement yesterday during a taping for PS4 All Access,” the Canadian journalist Tweeted. Realistically, what it could be? We're not sure, but we don’t recommend putting your hype levels into overdrive just yet, as at least then there’s a chance that you’ll still be pleasantly surprised.

Incidentally, fellow teaser Hideo Kojima has been hinting at an announcement during tomorrow night’s broadcast, too. “There'll be a shocking PS4 related announcement that will blow your mind,” he told followers earlier this afternoon. Feel free to send your best guesses on the back of a postcard. Or, y’know, it might be quicker to use the comments section below. Technology, huh?


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MrHilster said:

Can't wait for that Livestream tomorrow, well it'll be Friday here in the UK!



Scollurio said:

I say: Sonys VR Headset AND something really unexpected, like one of those games that have been asked for for so long... (sorry I switched sides to Sony not too long ago so I might not be up to snuff to what those games could be).



Apocalynx said:

The Last Guardian. THE Last Guardian. The LAST Guardian. The Last GUARDIAN! Let's just..... hope. :')



InsertNameHere said:

Sony Santa Monica will unveil their game, Mark Cerny will be crowned President of the universe, Kojima-san will announce PS4 exclusive content for MGS V, Ono-senpai will announce a new PS4 exclusive Street Fighter and finally they'll reveal their VR headset.



PMasterTy9 said:

I can't wait, we are so close to launch!! I bet they are going to reveal The Last Guardian for I bet the reveal that shocked Yoshida is not game related but maybe something like YouTube will be availble soon or something like that.



longshot28 said:

If they drop The Last Guardian bomb tommorow, that will truly be mind blowing.



Apocalynx said:

Room for thought - Sony has bought up Destiny as an exclusive to combat Halo. Wishful thinking? haha :')



Cloud7794 said:

"The Last Gaurdian will hit store shelves... 5 minutes ago!" Game sections of all retailers invert on themselves and come back to reveal the updated PS4 library



Hokage17 said:

@KALofKRYPTON Z.O.E. 2 is still one of my favorite games of all time. If they made a part 3 with VR capability, iIwould probably pass out from excitement. I'm really hoping the big reveal is VR.



Sutorcen said:

All I have to say is well done to SCE, They have kept the hype rising surrounding the Playstation brand since February. I'm just happy with that. The Playstation is back with a vengance.




@ajaychitown Mine too. My cousin has a Rift dev unit and raves about it. Personally, I can't make it through a 3D movie without a skull shanking headache, so I'll likely never buy Sony's headset. But that'd shift some units-POV Orbital Frame piloting in VR!



Sutorcen said:

As I was playing EVE Online I suddenly realized that the UI over the years has become more... joypad friendly. Maybe, EVE for the PS4 could be announced, given the good relations between CCP and Sony. It would be a great addition to the PS4's line up.




I'm not sure the console market is ready for EVE, certainly not integrated with the existing community from the get go.

Also, it's not as if DUST514 has been particularly successful.



Sutorcen said:

Yeah I know that it doesn't have THAT much followers, but it is one of the few MMO's with a more mature and fix community, also it would be nice to play it on a big screen with cross chat and all. The new social connectivity of the PS4 suits the game perfectly.



Apocalynx said:

@Lelouch Honestly.. thats high up on my list that i think is the big announcement. It's also Bungie that has a big announcement too, obviously i might just be Beta details or release date or something.. but if its something not even Yoshida knew.. then like 55% of me really thinks its Exclusive rights over Destiny. "Have you SEEN Titanfall?" " Yeah, but have you SEEN DESTINY?!" Haha win.



InsertNameHere said:

@Apocalynx I think it's unlikely, seeing as it would blow up in Bungies face if a previously announced multiplatform game went exclusive not long before launch.

It was probably something from Sony Santa Monica or maybe even Ready at Dawn. The most likely one would be SSM's project since no one knows what to expect, though, we don't really know what to expect from The Order: 1886.



Apocalynx said:

@Lelouch If you think about it though, Respawn didn't even know about Titanfall going Exclusive till recently when they were fully set for a PS4 version.

But your right it is highly unlikely, but i just cant help but feel its a tiny bit possible, but yeah i agree that it could be SSM or The Order: 1886, most unlikely being Naughty Dog since the VGAs are next month and they like to show their new games there haha. But honestly, taking all into account.. not even Shu knew about this, so it has to be bigger than any of the previously mentioned.



alexthepie said:

vr headset and maybe a game thats gone quiet like tekken x streefighter tho god of war would be would also be awesome sauce in all likely hood it will be uncharted tho

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