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Nolan North: PS4 Is Amazing, Is Going to Push Boundaries

Posted by Sammy Barker

Voice actor talks up Sony's next generation system

Nolan North has seen an “unbelievable” PlayStation 4 game in action. Unfortunately, the voice actor has conveniently forgotten the name of the release, leading us to believe that the title in question’s currently unannounced. The Uncharted star mentioned the mysterious release in an interview with GamerHub, where he added that he reckons that Sony’s impending system will stretch the industry’s boundaries further than they’ve ever been before.

“I’ve seen [some] of the prototypes [on] the PS4, and I know that a lot of the developers that I’m working with use the PS4 – it’s an amazing machine,” he explained at the GameStop Expo in Los Angeles. “I think that it’s going to step up the game for any game. Whether it’s Uncharted, God of War, [or] Call of Duty, all of these games are going to benefit from the technology that [Sony’s] putting out.”

He continued: “When we think that we’ve reached the pinnacle of what a game can look like, some genius somewhere makes it a little bit better and opens up the avenue for an opportunity to make the game more cinematic [and] more of an experience. I think that the PS4 is going to be pretty amazing – it’s going to push those boundaries even further.”

As mentioned above, North noted that he’s been privy to a couple of snippets of super secret next generation gameplay. “I’ve seen some stuff that they’re testing,” he teased. “I don’t remember what game it was, but they were doing some testing on the PS4 and I couldn’t believe that it was gameplay. I mean, it is extraordinary technology.”

The prolific larynx lender recently told that he doesn’t know a thing about Uncharted 4, but we don’t believe him. Naughty Dog took receipt of 120 brand new PS4 development kits overnight, and we have a sneaking suspicion that they’re going to be used to apply the finishing touches to Nathan Drake’s next globe-trotting opus.


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Alpha said:

Uncharted 4 please, been waiting for it since 3. who all thinks it is? cuz i heard rumors it could be related to The Last of Us like a sequal or something, im hoping for Uncharted tho cuz i never played the last of us. how is it? is it worth playing i wonder?



Jaz007 said:

I'm convinced that he "forgot" because it was Uncharted 4. When before he wrote off being Nathan Drake by saying that Naughty Dog had just finished The Last of Us. I refuse to believe he doesn't know about Naughty Dog having two studios. I feel that he sort of confirmed Uncharted.



get2sammyb said:

@Alpha You should absolutely play The Last of Us - it's absolutely incredible. I think they'll re-release that game on PS4, but remember that Naughty Dog's got two teams now, so the other one is clearly working on Uncharted 4.



8vpiper said:

@Alpha stop typing and go get it!!!!!!!!!! Excellent game!

SCE WWS really bringing their A game lately



Paranoimia said:

I sincerely hope there'll be another Uncharted, but it could well be that there won't. Historically, Naughty Dog franchises don't jump platforms - Crash Bandicoot on PS1 (he's appeared elsewhere, but only by virtue of being sold to other publishers - they weren't ND games), Jak & Daxter on PS2, Uncharted on PS3...

So in theory it doesn't look good. That said, (a) there's always a first time, and (b) Uncharted is one of Sony's biggest series, so they'd be nuts to give up on it.

Fingers crossed, eh?



Stuffgamer1 said:

@Alpha: I didn't like The Last of Us all that much, honestly. It's way too stressful for my tastes. Certainly don't assume that if you love Uncharted you'll like this...the differences are much greater than I'd expected.



Grockumus said:

@Paranoimia Also take into consideration that they brought Jak and Daxter into the next gen with the HD remake, and also that this generation, Naughty Dog has Uncharted and The Last of Us. If they made two different games like that for the same generation, they might as well just make Uncharted 4 on PS4 (or even crazier; make it for PS3, Vita, and PS4). It'd make way more sense to just keep it on PS4, if they do make Uncharted 4.



Paranoimia said:

@Grockumus The PS3 versions of the Jak & Daxter games weren't done by Naughty Dog - they were ported by Mass Media Inc. while the Naughty Dog teams worked on Uncharted 3 and The Last Of Us. ND provided some assistance, but that's all.

Since ND split into two teams, it could be that one will continue on PS3 while the other develops for PS4... at least for now. Or they could both move to PS4. Or any combination of the above!

Whatever they decide, I'm sure that whatever they produce will be awesome on either platform.



alsone said:

@Alpha yes TLOU its a blast from story to gamplay I love killing clickers with the bow and arrow



banacheck said:

Naughty Dog themselves has already confirmed Uncharted is not done yet, 2014 expect a Next Gen Uncharted4. As Sony themselves also confirmed a few weeks back with other dev's Naughty Dog has an unannounced game in development for the PS4. And of course he has forgotten the name of the game or anything his been doing, he's under a contract.

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