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Stuffgamer1 commented on PlayStation 2 Emulation All But Confirmed for PS4:

@Boerewors Have they, now? Because I'm excited for that collection, and this news sounds awesome. Remember, PS fans were also the ones complaining when PS2 compatibility was removed from the PS3. Sure, we don't ALL agree on this issue, but it's absurd to suggest NOBODY wants this.



Stuffgamer1 commented on It Looks Like PSN Is Down as Reports Flood In:

@WARDIE As others have said, Xbox has down-time too, it's just not as widely reported for some odd reason. If anything, I appreciate Sony being forthcoming with info about their problems instead of trying to pretend they don't exist.

@Boerewors I've had a conversation very much like that before. I'm in the 10% of the population for whom cilantro tastes like soap and overpowers the meal entirely...but someone tried to tell me stop whining because cilantro is delicious. Just...ugh.



Stuffgamer1 commented on October's PlayStation Plus Lineup Is Going to ...:

I don't see a problem here...most of these games have good reviews on this very website (multiple 8's and a 6) and two of them are releasing fresh to PSN so even if you have them on other platforms, it's guaranteed you don't own them here. Even if you DO have them on other platforms, you might wanna replay and earn some Trophies. And the total value of these games is still high enough that justifying the $50 a year is HILARIOUSLY easy.

So my question is very simple: Why are people complaining?



Stuffgamer1 commented on Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls to Get PS4 Relea...:

"There was some confusion over whether these titles would be available in North America at first, but the Parisian developer quickly cleared that up."

They did? I must've missed that. IS coming out here? 'Cause I was prepared to import, but buying it in America would be SO much easier/cheaper.



Stuffgamer1 commented on Sony Unlikes Facebook on PS3, Vita, and PlaySt...:

Hey, I LIKE irritating friends with Trophy info! Seriously though, it's actually a useful social tool to help people keep up with what friends are playing. Granted, PS4 handles all that infinitely better, so I guess what they're really saying is that the old service is going out of style and not worth continuing. Fair enough, I suppose.



Stuffgamer1 commented on The Best Games Are on PS4, Sony Commercial Claims:

Meanwhile, I'm playing my Wii U and 3DS more than PlayStation nowadays. I object to the marketing of a subjective stance as fact; it could be argued to be false advertising. But that's kind of the norm nowadays, so I don't expect them to be held accountable for it.



Stuffgamer1 commented on Weirdness: Telltale Puts Xbox Button Prompts i...:

"but when you see the polish applied to competing series like Life Is Strange"

Polish like lip-syncing so bad I couldn't bring myself to play the damn game? Yeah, right.

I will admit that Telltale has a spotty record with ports. My first attempt to play Sam & Max was on Wii, and that version was HORRIBLE. But I played through a lot of their stuff on PS3 or Xbox 360 without issue. Granted, I haven't played anything of theirs more recent than Back to the Future because they started doing IPs I didn't care about. Maybe things have gotten worse, I dunno.



Stuffgamer1 commented on Microsoft: Sony's Buying Lots of Third-Party E...:

@Utena-mobile As I understand it, this is mostly a control issue. Microsoft actually granted Square-Enix a special exception for FFXI on Xbox 360; you don't even need Live Gold to play that game online as long as you keep your game subscription up. But they were unwilling to repeat that with FFXIV. Now they're suddenly improving greatly with Xbone/PC cross-platform plans, but of course still nothing to combine it with PS4. That's not too surprising from a business standpoint, even though it sucks for gamers.

As far as Street Fighter V goes, I believe Capcom chose PS4 at least partially due to the larger install base, especially where it concerns their demographic (Japanese company, popular series...Xbone is DEAD in Japan). I don't remember all the details and I'm not going to pretend I do...nor shall I suggest you HAVE to believe me as some of my info comes from a source I can't name in the industry (and is being filtered through my memory as this discussion was a while ago). But I do distinctly remember that Sony didn't actually pay money for SFV. Sadly, some of these business issues will probably never be dealt with to the benefit of gamers because competition gets in the way.



Stuffgamer1 commented on Microsoft: Sony's Buying Lots of Third-Party E...:

@Kohaku Yes, and I can tell you why: Capcom wanted cross-platform multiplayer and Microsoft refused to work with them. Don't forget that Street Fighter V is also coming to PC, after all...and PC and PS4 will run on the same servers. Microsoft has a bad history with that; also the same reason FFXIV isn't on Xbox.



Stuffgamer1 commented on Microsoft: Sony's Buying Lots of Third-Party E...:

@get2sammyb Okay, that just means Microsoft went out of their way to publish a game from a category of developers that have little to no business on an American console, ust like their partnership with Mistwalker on the 360. Either way, it's not technically a first-party game because Microsoft doesn't own the developer in question.



Stuffgamer1 commented on Microsoft: Sony's Buying Lots of Third-Party E...:

I can't possibly take him seriously not for what they've done in the past, but rather what they JUST announced. An Xbone exclusive from Platinum Games? No way in HELL any self-respecting Japanese developer would go Xbone exclusive for free, ergo he's full of crap.



Stuffgamer1 commented on E3 2015: World of Final Fantasy Brings Square ...:

I want more info on this one more than anything else from Sony's conference. My tastes have been trending more and more towards bright and/or cute visuals lately, and this one looks wonderful, but I need to know something about the game itself.



Stuffgamer1 commented on Talking Point: Did Ubisoft's E3 2015 Press Con...:

I hear they didn't show Beyond Good & Evil 2 YET AGAIN. So it was crap. Yes, that is an extremely narrow-minded perspective, but Ubisoft has lost almost all of my respect over the years and that's really the only game I'm willing to give them a chance on.



Stuffgamer1 commented on Dragon Quest Creator Teases Incoming PlayStati...:

If they started off with well-made PSN ports of the best-to-date remakes of earlier titles in the series, I'd be happy with even that much...especially since the most recent versions of 1-3 are currently locked on Mobile in the West. barf I feel it's best not to get TOO excited just yet, so I think that's a feasible enough first goal.



Stuffgamer1 commented on Overlord: Fellowship of Evil Is Marching to PS...:


Yeah...this looks different, but not in a BAD way. The DS one was pretty awful, but I think this shows promise. I think it says a LOT about the appeal of the characters that just listening to the voice-over makes me happy, independant of the gameplay.



Stuffgamer1 commented on EA: Games Are Still Too Hard to Learn:

I think there has been some confusion about what the guy was saying. He said it takes two hours to learn how to play a game, not just the controls. There IS a difference between the in point: FFXIII and its infamously long ramp-up in mechanics. Controls didn't really change much over time, you just had more options. And I think that game is a good debating point for this problem in general; it clearly didn't manage to strike the balance they were presumably going for. I found its ramp-up decent on a first playthrough, but on replays it's SOOOOOO SLOW!

There are certainly ways to ease a gamer into the basics...have them play something that goes out of its way to explain things to them and has low consequences, like any Lego game. I think those are a great way to introduce people to the medium because they're legitimately fun AND relatively simple to learn.

I hate it when people say motion control was/is "intuitive." As a life-long controller gamer, I found a lot of those schemes difficult to adjust to. I similarly had trouble getting used to swiping UP to scroll DOWN on a touch device because I grew up navigating menus with D-pads. Point is, this issue is even HARDER to tackle when you consider user experience in a wider range of interactive media.

Also, remember there's a difference between accessibility and difficulty. Modern games are generally considered EASIER than Mega Man Classic, but they DO still have more complicated buttons and mechanics. Mega Man, when you get down to it, was just jump and shoot with a LITTLE extra complication from enemy weapons. It was hard to master, but easy enough to grasp and THAT'S what he's saying we're missing nowadays. So I really don't think the point here is to make games too easy to beat, just easier to get into in the first place.



Stuffgamer1 commented on Feature: What Are February 2015's Free PlaySta...:

Never even HEARD of Apotheon that I can recall...but the art looks cool and the stated genre is a niche of interest to me, so it's on my radar now! Amazingly, we've come to a month where I own NONE of the titles on least not on PSN. Played the crap outta Rogue Legacy on PC, but it's worth another go for free.



Stuffgamer1 commented on Sony's Cancelled Movie The Interview Is Out No...:

@Jaz007 I think that's because games have more about them that could be weighed objectively. If the mechanics suck, you can't really just make up for it with other elements too easily for example. But with any completely passive entertainment it becomes much easier to excuse the flaws and find enjoyment, and the ratings become inherently more subjective.

Note that this is obviously not meant to bring up the argument about how objective game reviews are/should be...merely that I think on average, they EASILY surpass other mediums due to the nature of the work.



Stuffgamer1 commented on Ever Wanted to Know Why You Can't Change Your ...:

@wittypixel: None taken, I assure you...until I read this article and thought about it, I also thought it was a rip-off that MS operated that way. But it DOES seem like an interesting middleground approach to me now that I HAVE thought of it. I mean sure, Steam's approach would be BETTER in a way...but worse in another. I don't really like the fact that my friends can just up and change their displayed name whenever they feel like it all willy-nilly on Steam. It makes keeping track of the friends list inconvenient, IMO. So I think making it possible, but limited is a good idea. Yes, a time-based system would be fine too...just SOMETHING, I guess.



Stuffgamer1 commented on Ever Wanted to Know Why You Can't Change Your ...:

They could just let you pay $10 to change it like Microsoft does. That way it's not something you'll just do willy-nilly, but it IS an option if you REALLY hate your old name.

As for me, I'm just fine. Suffgamer1 is my online identity almost everywhere, and I have no intention of changing that now.



Stuffgamer1 commented on November's PS Plus Offering Is an Indie Game E...:

Another free game at launch...can't complain without feeling like an ass, really. Don't own ANY of these IIRC anyway, so no real problem here. Plus I've been so busy with my Wii U and 3DS lately it hardly matters what Sony offers...I won't have time for it anyway.



Stuffgamer1 commented on Feature: What Makes PS4's Minecraft the Defini...:

@Fenriswolf- Actually, the asymmetry is the least of my issues. I'd feel pretty crappy claiming it was a big deal when I still like my GCN controllers. No, the abysmal D-pad, clunkier overall feel, and different triggers all add up to make me not like it. I had a 360 for a few years, and I tolerated it at the time...but I don't wanna go back.

I way or another, I still don't think people should need to find workarounds for the programming failures of PC developers. Sure, that's an inherently console-centric point of view as I have little interest in customizing my experience. If you have a few minutes, I recommend everyone watch this video, which does a great job of breaking down the inherent philosophical differences between PC and console gamers. As I grew up with consoles, I have trouble adapting to the "fix it yourself" mentality of PC users.

All I know is the PS4 version looks plenty good to me and a few of my friends. If we can play it together and have fun, it's a worthwhile product, eh?



Stuffgamer1 commented on Feature: What Makes PS4's Minecraft the Defini...:

@Fenriswolf- Facepalm. Of COURSE I know that...but the point is that Minecraft, the game software itself, is not programmed to recognize them without the use of additional software. Minecraft...the game, not the PC hardware...does not natively support controller use.

There are only so many software go-betweens you can use without introducing unacceptable lag. I'm already using MotionJoy because Xbox controllers SUCK IMO, and I'm not about to put ANOTHER step between me and the game just because Mojang can't be bothered to do something so simple and standard.



Stuffgamer1 commented on Feature: What Makes PS4's Minecraft the Defini...:

@WARDIE: To be fair, I have very little experience with any game relevant to that comparison and can only go by perceived reputation. I see people complaining about how tiny Minecraft worlds are on 7th gen consoles, and 862 certainly SOUNDS like a relatively short distance. See here, which if believed puts the single-direction width of a 7th gen Minecraft world at less than one kilometer. Surely this cannot be considered a sizeable world by any real stretch of the imagination. Granted, that only makes 36x that so big, but it's still a meaningful improvement, I guess.

@Jazzer94: To quote myself from above: You don't have to muddle around trying to figure out mods or extra software." See that bold part? It nullifies that YouTube link you just posted. IMO, there's no excuse for the game to not have NATIVE controller support after all this time.

As for DLC, of course it's not all free. $1 for textures and $2 per character skin pack from what I've seen (can't speak for UK pricing). Looks like all DLC from the PS3 version is also available for PS4 now...and it's all cross-buy to boot! Is that comparable to modding? Well, it's obviously not the exact same sacrifice freedom for security, as usual for consoles. Nothing wrong with that if it's your preference.



Stuffgamer1 commented on Feature: What Makes PS4's Minecraft the Defini...:

@Jazzer94 For those who want it, Minecraft on consoles has a very simple advantage: controller support. You don't have to muddle around trying to figure out mods or extra software (which a cursory Google search earlier today suggested is still necessary on PC), so for those of us who can't stand keyboard/mouse controls (and I did give that try with the Minecraft demo, but it just isn't for me), consoles are the only way to go. Plus you're not ENTIRELY limited to vanilla, at least so far as visuals go, because there are DLC packs available on PS3 and doubtlessly will be for PS4 down the line. We also aren't all great with modding. if rjejr's kids are learning about Windows and modding through Minecraft, great! Kids have the option to spend time on that (and learn more easily), so good for them. I'd honestly rather have a straightforward experience though, which makes PS4 the place to play.



Stuffgamer1 commented on Talking Point: Is Indie Becoming a Defunct, Di...:

I think it's crazy to see all these people complaining about games LAUNCHING on Plus. A couple years ago, that was a very rare it's a monthly advantage, but they still whine because it's not the other thing they want. You'll never please everyone, of course...but I prefer being offered something there's no way I already own. Fez and TowerFall were disappointments in that regard, simply because I'd already purchased them amd they're not even that old.

I think the Indie label has value, but only if people can agree on a definition that makes sense. THAT'S the real problem with it.



Stuffgamer1 commented on Naughty Dog: An Uncharted Collection Would Be ...:

Only question I have is what would they do about the multiplayer? It might not be advisable or worthwhile to rebuild both U2 and U3 MP on PS4 (enough abbreviations there for ya?), ESPECIALLY if they had the full Trophy sets from PS3 (way too time intensive for completionists). But if they cut it, would people complain? Perhaps that would depend on the cost of the collection...surely $60 for all three games (or four...Golden Abyss love?) without MP would be a good deal. Of course, all this assumes that U4 still has stellar MP coming...which I don't think has been announced yet, so who knows? Whole thing's kinda complicated.

And of course, considering the size of the games on PS3, you could be sure this collection would take at LEAST two discs...more likely one per game outright, possibly depending on MP or lack thereof. Downloading? You'd have to be crazy...which I'm sure wouldn't stop some people.

Oh, and to those complaining this invalidates PS Now: No, PS Now has done a fine job invalidating itself between the horrible service and outrageous pricing. Yes, both of those could THEORETICALLY improve with time, but I don't think it's likely to be enough to matter. Collections like these are really the superior route where feasible. You just need to get a small enough team cranking them out that the rest of the crew can work on new stuff unimpeded.



Stuffgamer1 commented on Blimey, Only Four in Ten PlayStation Games Act...:

@get2sammyb Yeah, that too. I really wish Nintendo would consider doing that, but it's been increasing obvious over the years that they don't want to release ANYTHING they can't make a fat wad on anymore (and yet Glory of Heracles made it out for some bizarre reason...go figure). And Microsoft...well, I guess they think it's okay to just bank on a small selection of IP's, and to be fair it's mostly seemed to work for them for a while. Not too sure that'll pan out this go-round, though.



Stuffgamer1 commented on Blimey, Only Four in Ten PlayStation Games Act...:

Thus far, the comments seem to be ignoring the subsidizing element here. He said that some of their games sell SO well as to make back the money spent on other titles. IMO, this is a FANTASTIC business method as it increases the variety of software available for your hardcore fanbase. Some games are just very unlikely to make a profit for one reason or another, but you can't do justice to a creative medium if you refuse to make them because of that individual basis.

Seems you're damned if you do or don't though...people complain when companies are all about profit, and they're concerned when they decide to carefully play the numbers like this.



Stuffgamer1 commented on The PS4's Selling Like Crazy Everywhere Apart ...:

So you mean to tell me that in the land of mass public transportation and often smaller living spaces, people prefer portable game devices regardless of the launch of new consoles? Noooo...couldn't be!

Seriously though, not sure why this is news; I'm not the least bit surprised. Between software availability; cultural differences; and the fact that a lot of the console's features were clearly designed more with the West in mind (which is itself linked to culture, I guess), it was a given that the PS4 wouldn't do the crazy numbers it's been doing out here in its native land. I don't think that's really even a problem for Sony either...I'm sure they also had the sense to foresee this, hence the Western focus up to and including the delay of the Japanese launch.



Stuffgamer1 commented on Talking Point: Why Sony's Right to Retain the ...:

Well, I'm glad I know why Insomniac jumped ship to Xbox now...and it's a reason I can't really blame them for. I DO blame all involved for Insomniac not just being bought by Sony outright already, though. Naughty Dog and Sucker Punch Insomniac feels like the odd one out from the PS2 platformer trifecta. sigh

As it stands, I do understand and agree with Sony's desire to own things it pays for...but I do feel better about it when they own the developers as well. Then again, I trust Sony to have other devs make good games more than Activision all the same. Whole thing's kind of a mess overall.



Stuffgamer1 commented on Heartless Americans Thought Tokyo Jungle Was Woof:

Interesting fallout to come along and read post-edit. For the record, speaking as an American...I'm sick of the stereotype American gamer not because the existence of the stereotype is unfair but because it holds some degree of truth. No stereotype is born in a vacuum, and the fact of the matter is that certain mainstream cultural tastes have shaped the industry and resulted in some types of games being viewed as very "niche" here. So from what I gather, AFCC never would've offended me...I'd be right along with him complaining about those people. After all, they're the reason I have to import some games and hope for fan translations of others.

Anyway, with regards to Tokyo Jungle...I bought it at launch and played a fair bit. I like the game, but I think it gets too hard pretty quickly for a lot of the species. I never managed to survive 100 years, and being sent through the northwest areas was always pretty much a death sentence. But my brother finished all the Trophies and said the key was using some of the bigger, stronger animals. Unsurprisingly, some of the DLC creatures are best suited to the task...and while I did buy them all, I never got around to trying them all out. I'd like to give it another go but I doubt I'll find the time with all the other games I'm falling further and further behind with.



Stuffgamer1 commented on Here's How Renting Games with PlayStation Now ...:

"and participants have no doubt been using the service to stream games until their thumbs drop off from exhaustion"

I used it runs SO badly I haven't bothered to go back. Got better things to spend my time on.

@kensredemption: So far as I can tell they're just showing the regular PS Store data regarding the games...that's the only reason the game would have over twelve thousand ratings listed, too. The game size really doesn't matter AT ALL for PS Now in theory, but it's there because they haven't gotten around to formatting the streaming menus properly yet.

@dok5555555: It's a holdover from the normal PS Store listings for the games. It really just means you can't buy the game for download, but if it's on PS Now, streaming is still fine.



Stuffgamer1 commented on Instantly Build Your Vita Library with this LE...:

Four PSP games and two 3DS ports...pretty poor offering, IMO. From my experience, portable Lego games aren't really worth the bother because the console versions are always MUCH better. The fact that this bundle skips several other more recent Vita titles makes this worse.