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Been an avid Sony fan ever since I got my first Walkman and PlayStation back in the 90s!

Thu 30th May 2013

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Grockumus commented on Review: The Tomorrow Children (PS4):

I've been playing this game for days now, and I'm still discovering mechanics that aren't in the digital manual, tutorial, or 'The People's Library' boards in the towns.
This game has a LOT of potential, and should get a lot better in the future with some neat updates!



Grockumus commented on This Ain't the Greatest PS4 Flash Sale You'll ...:

@DualWielding It's the only way to play horror games!

What I got from the Flash Sale:
Fatal Frame 1-3
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle (finally an affordable digital version!)
Manhunt (lost my PS2 copy years ago)
Fighting Force (one of my favorite co-op PS1 games as a kid)
Total: $9.94

Anyone else git sum gaems?



Grockumus commented on Rumour: Sony's Building a Supercharged PS4 Con...:

I so called this. Not on here, but to a lot of friends.
PS4.5? PS5? No... they'd miss the perfect opportunity to call it:
PS4K (or PlayStation 4K)
It's perfectly fitting, since it would feature 4K resolution. This would work great if it was able to make most of the 1080p ~30FPS games run at 60FPS, but then have 4K compatibility for games made specifically for the new specs. If the 3DS can get away with the stunt called the "New Nintendo 3DS", then I don't see the problem.
Mark the original PS4 down and release the "PS4K" at the original $399 price. People will want the newest/better machine, and lots of others won't resist the marked down price of the original.
Also, look up "Sony FMPX10 4K Ultra HD Media Player" and laugh at the somewhat similarity in design.



Grockumus commented on Microsoft's Minecraft Rules the PlayStation St...:

I feel like the only Push Square reader that absolutely loves Minecraft. It gets so much hate just because it doesn't hold your damn hand
Then again, I love any game that uses world/level building as a major game play element, like LittleBigPlanet, Terraria, and Minecraft. I even remember spending many hours on games such as Excitebike (NES) and Mario Paint when I was a kid.
It's sad how the more advanced gaming gets, the more that players lose their imaginations and their creativity, it seems.



Grockumus commented on Bloody Nora! PS4 Sales Surpass 30 Million Units:

@bbq_boy The only reason I mentioned PS Vita was because I frequently browse this site with one. It's a little troublesome to post on here from one, but hey, it's pretty cool it can do at.
I've been trying to get my friends to buy one for the longest time so we could play games like Freedom Wars together. I even told them about how Bestbuy was selling PSTVs for $20 at one point in time, but no one bit. I get nothing but a smile and a nod from most of them. Hell, I even bought a PSTV on release.for $100 for my close friend's birthday, and it was only used for P4G and on a couple of occasions, ad hoc play on Sword Art Online -Hollow Fragment-.
Most of the time, I feel like a serious shill for PS Vita, but honestly, I'm only trying to be more connected with my like-minded gaming friends =(



Grockumus commented on Sony's Shutting Down Destiny of Spirits After ...:

This news is making me rage! I've been playing this game for a year straight, a little before work, and after work, and I'm only a little over halfway completing the world map (those events kept distracting me ). Ugh... seriously, WTF? I thought this game was banking! It celebrated having a million players not too long ago. I thought everything was all right...
I'm so sick of server shut downs Now I gotta rush to purify the whole map to get 100% on the trophy list, then TRY and forget this game ever happened. Honestly, does this game REALLY cost that much for Sony to run the servers?



Grockumus commented on Can't Connect to PSN? This Trick Is Working fo...:

@LukeNI I honestly feel ya, man. I've been trying to log in specifically for FFXIV for the past day or two (on my PS4). Do you have the PS3 version?
@GuyWithTheGames I did get my PSTV to connect on PSN for a little bit. I switched it from ethernet to wireless, but it didn't last long. Oh well, I only play it for Sword Art Online -Hollow Fragment- mostly. Ironically, that game has no [real] online component, just Ad Hoc.



Grockumus commented on Feature: What Went Wrong with PlayStation Mobile?:

PlayStation Mobile had the WORST kind of games. They were either in broken English, were a downgraded version of better games already on PS Store, or would be offered as "free", but then a few minutes into the game, would tell you it was just a trial. Also, there was SO much potential to offer really cool, yet basic apps for PS Vita through Mobile, but all that was available were unusable ones from Chinese developers (just read the description for some of them, the English is so bad that you can barely understand what the damn app was even for!). Heck, they couldn't even make a functioning notepad app, A NOTEPAD APP! If the Mobile program is going to keep churning garbage, then I honestly say good riddance to it. It's an embarrassment to the PlayStation family. Sorry to sound so bitter, but just like PS Move, Sony half-arsed yet another really awesome venue.
At least PS Now works really well. All it needs is a much larger library, stable support on the other promised devices, ADVERTISING (this is why Vita is dying; so many gamers don't even know it exists!), and it should be golden.



Grockumus commented on Minecraft Will Be Tunnelling onto PS4 and Vita...:

Think of it this way everyone; if you have a PS4 and PS Vita, but never got the PS3 version, you could get the PS4 version, and use remote play on PS Vita. "Technically", the PS4 version is like a cross-buy for the PS Vita version. Anyone confused yet?



Grockumus commented on Minecraft: PS4 Edition Will Let You See Much M...:

@get2sammyb Cross-buy definitely seems out of the question. If the PS3 version is specifically called "Minecraft: PlayStation 3 Edition", then the other two versions will also be named according to their platform. This will pretty much label them as separate games (and a huge delight to trophy hunters such as myself ), so they will only be treated as separate purchases. At least, this is what I think, haha.



Grockumus commented on You Can Buy These PlayStation Games for Less T...:

Yesterday, I saw Echochrome (not the second one, but the first one) on there, but every time I tried selecting it, it gave me the same problem that Crash Commando does (even though I already have Crash Commando). Echochrome, ever since its release on PSN, has NEVER had a discount or sale, so I was pretty fumed to realize it's not really a part of the Flash Sale Still grabbed Echochrome 2, though!



Grockumus commented on PS4 Propels Sony Back to Profitability, but Ka...:

Just got an email this morning regarding the closure of the Reader Store as well.
And on top of VAIOs being discontinued, my Reader Daily Edition as well as my VAIO will become relics way sooner than I'd like
Then again, the laptop/e-reader market has been over-saturated (and is becoming slowly obsolete), so now Sony can start making serious gains, and focus more on what really matters. This is good news, a little sad, but good news!



Grockumus commented on Minecraft: PS3 Edition Moves Past One Million ...:

I REALLY hope that this game's cross-buy for the PS4 and PS Vita versions. I was disappointed to learn that Terraria wasn't cross-buy for the PS Vita (not buying it twice, unless it had bonus content + another trophy list)