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Been an avid Sony fan ever since I got my first Walkman and PlayStation back in the 90s!

Thu 30th May, 2013

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Grockumus commented on You Can Buy These PlayStation Games for Less T...:

Yesterday, I saw Echochrome (not the second one, but the first one) on there, but every time I tried selecting it, it gave me the same problem that Crash Commando does (even though I already have Crash Commando). Echochrome, ever since its release on PSN, has NEVER had a discount or sale, so I was pretty fumed to realize it's not really a part of the Flash Sale :( Still grabbed Echochrome 2, though!



Grockumus commented on PS4 Propels Sony Back to Profitability, but Ka...:

Just got an email this morning regarding the closure of the Reader Store as well.
And on top of VAIOs being discontinued, my Reader Daily Edition as well as my VAIO will become relics way sooner than I'd like :(
Then again, the laptop/e-reader market has been over-saturated (and is becoming slowly obsolete), so now Sony can start making serious gains, and focus more on what really matters. This is good news, a little sad, but good news!



Grockumus commented on Minecraft: PS3 Edition Moves Past One Million ...:

I REALLY hope that this game's cross-buy for the PS4 and PS Vita versions. I was disappointed to learn that Terraria wasn't cross-buy for the PS Vita (not buying it twice, unless it had bonus content + another trophy list)



Grockumus commented on Soapbox: Sony Is Depriving Players of the Opti...:

I recently finished deleting a bunch of games off my 32GB card, and then I find this article... what a strange coincidence!
Also, when I first heard about those 64GB cards, I thought they'd only work with those new PS Vitas. It's nice to know they work with all of them :D



Grockumus commented on 4J Studios Aiming to Extract 'Nasty' Minecraft...:

I had a weird problem where after I installed the patch (forgot which one, think it was the first one), all the enchantments on my weapons and tools disappeared. Perhaps it was a save file revert or something weird like that. Regardless, I got the platinum a while ago, so no worries! Back to the PC version :D



Grockumus commented on BioShock Infinite Flies Free in Enormous NA PS...:

I already got "Smart As..." from that 3G deal for the Vita a few months ago. That's a really neat and challenging game (also, HUGE bonus points for John Cleese being the narrator in that game! <3 )
This PS+ update is just... wow!



Grockumus commented on PS4 Christmas Bundles In Stock at Zavvi in the UK:

For all the time between the announcement and the actual day of release, I thought I was an idiot for giving in to the hype of pre-ordering a PS4. There were a lot of times where I was going to cancel the pre-order because I thought I was just being an impulsive fool, but now I'm so glad I didn't. The hype really was there. And it's so great to not have to pay $700+ for one on eBay!



Grockumus commented on Feature: Is The Playroom on PS4 an Entertainin...:

I caved in and bought a PS Camera about a day or two after launch. I showed it to a few friends, and we honestly had a blast with it!
I did see a bunch of future DLC on The Playroom's trophy list, so I'm wondering when that will come out. The camera's lacking way too many features right now :(