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Sony Confirms That You Will Be Able to Talk to Your PS4

Posted by Sammy Barker

PlayStation Eye will enable voice recognition

You’re officially going to be able to talk to your PlayStation 4 console and get some kind of response. Following on from this morning’s reports, a Sony representative has told us that the next generation console will support voice recognition via the refreshed PlayStation Eye – but stopped short of sharing any further information.

An updated product page hinted at the functionality earlier today, stating that the camera will unlock “navigational voice controls”. The spokesperson that we talked to could only confirm the inclusion of voice recognition, but given the aforementioned description, it seems likely that you’ll be using the device to jump around the system’s interface in a similar manner to the Xbox One.

We’re sure that the platform holder will share more details nearer to launch. While the company opened its recent GamesCom press conference with a demonstration of the dashboard, we’re still yet to get a detailed look at the interface in action. With just a few months until release, though, we’re confident that the firm will provide a full walkthrough in due time.

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charlesnarles said:

I can't decide if I should get another game instead of the camera. I've never used kinnect so I'm not sure how I'd treat it. Vista had voice controls and I was verbally abusive when it misunderstood me, so it started responding to yelled swears lol. I'd hate to be someone else in my house while I'm screaming obscenities into my tv. Also, do we know that there's no creepy recording feature like kinnect? Cause my tv points at my bed...



daveyboy90 said:

I pre-ordered one with the intent of cancelling if I didn't see any good features closer to launch. The only thing I liked more about the XBONE was being able to talk your way around the interface, and if PS4 can do it in a similar fashion, I'll be a really happy camper. Show us how it works Shu!!!



PMasterTy9 said:

And the PS4 keeps getting better!! I plan buying two games and if I have enough cash by then I am definitely picking one up.



Jaz007 said:

Sweet, now the next question, how good is it? I hope it lives up what it should be. If they announce some sweet game integration (move will work since I own the move) I think I might just buy this.



rjejr said:

Is the PS4 Eye going to come packaged w/ a game? I know the PS4 comes pre-loaded w/ Playroom, and voice navigation is nice, but don't people need a reason to buy a camera? I bought mine bundled w/ Move for HEroes on the Move but I think it was originally made for Eye of Judgment. I think I got my PS2 Eye for Sega All Stars so I could finally get a glimpse at Nights.



MMLgamer said:

I'm sorry Dave, but this game is too important for you to stop and go to work.




@MMLgamer hahahaha, I'm guessing some of the 'kids' here won't get that.

I've just seen the new Killzone pack up for preorder on french amazon site. I'm wandering if I'll be able to upgrade my preorder with Game...



Cloud7794 said:

@MMLgamer "PS4 Off." "I'm sorry Dave, I can't let you do that."

@charlesnarles Being a Japan-based company, they don't have to/have any incentive to work with the NSA to watch you as you sleep.



SuperKMx said:

@charlesnarles "Also, do we know that there's no creepy recording feature like kinnect?" - Kinect doesn't have a "creepy recording feature." Also, it can be unplugged from the system without problems, if you are someone that believes that it does.



3Above said:

@rjejr Maybe whatever MM is working on will use it, till then I guess it will be primarily for voice and video chat and whatever voice recognition feature the UI has.



Tasuki said:

This is interesting. I will admit the voice commands were something that interested me with the Xbox One but I like how Sony is making the "Eye" optional rather than forcing you to buy it like MS.



-CraZed- said:

@rjejr FOr me the best reason to get one is the added features to the actual console such as face recognition, video chat and profile/controller tracking. With very few exceptions I never felt the camera peripherals added much in the way of games. I like Sorcerer for the Move but they never made a sequel and after playing the few other games like Socom, KZ3 and House of the Dead 3 (that was fun with move and the PS gun periph) there was little extra functionality. Now there will be and I think that may drive better adoption. Especially when (correct me if I am wrong) current move controllers are supposed to continue working with it.



charlesnarles said:

@SuperKMx I always disable my webcams' drivers, if that answers your question.
It seems like it wouldn't violate any US laws to watch/listen in if you opted to buy an extra peripheral, just like how every phone is monitored by the CIA/FBI. I guess it's the principle of it being evidently possible to hack Sony that bothers me. Even if we can trust Sony, we still can't trust each other :
And Sony being Japanese = they don't care about other regions? Okay...



DoublezZ01 said:

Bravo sony bravoooo!!!! I knew there was more to the camera than meets the PS Eye lol XD, this thing is probably a good step up from the kinnect, and maybe 30-45% bellow KINNECT 2.0! And ppl had doubts just because of how small it is,! glad i intended of getting it since feb 20th!!! I feel it will help me get that full new gen PlayStaion vibe u guys are trying to spread!Glad i bought it!!! =,)

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